“‘Where to hide wisdom so humans cannot find it?’ 
asked gods,and their answer were: 
‘Let’s hide to human heart. They will never search there.’”

Based on Hinduist legend

about us

INspire is an NGO which started to be formed at half of 2018 and was definitely borned in 2019. It was formed around people sharing different sets of skills, but the same vision: to create a world which works for everyone.

We believe that we must go by example to the others, to inspire them to become a change they would like to see in a world. In order to do it, we are using the method of non-formal education. Unlike formal education which already knows the right answers, non-formal education doesn’t know them; it only creates a context in which everybody can learn what they need to learn. INspire creates a context for learning with a focus on brining as many different perspectives as possible – we inspire people to look at things from different points of view.

We believe that wisdom lies inside of humans, that’s why we encourage people to explore their inner self and find inspiration inside of their hearts (therefore IN-spire) and therefore could become an inspiration for the others.

We are organizing, promoting, facilitating and implementing local and international educational programs using non-formal education for personal, social and professional development of groups and individuals. 

marketa bartonickova

Markéta Bartoníčková


As a freelance marketing specialist, I teach online marketing, design marketing strategies, invent campaigns, take care of online marketing performance channels, create content for websites and social networks.
And travel. I travel a lot.

vojta zak

Vojtěch Žák

Project Manager

Artist, storyteller, facilitator, and dreamer. Doing what I am doing because it is fun (and the position of the world-dictator was already taken).
I am coordinating most of the local and international projects, partnerships, and cooperation.

+420 775 636 658