GAME: Informative Molecule

Learn more about each other in a form of a game

Prep. time: none
Playing time: approx 30-60 min
Number of players: basically unlimited 
Materials: flipchart with the questions

Rules of the game

  • Facilitator will announce the number of atoms (participants) to create a molecule
  • Inside of the molecule, each participant have 1 min to answer a question from the list.
  • Each molecule will create a name for themselves based on the answers and say it out-laud for other molecules.
  • Facilitator announce new molecules. You cannot be in the molecule with more than 1 atom you have already met in the past.
  • If molecule doesn’t want to share, it is ok. 

Story: Molecule is composed of atoms which are naturally attracted each other. So they groups together based on the calling of the nature (facilitator). They learn more about each other and choose their purpose (the name of the molecule). Then, they split again and go to search for new atoms with whom to create a molecule as learning is what enriches atoms in life.


  1. What is the most important thing you need to know about me.
  2. What makes me angry is…
  3. What keeps me going in the tough times is…
  4. I love the most…
  5. Last time I cried is…
  6. I think that my purpose in life is…

Facilitation tips

  • People needs time to come up with answers. So after reading a question, give them time to think. 
  • Use stopwatch to check the times per person. Announce loudly that there is a time to switch.


This game don’t need reflection, but if you want to include it, you can follow this frame:

  1. Feelings. How was it for you? 
  2. What happened. What was the most interesting thing you learn about others?
  3. Take-away. Did you realize something about yourself? Was there something that inspired you?