GAME: Uniqueness

Learn more about each other in a form of a game

Prep. time: none
Playing time: approx 2 min per player
Number of players: ideally… up to 30

Rules of the game

  • Sit in a circle.
  • Come up with a 3 things that are unique about your. Things that you had done in life no-one else in the group done. 
  • When your turns come, say all 3 things out loud. 
  • If anybody did the same thing as you, they will come to stand before you. They will stay there until you will say something they didn’t do. 

Facilitation tips

  • Divide big group to smaller sub-groups.
  • Speed up the process as much as possible, otherwise it can get long and boring. 


To make people realize they did something special in their life. It frame their focus on their unique abilities. Plus it helps people to learn more about each other and get interested in each  other.    



This game don’t need reflection, but if you want to include it, you can follow this frame:

  1. Feelings. How was it for you? 
  2. What happened. What was the most fascinating/inspiring for you? 
  3. Take-away. How is it for you to know you did something no-one else here did?