False Guinevere


for everyone

In 514 AD, the Supreme King Arthur had brought to the court a lady who looked just like a twin to queen Guinevere. Both of them claimed they are the real Guinevere and the court called for the test. King Arthur organized a public test of knowledge. The true Guinevere should prove to know more about her love – Arthur – than the other. 

The newcomer had known much more. She was the real Guinevere. The other was an imposter, a bastard deeply loved by her father who switched the girls during Arthur’s wedding night. Many opposed such a decision but others supported it greatly, and Arthur gave the sentence: the used-to-be queen was to burn at stake.

Lancelot, Balin Ill-fated, Hector, and Bors interrupted the execution. They took the Guinevere from the stake and hid in the Balin’s castle. Lancelot slaughtered several knights of the Round Table in the process – two brothers of Gawain, sons of Morgause, among them. 

Gawain was leading the siege of the castle. At the same time, King Galeholt from the North, a dear friend of Lancelot, proclaimed he disagrees with Arthur’s decision to repudiate his wife, and started the war, demanding the original Guinevere is accepted back as a queen, and the new was is exiled. 

The was and the siege continued for 2 years until the so-called New Guinevere fell sick and died. After that, Arthur gave pardon to all rebels and accepted the original Guinevere back as his queen. 

Little is known about the background of the incident, but whispers go, Arthur was under the influence of Love-potion which completely blinded him from reason. Also, there were a lot of political changes in power happening at that time in Camelot.