GAME: Europass – my strengths

Get a perspective on yours labor market experiences.

Prep. time: none
Playing time: approx 2 min per player
Number of players: ideally… up to 30


  1. Try to write down as many experiences as possible.
  2. If you feel lost, ask for help.
  3.  Get inspired from others (cheat).



  • This is an individual activity. 
  • You will need paper and pen. 
  1. Write on the paper all experiences you ever have in the following categories:
    • Work experiences
    • Volunteering activities (children camps, hobbies, etc.)
    • Organizing of events (family trips, school party, etc.)
    • Competitions you had participated in.
    • Training course, and learning opportunities (apart of the school) you did
    • Anything you had been asked to do simply because you are good at it
  2. What competencies (skills-knowledge-attitudes) do you have thanks to this? Write it down for each experience you had.
  3. If you would be to choose 5 of the competencies which represents your biggest strengths? 


To support people with naming their strengths.    

Facilitation tips

  • Explain the concept of competencies. 
  • Support participants to think outside of the box.
  • Background, meditative music can be supportive.  
  • Walk around and support the ones who looks lost.  


  1. Feelings. How was it for you? 
  2. What happened. Did you realize something about yourself? 
  3. Take-away. How can you use it on the labor market?