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Age unknown. There are plenty of rumors going around the Merlin. Some say he is a druid and some say he is a wizard. Some say he is a son of Satan himself. He is not denying it. He was advising Uther Pendragon, he was Advising to Arthur, but then he disappeared and nobody knew where. And suddenly he is back.

Even though you walked among the old gods, you will be praying to the new one. Like that, the old gods won’t come back to their power. You don’t want any immortals controlling the destiny of Albion (England).

“True magic is human intuition, confidence, tongue, body. If you use it well, you can control others.”

You are one of the last druids in Great Britain. You know the old gods. You met them. You walked with them. You know how weak they are now but how strong they could be again. You know they would try to control the country. And you won’t allow it. 

You have been born in the age when Romans were leaving Britain. Your mother gave you to druids living in the forest. Quickly you understand what the real magic is: knowing what others don’t. Seeing connections where others don’t see them. Mastering the language and the body-talk and the psycho-magic so you can fool the human minds. Trusting your intuition. And knowing nature. Thanks to it you know there are no love potions but if you mix the right products, you can awaken passion and desire both in a man and woman. 

You advised many rules. You met Vortigern who allied with Saxons. You advised Uther Pendragon who defeated Vortigern and chased the Saxons out. You helped him to unite the country. You selected a foster father for Arthur because you knew Uther would be horrible.

You had seen war and you found it horrifying. You are doing everything possible to avoid it and to sustain peace. At the same time, you understand that sometimes you need war to bring peace and you need to burn the field so it can grow crops again in the future. 

A great deal of the miracles you did was possible thanks to the Nineve and Viviana – two Ladies of the Lake, old goddesses who were willing to trade their power for your offerings because that was the only thing that stopped them from dying. You know how deadly they are, but at the same time, you know they hold no power over you because it is the faith that is giving them power. If you don’t give them faith, they cannot hurt you. Nineve was hungry to learn from you as well. You showed her a lot about psycho-magic – tricks on how to make people believe in what you want them to believe. You were lovers because she never minded your aging body; human standards of beauty meant little for her. Nineve was originally a lover of your teacher Kian. But he was killed by Christians so she came to you. 

You love Arthur as your own son and it pains you to see him making dreadful decisions. You advised him against marrying Guinevere – not because you would know something but because you had a bad feeling, and you trust your intuition. 

You suggested to Arthur to give Kay – Arthur’s older brother-in-law – the position of the Majordomus because you felt his ambition and you knew it was safer to hold him away from military power. During the war, both you and Kay entered the tent to find Arthur with Morgause, his half-sister. Arthur, at that time exactly 17 years old, had never seen her before and didn’t know she was his sister. But Morgause had a husband who was Arthur’s ally so you made everybody present to swear they will never tell about this to anybody. Later on, you pressed on Morgause why she did what she did. “Why not?” she laughed, but you had never learned the truth. 

On the day of Arthur’s wedding, you dreamt of a young eagle that grew to great might among the blooming flowers and tore apart the nest of the eagle with the crown on his head. You quickly understood and told to Arthur – the aristocrat baby born in May will bring doom to his kingdom. But you didn’t agree with Arthur’s decision to kill all newborns. As well as you did not agree when he accepted the gift from Nineve – the Excalibur – under the condition he will fulfill her one wish. 

When the second civil war had been won and Morgana joined the court, she found you and wanted to learn from you. As she was a sexy little devil, you made a deal with her – you will teach her if she will give you her body. She accepted.

When Lancelot (accompanied by Viviana, her servant Seraide, and Lancelot brothers Bors and Lionel) came to the court, you could see his greatness, but you also had seen how he was looking at the Queen. But before you could stop it, you had been trapped. Nineve took you on the romantic walk but locked you in the cave. It was one of the gates leading to the Annwn – Celtic underworld, a hideout of old gods. You got lost there for a long time. Finally, you found the way back but couldn’t escape because the gate was locked. But the lucky star brought you Lancelot. He moved aside the boulder which was locking you inside and took you – half-dead – back to the court. 

You are back at court. You heard of False Guinevere, the Quest of Holy Grail. You are aware of the Political map and the dangerous situation you are at. You need to protect the Arthur and the kingdom. 

Nineve: there was a time when you loved her – she was voluntarily giving you what you had to be stealing from others. Her body. But you also saw how mad and desperate to live she is. What you could never understand is why she locked you in the underworld. You have to find out the truth. 

Viviana: contradictory to Nineve, she doesn’t seem to mind death which is slowly coming to her. 

Arthur: you love him as a son. 

Guinevere: you hold no grudge against her. You just felt she is not the right match for Arthur. And you were probably right – you saw how easily manipulated he is by her. She took away a lot of your influence on him. You knew she was cheating on her husband but never figured out how to either stop it or get rid of her. You didn’t tell to Arthur, because you were afraid it would destroy him. 

Morgause: a flirty demon who could have any man she wanted. You have no idea why she slept with Arthur. 

Morgana: just like her sister. Maybe not so sexy, but much more power-hungry.

Lancelot: you saw his greatness, but you were also worried he would sleep with Guinevere and wouldn’t be able to hide it. You were afraid it would destroy both Arthur and the kingdom. 

Quest of the Holy Grail: when you heard about the event for the first time, you were puzzled. It doesn’t sound like anything you know. Old Gods might be doing something similar, not the new one. But why would the Old Gods promote the new one? 

You want to be sure that the kingdom will survive. Some people might have to bring sacrifices. 


  1. You need to talk to Nineve and learned why she locked you in the underworld. And what is she doing at the court anyway?
  2. You need to uncover the mystery of the Holy Grail. Would be worthy to ask Nineve and Viviane what they know about it. Also, Galahad, priest Patrick, and Elaine might have good insights.  
  3. You need to make a calculation. How strong is King Arthur, how strong is King Mark backed up by the Irish king, how strong is King Claudas backed up by Rome, how strong is Lionel of Benoic, how strong are Galeholt, and Meliodas. Who is on whose side? Who is making coalitions with whom? Who is Arthur’s friend and who just pretends to be? And what is the best for the survival of the kingdom? 
  4. You heard Arthur replaced his wife at some point, but then took her back. You should ask him what happened there, and discover who plotted the whole thing. 
  5. You heard Roisin made a love potion for Isolde, but you know that love potions don’t exist (you are just not sure if you should tell to Arthur). You should ask her about it. You might need to talk to Tristan and Isolde about it as well.