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Age unknown. Mysterious Lady of the Lake. What is she actually? Nobody knows. But it is said she lived at the bottom of the lake in Benoic and that she raised the Lancelot. She seems to be kind, even though rather peculiar.

You are an old god. 

“I have never know how empty my life is until I had a son. I am dying and it is all right, but I will do all in my power to help him.” 

When you were born, the world was still young. There were people and these people were bringing the offerings to water. After a time, you realized that you are water. Then you got shape – human shape, the shape of the water – and with a shape, you got a body, and with a body, your personality started to form. 

You could do wonders. You could heal or kill as you pleased. When Romans came and brought their new god – Christ  – you felt how you are getting weaker and slowly disappearing. But then, they left again. 

Then, you had been summoned by Morgana. She said her mother worshiped you and asked you for help. Her offering gave you strength. So you agreed. She explained that the boat will sail on the sea which is full of little kids. They are all to be drowned. She asked you to save one called Mordred. You asked why only one. Morgana answered she doesn’t care for the others as they are not her blood. You found it strange but you did as asked. Yet, you had no clue how to recognize one kid from another so you just grabbed one. Based on the agreement with Morgana, you came to King Claudas whose father was also worshiping you. You asked him to raise the kid you now called Mordred and helped him in his next war in return.

It was puzzling you: why is one kid more important than others and why are kids important at all? And then you saw this five years old boy, Lancelot, lost in the forest while his home was burning and his father, Ban of Benoic died on the battlefield, and you seized him, not caring for the tears of his mother who first pray to the Christian god and then started to bring offerings to your lake, hoping that if new god didn’t help, the old one will. 

It took around five years but you started to understand. That little boy, so beautiful and lively, brought you something you were missing in all previous centuries: Life. Meaning. Happiness. And you started to feel things you had never felt before: a fear if he is alright. Sadness when he was angry at you. Happiness when he laughs. And love for other beings. The idea you would lose him was tearing you apart, and at that moment, conscience awaken in you, and you started to ask: What about his mother?

So you send Seraide – a human servant you took to your underwater kingdom – to the court of King Claudas to learn about Lancelot’s mother. Seraide came back, explaining the mother died, but Lancelot’s brothers, Bors and Lionel, are still alive, doing well, but constantly struggling with their annoying step-brother. You better send her back to keep an eye on them. For five years, she was overseeing them, until she came back with them and explained what happened: Bors and Lionel had a fight with their step-brother and killed him. 

Soon after, servants of King Claudas had come to the lake with Mordred. King Claudas was sending him back. He was grieving and couldn’t stand another child around. You felt Mordred doesn’t fit in so you took him back to Morgana and asked who gave an order to murder little kids. If you didn’t mind it ten years ago, now you felt so guilty for not saving all these little innocent creatures. There were eight of them who drowned. Morgana told you it was druid Merlin.

Boys were growing up and desired to become knights. Seraide urged you to allow it. It was hard for you. Seraide explained to you that all kids need to leave the mother’s den at some point and you decided to trust her. So you equipped them greatly and took them to the court of King Arthur. 

There, you had seen Arthur, who gave you his respect as to a forest mother of sons of his friend, Ban of Benoic. But it is not why you like him. You like him because when Claudas wrote and was demanding the heads of Bors and Lionel, he refused. You also saw Guinevere and quickly learned that Lancelot desperately loves her. Wanting nothing else but happiness for your son, you went to talk to Guinevere and as you noticed she desires Lancelot as well, you urged her to take what she wants. 

And you also saw Merlin and learned he is dating Nineve. So you took her appearance, elicited Merlin on a romantic walk, and let him enter one special cave – a threshold between this world and underworld. Then you blocked the cave with a huge boulder and let him there to die. But this cost you so much power you had to return to your lake to recover. You left Seraide at court to serve your foster sons and to be a connection between you and them. From Seraide, you also learned about most of Lancelot’s adventures and got so terrified for his life, that you immediately equipped him with a number of magical amulets. But it cost you again a lot of power and you were recovering for years.

You were too weak to help during the False Guinevere affair.

Many years later, a lady called Elyzabel visited your lake. She was carrying a message from Guinevere: Lancelot is gone for a whole year and nobody knows where he is. He needs to be found. Elyzabel feared you and decided to stay in Claudas’ castle, but you learned she was taken hostage there. You sent the message to the court of King Arthur and soon, the war had begun. Arthur’s army was led by Lancelot so you gave him your aid and he conquered the whole Benoic. But it wasn’t Lancelot who became the new king, but the oldest one, Lionel. That made you greatly sad because you hoped to have your favorite son nearby. 

Then, the Quest of the Holy Grail began. You never heard about such a thing and you feel something fishy about it. So you traveled to the king of court Arthur to find out what is going on just to learn Lancelot is there as well and so is Merlin who was saved by Lancelot. 

Morgana: thanks to her, you decided to get a son. You will always be grateful for it. But she also didn’t ask you to protect other kids. There must be something wrong with her. 

Claudas: he seems to be a kind person. But if you are to choose between him and your son, you wouldn’t hesitate. 

Mordred: that kid was full of pain and fear. You were terrified by him. 

Lancelot: such a sweet and beautiful man. He means the world to you. Thanks to him, life started to have meaning. He is the only reason for you to continue living. 

Seraide: she was offered to you as a sacrifice, but you let her live. She became your druid, but her village was plundered by Christians and she ran to you for refugee. You accepted her because you needed help with Lancelot. She proved to be very useful and wise. 

Bors: middle child. You never really had a connection with him. 

Lionel: he was always pushing himself before Lancelot. You didn’t like it but Seraide warned you that it is the right order. 

Arthur: he protected your sons from Claudas, and you are grateful for it. But he also listened to Merlin’s advice to kill all these babies. That is unforgettable. 

Guinevere: your son loves her and she is making him happy. You think she is an awful being but until she makes him happy, you will not only tolerate her but also protect her. 

Merlin: what despicable being could persuade his king to kill babies? You despise him.

Elyzabel: poor creature. She was scared to death by you. 

Nineve: she is like you use to be. She wants to live so badly but does not realize that without love, she has no life at all. 

You were ready to die before you met Lancelot. He means for you more than your own life.
Sadly, you are too weak to use any magic.  


  1. See if you can get rid of Merlin. Search for somebody to kill him. You can try to use poison, dagger, you can use Seraide, Nineve, or any of the knights. Also, priests might be useful in a fight with him.  
  2. Discover what happened when Guinevere had been sentenced to death by Arthur. Why? And why was she accepted back? Seraide might know something, and you might learn a lot also from Guinevere, and her servants, Elyzabel, and Aoife.   
  3. The whole Holy Grail affair is fishy. Speak with Lancelot. Ask Morgana what does she knows about it.  It might be also useful to check with Nineve.
  4. Find out who Lancelot‘s (and possibly Guineveres) friends and enemies are. Join forces with his friends and trie to protect him at any cost.