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45 years old queen, had been expelled from the court for 2 years and then accepted back. In a meantime, she had been protected by Lancelot. 

Your father was a pagan. But you had a Christian wedding. You are keeping your duty and visiting church every Sunday but you don’t care much for the confession. 

“I am the queen. You better remember it.”

From childhood, everybody was making it clear to you what is your position in life: you are supposed to marry the man they choose for you and give birth to as many kids as possible, mainly man. You are a tool, like an axe for chopping the wood, or cattle for cooking the porridge.

At the age of 12, they told you to marry the king of Albion – Arthur. At least that was exciting – as a queen, you would finally have power. You could make decisions! At least you thought so… Soon, you have been proven wrong. You have no real power but the one coming from your husband.

As a cour-lady, you took your cousin Elyzabel, and Arthur had assigned you his half-sister Morgana. Morgana taught you the trick – you need to wrap Arthur around your finger. It wasn’t hard to manipulate him as he wasn’t very clever – at least not with women. He desperately loved you and whatever you asked for, he always did. You never loved him. He was sweet, yet not very pretty, and he gathered around himself plenty of knights who were much more handsome than him. It wasn’t hard to enchant them. Even though you got several times pregnant – who knows if with Arthur or someone else – you always got rid of it. You never wanted a baby

You slept with Dinadane, that adorable low-blood friend of Arthur. Then you slept with Balin Ill-Fated. Then you wanted to seduce Gawain but learned that Morgana is trying to get him as well. You made it rather clear he is yours but she didn’t listen. So you send Dinadane to kill her. He came back, saying that Morgana fled. You threaten to tell Arthur about his betrayal, but he said he can do the same, so you back off. And you finally slept also with Gawain

So you played with the king and with his knights… until “he” had come. The Lancelot. It was love at first sight, for both of you, even though he was 5 years younger. In the beginning, you mind that but his foster-mother Viviana persuaded you that you should pursue your dreams. It wasn’t easy with him. First of all, every girl in the castle wanted him. So you poison several of them, using Elyzabel as a tool. These wretched creatures, wanting to steal your beloved one. Secondly, he really adores your husband. Even when you finally slept with him, Lancelot was haunted by the guilt and left the court many times for his silly adventures. But whenever he came back, he immediately succumbed to your charm. 

Then, the disaster came. Arthur brought your half-sister Gwenhwyfach to the court, proclaimed her his wife, and you to be an imposter. You were tested publicly on how much you know about your husband. You knew almost nothing – how could you, you never cared much. But that bitch knew everything. It was clear it was all set up. You were sentenced to burn at stake, but your beloved one, Lancelot, had come and took you to the castle of Balin Ill-Fated. 

It was an interesting time, full of love, but also hardship. There was little food and little luxury and the castle was constantly under siege. For 2 years, Lancelot was fighting, until the pardon finally had come. You welcomed it because otherwise, you would die soon by hunger. In the end, you didn’t even care about Lancelot – you just wanted your luxurious life back. Arthur apologized and took you back. You played an offended one. It was him who was cheating on you with your half-sister. Ah, how he was eating out of your palm. Yours little stupid

Quickly, you reclaimed your previous position. It was even better this time because you didn’t have to lie with Arthur, constantly reminding him what he did to you. And after time, you took Lancelot back as well. But Morgan had been back to court, this time as Arthur’s counselor, and brought her son Mordred with her. You are sure she had to do something with the accusation but have no proof, neither means to get rid of her. She is too strong now. 

Once, Lancelot disappeared for one of his long journeys and when you didn’t hear about him for more than a year, you sent Elyzabel with a message to his foster-mother Viviana. Viviana came and brought Lancelot with her but also let you know that Elyzabel had been taken prisoner by king Claudas. So Arthur sent Lancelot to war. Elyzabel was quickly released. You have beaten her to find out the truth, but she promised she didn’t tell to Claudas anything about your lovers. 

The war went on for two years before it was won, but it was Lionel, Lancelot’s oldest borther, who had been chosen as a king of Benoic. 

You also got new court ladies – an orphan girl Aoife, and Lady Malehaut, your old friend, Perse, wife of sir Hector, and Ragnelle, wife of sir Gawain.

Ten, the real disaster happened. Galahad. He came to the court one day, claiming he is Lancelot’s son, and your unfaithful knight didn’t deny it. Galahad also defeated Lancelot in a duel – but you don’t believe it is real. The Lancelot had to fake the defeat, you are sure. The Quest of the Holy Grail started. How dearly you missed your Lancelot. Now he is coming back and you are sick of it. You want to get rid of Arthur and be with Lancelot. 

Arthur: your husband. Sweet, but naive, and stupid. You can manipulate him easily and manifest your desires through him. But if you are to be with your love, Lancelot has to take the place of your husband. 

Lancelot: you love him desperately, even though you are angry that he cheated on you with another woman. 

Galahad: that little brat, walking manifestation of your love’s betrayal. You wish to kill that fucker. 

Elaine: mother of Galahad. You hate that stealing bitch and you are going to destroy her.

Morgana: you used to like her, but she should respect that you are her queen and that what you want is a law. You hate that plotting bitch. 

Elyzabel:  the only one who always stood by your side. She was poisoning people for you, she always did what she asked. That little stupid nanny. But you love her and you will do anything to protect her. You even started a war to free her from Claudas. But if she ever should come between you and your happiness as Morgana did… you will crash that bitch.

Dinadan: that old lecher. It made you happy to seduce the closest friend of Arthur. But he is dangerous. He stood up to you. If you only find a way to destroy him without compromising yourself. 

Gawain: famous lady-killer was killed by a lady. You. What a pleasure. You still have power over him.

Balin Ill-Fated: so he proposed to Elyzabel. What a huge stupid man. Maybe you could flirt with him a little bit to remind him who is the real beauty. 

Aoife: a young naive girl who was given to you as a court lady. Silent mouse. Innocent. Maybe you could teach her some tricks. 

Lady Malahaut: your old friend and confidant, the only woman you take almost as on your level. 

Perse: she is arrogant but humble towards you. You like her. 

Ragnelle: she is missing spark. You are not impressed by her.

Mordred: arrogant brat. You don’t know what his game is but you will find out. 

Kay: majordomus, Arthur’s step-brother. He was courting you, but he is too ugly and dumb for you to lose time with him. 

Power and happiness. You need that. Possibility to decide about your life… and the lives of others. But you also need love. Only in the arms of a beloved man you can be happy. What would be life without that? Well… it still would be a life. You tried what it is like to struggle. It was unbearable. 

  1. You need to find out how to get rid of Elaine. Maybe you should talk to Pellinore – he is from Corbenic, maybe he knows her! And Dinadane is also good when it comes to digging dirt on people. 
  2. You don’t trust Mordred at all. What is he plotting? Dinadane, or maybe Gawain could know what his game is. You can also try to talk to Morgana
  3. You are still full of anger because of the False Guinevere affair and your deceased half-sister Gwenhwyfach. Arthur told you there were people behind the complot but he doesn’t know who. Maybe Merlin could help, but you need to be sure he doesn’t find out about you and Lancelot. 
  4. You want to get rid of Morgana. If you could find her a husband to get her out of the court. Maybe Balin would be good? Or anyone else, actually. 
  5. You hate both Tristan and Isolda with their bullshit about love potion! There are no love potions, otherwise, Morgana would make you one already. Isolda should be given to Mark (just like you had been given to Arthur), and Tristan should be punished – maybe by marrying Morgana
  6. You hate Galahad – that little snot. Maybe you could use Aoife to seduce him, expose them, and humiliate the famous virgin in front of the whole court!
  7. If you could find a way to get rid of Arthur and to put Lancelot on the throne, the world would be just a symphony. Maybe you could use King Claudas, King Mark, and King Galeholts (he is Lanelot’s friend and husband of lady Malehaut) for it. 
  8. Your body still burst in passion.  You want to find a way how to meet Lancelot in private. But you can’t be seen. Maybe Aoife, Elyzabel,  or Malahaut can help.