Simulation game: Labor market

Get an insight on your life vision.

Prep. time: flipchart with rules
Playing time: 1 hour
Number of players: ideally… up to 30


  1. Each player will choose 3 Life Goals. They can freely choose whatever they want. It should represent their real-life goals. 
  2. Players choose a roles
The concept of business finance development

Evening 24.10. Explanation of rules

25. 10.

9:30 – Morning circle/final prep, elevator pitch

10:00 – Official start

  • all players are going to register to the Labor Office
  • HR can make a deal with employers

11:00 – 1st salary

12:00 – 2nd salary

13:00 – 3rd salary + lunch

15:00 – continuation of the game

16:00 – 4th salary

17:00 – 5th salary

18:00 – 6th salary

19:00 – 7th salary, end of the game

21:00 – reflection groups


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  • Traveling 2100 e/year
  • 1 kid 2 000 e/year
  • 2 kids 3 000 e/year
  • 3 kids 3 500 e/year
  • dog/cat 500 e/year
  • Special schools for kids 1 000 e/year per kid
  • House 1 500 e/year through mortgage
  • Taxes 2 500 e/year
  • Car 4 000 e + 1 000 e/year
  • Charity 1 000 e/year
  • Shrink 2 000 e/year

Labor office
Requires 1 person whose task is

  • keep a track of how many years (hours)  people worked and if they had paid taxes
  • support anybody who doesn’t have a job by checking with employers if they have a free job position

HR small company
It needs 4 players who will make couples.  Both couples needs to get investors to start their business  so they are preparing a sales pitch. 
Either organizers, or all “unemployed” represents the investors. Both couples makes their sales pitch, the investors vote for the ones who wins. 
Winning couple becomes an HR company (and have the opportunity to hire more employees, and get clients), loosing couple is becoming an employees. 
It will have 50 000 euro for the beginning.  

Middle size company

  • 3 co-owners who are having a board and making a decision. 
  • has 200 000 euro for the beginning

Big size company

  • 5 co-owners (approx 14 employees)
  • each one of them needs to earn 50 000 euro yearly  to satisfy their living standard
  • has 500 000 euro for the beginning


  • all remaining players
  • need to get registered at labor office
  • need to get a job or get a clients as a freelancer


For full recruitment process, there has to be:

  1. Labor Office has to be informed about an open position
  2. There has to be an advertisement with a job offer on an Advertisement board
  3. There has to be at least 5 CVs send for each position. 
  4. There has to be an interview with at least 3 people for each position.
  5. There has to be a 2 copies of contract signed with the hired employee. In the contract, there has to be:
    1. salary
    2. holidays (in minutes)
    3. tasks  
  6. Each contract has to be stored for legal purposes. 

To hire a freelancer, there has to be 

  1. Commission on a Freelance board
  2. Written contract specifying
    1. task
    2. salary for task