GAME: Reflection groups creation

Creation of reflection groups in a form of game.

Prep. time: 5 min
Playing time: approx 10 min
Number of players: basically unlimited 
Materials: flipchart with rules

Preparation of the game

Write the rules on a flipchart paper:

  • Create a reflection groups 
  • Each reflection group needs to have 1 group leader (facilitator) + 4 participants (adjust to your numbers)
  • In the reflection group can be only 1 person from the same country
  • The games end only when all the reflection groups are ready and all participants are satisfied with their reflection groups!

Additional rules: if you wanna spice it up, you can ask people to be silent during the process

Prep of participants

  • Explain the concept of reflection groups:
    • will be meeting daily for approx 30 min
    • will be talking on their daily experience and ponder on take-away for their lives
    • are here to support each other as a family
    • can be mentioning any dis/satisfactions they want to pass anonymously to the organzers
  • Reveal the flipchart with rules and explain them. 
  •  Start the game. 
reflection group

Facilitation tips

  • When all the groups are ready, facilitator walks around to check all the groups are ready.
  • Pay attention to following:
    • is there any participant who is in need of having a language/mental support from their national team-members?
    • are all participants satisfied with their teams?

Change the rules in a way everybody can be happy in the end. Unless you want to challenge them. Remember – challenge by choice!


This game don’t need reflection, but if you want to include it, you can follow this frame:

  1. Feelings. How was it for you? 
  2. What happened. What strategies you used? Which work and which didn’t work?
  3. Take-away. What will you take from this for your future?