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50 yo, the advisor of the king. They call you “the dung knight” behind your back because you used to take care of horses and their dung. But then Arthur made you a knight and only a few know why.

You don’t care which god you bow to as long as they take care of you. But thanks to Morgana you know that the old gods are alive. You have never seen the new one though.

“It is ok if they think low about me. That is what gives me power.
I might be a mere commoner… but after Merlin’s disappearance, it was me who always stood by Arthurs side.”

You are one lucky motherfucker, that’s what you have always thought, in all that misfortune which met you in your life. Being a commoner, you were lucky enough to get drunk with Arthur soon after he became a king. Betting him you can finish the whole barrel of mead if he makes you a knight, you did an impossible deed. And Arthur kept his word, even though he made that promise drunk. So you became a knight. Being an arrogant fool, you entered a battle with a wandering knight, King Pellinore, and almost got killed by him.

You healed from the wounds and understood that you will never be a strong knight and started to avoid fighting as much as possible. Yet you couldn’t resist the queen. She slept with you only once but used it against you later on when she ordered you to kill Morgana. You chased after her, caught her, got enchanted by her, and spared her life. Guinevere threatened you she would tell Arthur but you countered that you would tell Arthur about her own cheating. 

You started to go on journeys to be off the court and traveled a lot with Lancelot. Morgana persuaded you to take him to Corbenic. You knew about the plot. They told Lancelot that Morgana was jealous of Elaine’s beauty, so she cursed her and locked her in boiling water. They hoped that Lancelot would rescue her, sleep with her, and marry her. It didn’t happen. So you had an idea – let’s make Lancelot drunk, show him Elaine dressed as Guinevere, and let’s see what happens. They fucked, but Lancelot got angry the next day and left. You barely caught him. Lancelot has no clue about your role in all of this. 

You also know about the “False Guinevere Conspiracy”. You agreed to it because you also wanted to get rid of Guinevere – she has a bad influence on Arthur. Sadly, Lancelot intervened and it escalated into a war, where you took the side of Arthur but did not participate in the siege. (see False Guinevere blueprint)

You knew that Morgana was raising Mordred and you know he was a son of Morgause but you don’t especially like him and he is not especially fond of you. 

When the Quest of the Holy Grail started you found Morgana and demanded to know what happened. She didn’t tell you but you know there is something fishy. 

You are very much torn apart. You love Morgana. But you also love Arthur. You hate Guinevere. But you also love Lancelot. You know something is about to happen but you are not sure what. Yet, you won’t allow anything to happen to neither Arthur, nor Morgana. 

Arthur: you owe him for everything. You love him. You would die for him. It is your great shame you slept with his wife. He considers you a friend and you consider him a friend, even though you are still polite (but less than others). 

Pellinore: what a dull dimwit. When he pierced you with his sword and took off your helmet, he learned you were a mere boy and healed you. And since Arthur kicked his ass, he was a faithful servant to him. He also taught you to fight – well, he didn’t teach you much but he taught you everything you know. But he impregnated probably every skirt in the kingdom which is overflowed with fatherless bastards now. And he abandoned his kingdom so he could go hunting. 

Morgana: you loved her from the very first minute you laid your eye on her. This desire has never vanished. That doesn’t mean you don’t also have other mistresses. You proposed to Morgana but she refused you. You might try it again. 

Guinevere: a cheating liar and a devil who is bringing this kingdom and its king to doom. If you only could find a way to get rid of her. 

Lancelot: what a nice, even though incredibly naive and rather dull fellow. But he is quite pure and you have always liked him. 

Mordred: there is something very disturbing about him. The light in his eyes. Certain forms of cruelty. Even though Morgana likes him like her own son… you don’t trust him. 

Elaine: she used to be naive and annoying, but motherhood changed her. She is prettier. Wiser. Smarter. And she knows what she wants. That is rather admirable. 

Being Arthur’s friend, you see yourself as a protector of the realm. His little cardinal Richelieu. If there is something going on, you either know about it or you are a part of it. You are not doing it for yourself, because you have everything you have ever wanted: some money, some pussies, quite a lot of comfort. You are doing it because you are his friend. 


  1. There is something fishy going on about the Holy Grail. You should ask about it. Maybe you could talk with Morgana, Viviana, Nineve, or Merlin.  It might be also useful to hear about the Grail from Galahad and priest Patrick or Eivyn. Bors might also know something. 
  2. There are no love potions and you know it. You should talk with Roisin, and also with Tristan and Isolde about it. Do some calculations and decide: should you advise to protect them, or to surrender them? 
  3. Observe Mordred. See with whom he is meeting, and plotting, and then approach the others to learn what is Mordred up to. But be smart. 
  4. Propose to Morgana again. You love her. You wish to be happy with her. 
  5. Protect Arthur. He is your closest friend. If there is anything going on in the kingdom, you should know about it and control it. 
  6. This new fellow, Percival… he is sharing some features with Pellinore. There is a great chance he is his son. Maybe you should talk to him.
  7. You know Pellinore use to be a king at Corbenick.  Is he Elaine‘s father? Or why did he leave his kingdom? 
  8. Your best informer are Glewlwyd and Dagonet are your best informers. Talk with them about everything they know and what you could use somehow.