Quest of Holy Grail


This a blueprint goes to all who were present or informed. 

It was a time of wonders and it all started with an arrogant, beautiful boy coming to court and claiming to be Lancelot’s son. 

His name was Galahad, son of Elaine of Corbenic. 

Lancelot didn’t deny anything. He simply refused to answer. 

Galahad demanded to be knighted, but he had to prove himself first. He said he will defeat anyone at court. Arthur agreed. Galahad had chosen Lancelot. 

The next day they jousted and an incredible happened – the best knight of the Albion had been unhorsed. They draw swords, but the situation repeated. The young boy whose beard didn’t start to grow yet won. 

He was knighted the next day. The whole court was celebrating in the evening by a feast, yet suddenly, a young girl with golden hair and gold bowl in hands stood in the doors. There was an eerie light around her, and angels singing coming down from the roof, and all stood still and remained speechless. The girl walked through the hall and disappeared in the ray of light. 

The first one who came to his senses was Arthur. “What was that?” he gasped. 

“It was the Holy Grail,” said Galahad as he stood up, “the bowl with the blood of Jesus Christ.”

“It is our holy responsibility to recover it,” claim Gawain. One by one, the knights were standing up and promising not to stop until they find the Holy Grail and bring it to Camelot. Only few refuse this honor: Lionel, and Mordred.