Play the Way! Youth Exchange

12. – 20. 2. 2022 (excluding travel days), Czech Republic, Chotěboř

Play the Way! Youth Exchange will be focused on the labor market and how to find a work which is meaningful and enjoyable. We will be learning through GAMES, in a fun and interactive way.
For residents of Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Georgia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, The Republic of North Macedonia, Romania and Spain.
The project is financed by Erasmus+.


We will meet with 50 people from 10 different countries in a venue in the Czech countryside.

Per country, we have a space for 4 youngsters (from 17 to 30 years old) and 1 group leader (20+ years old, youth worker or youth leader who took part in Play the Way! Training Course).

During the 9 days program, you will discover your dreams in both personal and professional life, what are your talents, how to use them on a labor market and get a job which will bring you satisfaction in life.

Sessions will combine outdoor activities (there are beautiful forest and river nearby), indoor sessions, body movement workshops, working in mixed teams, and – of course – a lot of games.

  • discover your talents, strong and weak points, working preferences, priority in life, values, things which drives you in life
  • define your career goal and create a plan how to reach it
  • understand the inner logic of the labor market
  • get practical skills (including how to create a suitable CV, a motivation letter, how to prepare for an interview, etc.)
  • boost your self-confidence, communication skills, proactivity, solution-oriented mindset, team work
  • boost your speaking in English language

We search for 4 participants per country. The profile of our participants is as follows:

  • 17–⁠25 years old 
  • resident of one of the partner countries (Greece, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Romania, Spain, The Republic of North Macedonia, Poland or Czech Republic)
  • unemployed, or strongly dissatisfied with your job
  • Dedicated to take an active participation in all phases of the project  including the dissemination. 

If you don’t fulfil any of these condition, but you still want to come, contact directly Project Supervisor, and we will see what we can do for you.

  • Contribution of €50 as a participation fee (if it should be an obstacle for you, contact your partner organization that will support you).
  • Full participation in the whole program.
  • 1 report (e.g. article) per country (will be published by the partner organization).
  • Implementation of educational game in your country until the May 2021.

Start with filling the application form

Partner organization (see below) will select 4 participants to send on the trip. 

If you are selected, you will receive a Confirmation Letter with more information regarding your participation. ONLY then you can start booking your tickets!

If you have any questions, contact Project Supervisor

Play the Way

Covid & Safety

Follow Re-open EU to stay updated on current travel regulation. 

All participants will go through an antigen test provided by INspire  to be sure we are all infection-free on the spot.  

  • any PCR or other tests needed to take before or after  will be reimbuirse  together with thee travel ticket  if they will fit the level of travel reimbursement.
    (E.g., if your travel reimbursement limit is 275 €, and you spend 200 for travle tickets, you can still spend 275 € for any tests.)
  • if  this would be a limit to you participation, contact organizers directly and we will discuss how we can  support your participation financially.  
  • if you will be guaranteed with the covid, you will be accommodated in separation in the venue. INspire is supporting you with all practicalities but you need to carry any extra expenses beyond the time of the Youth Exchange. 
  • We will follow any regulation according the current law. 
  • We will avoid the contact with the outside world. 

Program & Methods

Getting to know each other, creating trust and connections to enhance intercultural understanding, communication and cooperation skills which are very important in everyday life.

DAY 2, 3, 4. PLAYING
Games on labor market – immersive, entertaining, and educative experience which will enhance your understanding of the inner logic of labor market, highlight your strengths and weaknesses, open your eyes to the questions you didn’t know they should ask, and give you direction for future build-up of your career.

Fun activities in an informal setting to relax and recover after previous intensive days. 

Focus on your specific needs related to the labor market (and related topics). 

Time to design your own educational games related to labor market and other skills. It will support your creative thinking, teamwork, project-management and problems-solving skills.  

Testing of the game with the special visit from Czech scouts. 

Evaluating and closing of the  whole experience with the focus on anchoring the new learnings. 

There are a lot of different learnings in games if the proper debriefing is done, plus our general behavioral patterns manifest in them as well.

Including setting up learning goals and tracking of their learning progress to bring awareness to participants learning.

Including the positive (empowering) feedback as a tool focused on one’s successes, not failures.

Participants will be immediately putting into practice everything they learn and giving/receiving feedback from others upon it.

As a tool to raise self-awareness. In its essence, it helps to still the mind, while guidance can bring you to places you never thought you’d go, discover hidden blockages and take steps to release them, as well as open the space for new inspiration to come in.

Play the Way


The venue is a modern resort located in semi-solitude surrounded by the beautiful Iron Mountains, by the rocky canyon of the river Doubrava in a nature reserve.

Each room will be for 6 people. The rooms are equipped with bedsheets.

Website (in Czech)

  • There will be 3 meals a day, with mainly traditional Czech cuisine.
  • If you are having a special diet, LET US KNOW in the application form, so we can arrange your needs in time.

The nearest shop is 5 km by walk in the Chotěboř, but we offer soft drinks and snacks at the buffet.

Travel Reimbursement

The project is financed by the Erasmus+ program.

The costs of the program, including meals, accommodation and travel costs (according to the maximum amount of money allowed per country) will be covered by the Erasmus+ program. Please contact your sending organization to learn more about the financial details, and how to arrange the booking of your travel tickets.

Very important!
The travel expenses will be reimbursed on the base of tickets, bookings and invoices so remember to keep them all with you!

Erasmus+ calculated maximum amount of travel reimbursement you can receive based on the distance band.

€275          Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Romania, The Republic of North Macedonia
€180          Poland 
€20            Czech Republic

There is €50 participation fee paid in cash upon arrival. We perceive this fee as a proof of your motivation to take part in the program which will be used for financing the local dissemination activities after the training. 

If it is an obstacle for you, contact your partner organization or Project Supervisor, and they will support you with figuring an alternative.

Play the Way

Involved organizations

GeorgiaYouth Association
LithuaniaAsociacija Tavo
PolandFundacja Wspierania Rozwoju “Innowator”
SpainXuventude verde polo
The Republic of North MacedoniaYouth Association YMCA

INspire, z. s. is a young NGO focused on personal and professional development of individuals and groups. 


vojta zak

Vojtěch Žák

Project supervisor

I am a trainer, facilitator, coach, storyteller, and writer. I am designing education games for more than 10 years already, and I know my share about stories and their impact. 

In PW!, I will be taking care for your well-being and I will be your main contact regarding all practicalities.

Marton Szilard

Szilárd Marton

Main Facilitator

I am a freelance facilitator, an outdoor instructor at Outward Bound Romania and Outward Bound Netherlands, and learning strategist. In the PW!, I will be responsible for the learning curve and for creating the proper context for insightful playing. 

I believe, that we all have a loud, joyful and free part in us, who wants to spread his freedom and joy, and maybe sometimes his loudness over our everyday adult life and my personal experience is, that this wish could become a reality easier in nature. For me: nature is the ultimate opportunity for growth. I have facilitated many events using elements of gamification, I have the first-hand experience that learning can happen once we have fun, and we perceive learning as a game.