Remember the Names

ice-breaker, namegames

Opening activity for participants to remember each others names. Can be used as a GAME. 

Preparation time: 5 min
Playing time: approx 20 min + reflection
Number of players: basically unlimited 
Materials: flipchart with rules

Preparation of the game

Write the rules on a flipchart paper:

  • every person needs to remember the name of everyone from the project (choose wording according your context)
  • that the task is fulfilled will be checked by random selection of participants who are to name everybody
  • facilitator will inform you when the half of the time will pass
  • time of game: (leave empty, fill according participants choice)

Prep of participants

  • Gather participants. Ask them if they remember the name of everybody present.
  • Ask them how much time they need to remember everybody. Challenge them. Ask them for a short time (anything from 5 minutes to 20 minute is fine – depends on the size of the group).
  • Let them select the time (make it shorter if it is too long). 
  • Reveal the flipchart with rules and fill the time they choose there. 
  • Start the game with a stopwatch. Observe how they are doing. 
remember the name

Facilitation tips

  • In a middle of the time, take their attention. Announce that half of the time is gone and ask them: “Is what are you doing working so far? Which actions are effective, and which are ineffective?”
  • When the time is off, ask them if they reach the goal. If not, ask them how much more time they need and prolong the period.
  • When the 2nd time is off, gather them in a circle and ask for a volunteer to name everybody. The 2nd “volunteer” should be selected randomly by you. Let people to support each other with naming. 
  • As a facilitator, you might wanna make an effort to remember everybody as well. Participants should be able to name all facilitators as well.


  1. Feelings. How was it for you? 
  2. What happened. What strategies you used? Which work and which didn’t work?
  3. Take-away. What will you take from this for your future?