Don't read further unless you had chosen the character!

25 years old. A great and famous knight of the Round Table, maybe as strong as Lancelot. Great poet and player on the harp. The nephew of King Mark of Cornwall.

You were always a pagan, but Isolde is a Christian and you had a Christian wedding. You don’t care much about the old gods or the new – if they protect your Isolde.

“I was serving all of you my whole life. But what for? I am as good as any of you. I proved to be better than many of you. I choose to whom should I serve. And the only one who is worthy of my servitude is Isolde.” 

You were born in an unhappy hour. Your parents had got lost in the forest. Your father had been kidnapped by an amorous enchantress, and your mother died while giving birth. Their servants took you to your uncle, King Mark, who has been raising you ever since. Growing up wasn’t easy. King Mark had many wives. Some of them liked you, others didn’t. One of them even tried to poison you, but you survived. 

You were raised to serve Mark’s kids but only one of them – Elvin – reached adulthood. You became Elvin’s friend. You also noticed a peculiar thing. Mark’s main advisor, astrologer Gariole, who was very mean to you during childhood, was kinder to you when you were taking care of Elvin. She was showing him almost motherly love. You know that Mark slept with Gariole several times and you always wondered if Elvin is actually her child. 

While you were still a kid, queen Morgause had brought a small baby to the court of King Mark who was brought as a servant. Her name was Clarissant. Elving fell in love with her when you all were older and they had become lovers. 

While growing up, you had to get strong and skillful. Your only comfort was the harp you inherited after your mother. You have become the best harpist in the Albion. 

King Arthur knighted personally both you and Elvin. You took part in the war against King Claudas. In the battle, you fought alongside Elvin and saw how he was slain. You tried to pursue his killer, but the battle cry carried him away from you. 

You reported the death of Elvin to Mark, to Gariole (who almost got mad with rage), and then also to Clarissant. You drank and mourned your friend together until you found comfort in each other’s embrace as lovers. For some time, you were together, and she revealed to you she is the daughter of Morgause. She told you how her father died (see, Lamorak’s death).

Then you had to return back to the court of King Arthur and took part in the Quest of the Holy Grail. After a year your uncle Mark summoned you to his court. You briefly reconnected with Clarissant and accepted your uncle’s task – he told you he is getting married again, this time to the daughter of the Irish King (Isolde), and you are supposed to escort her to him.

When you arrived in Ireland and saw Isolde, you immediately fell in love with her. She felt the same way. You got drunk and spent the night together, and then agreed you would run away together. But who could protect you?

You thought of Arthur and since you knew about his experience with the False Guinevere and the love potion, you came up with a made-up cover story.

Roisin, Isolde’s maid, prepared a love potion for her and Mark so they can easily fall in love with each other. But you and Isolde drank it by accident on the boat. 

You also persuaded Priest Patrick to secretly marry you and Isolda so she cannot legally marry anyone else (but you keep it a secret for now until it will be needed to announce).

Then, you and Isolde fled to Camelot, fell on your knees to beg for Arthur’s help and you lied about the love potion. As you hoped, Supreme King took pity on you. But now, Mark is coming to claim his fiancée. 

King Arthur: you respect him, but mainly, you are playing on his soft side in the hope he will protect you. 

King Mark: he raised you. But you have never been more than a servant to him. Don’t you deserve a little bit of happiness as well?

Clarissant: she is your former lover. Back in the days, you might have even loved her but now she is more like a friend. Yet, there’s a thorn of guilt in your heart.

Isolde: you love her and hope for her happiness. You would sacrifice your life for her. If you would know that marrying Mark is the best for her, you would allow it. 

Lancelot and Hector: they are dear friends to you. 

Priest Patrick: he is a good man. You believe you can trust him. 

Claudin: the moment you spot him, you recognize him as Elvin’s killer. It was an honorable fight, yet you still want to get revenge for your friend. [Check before the game who is playing Claudin!]

Roisin: she was a great support to you. She is a messenger between you and Claudas now.

Gariole: most of the time she acted as she hates you. So you hate her back. Why should you like her? 

Meliodas: there is something oddly familiar about him, yet you can’t point a finger at it. 

You will protect Isolde no matter what. But if possible, you want to spend your life with her. Life treated you badly enough. Don’t you deserve a little bit of happiness? 

  1. If you will persuade Arthur to wed you and Isolde officially, King Mark cannot change it anymore. You should push him to it. 
  2. Use Priest Patrick and Roisin to negotiate a truce with Mark. Maybe you can find him a different wife! Maybe somebody will want to marry him! Check with Isolde and other ladies from the castle who would be suitable. Maybe Clarissant! She is a princess, daughter of Morgause, in the end. 
  3. You would love to know what happened to your father. Maybe you could ask Vivian or Nineve, or maybe Morgana or Merlin could know something. 
  4. You should confront Claudin, the killer of Elvin, and challenge him to duel. But maybe you could use this as a lever on Mark – to give him the killer of his son. It wouldn’t be honorable – but none of what you are doing now is honorable.
  5. You could talk to Clarissant – to see how she feels, maybe to apologize. You might also consider telling her that Elvin’s killer is here.
  6. You can confront Gariole, see, if Elvin was truly her son, or not. She will also want to heat his killer is present at the Camelot. 
  7. Check the political map to understand in what situation you are in. Find as much support for your cause among the kings and knights as you can.  

Before you will make a final decision before the end of the game, you might want to talk about it with Isolde. Nevertheless, you are making your own decision in the end, doesn’t matter what you told her or agreed with her upon.