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60 yo. “Wandering knight” they called you, but they had a respect for you as you used to be one of the most fearsome knights of the kingdom. Hero of many wars, spend years in the saddle while hunting a Quenching Beast. A danger to all villains and women. 

You are an old-school fellow. Even though your family belongs to one of the oldest Christians in England and it is said you are a descendant of the Joseph of Arimathea, the man who brought the Holy Grail to the Albion. But you always loved girls too much to assume chastity and you had much closer to the paganistic tradition of your subjects.

“I might have been the greatest knight in time of my youth. But I had also been the worst of fathers. I am old now and I see how much I missed, how much pain I caused. And I wish to redeem myself and make right the wrong.”

You call yourself a king but the whole story is rather more tricky. You are the king of Corbenic by the rule of primogeniture but your wife had been killed by a Quenching beast and you swore to avenge her. You pass the kingdom on to your impotent younger brother and you also make your daughter Elaine his daughter and you start to chase the beast. 

It was a long hunt. While you were taking the rest at the edge of the lake, you encountered a young knight who very rudely asked you to step aside. You refused and almost killed him in the battle, just to learn he is barely a kid and his name is a Dinadane. You took care of him, sent him to Camelot, and waited for the new challenger. It was King Arthur himself. 

First, it seemed you would defeat him when you shattered his sword but then the hand out of the lake gave him a sword and the situation turned upside down. You were defeated and being completely impressed by the young Arthur, you swear fealty to him. You helped him to defeat his enemies and killed king Lot in the battle. (see Civil wars blueprint) After that, Lot’s son Gawain challenged you many times to duel but King Arthur forbade that, saying you killed Lot with honor, in the battle.

Later on, you continued with your quest and finally took down the Quenching beast. On your journey, you had many lovers. You leave to each one of them your necklace as a token of your pretended love. You have always got the same necklace and you had always wear it just to be ready for another love adventure. You are still doing that, even though the time of love conquests is basically over for you. (you should receive the necklace from organizers) During the False Guinevere Affair, you had been sleeping for a longer time with Elyzabel, cousin of Gunievere. 

You possibly had many kids, alas, you had never been much of a father, but a fighter. Still, one of them had become the Knight of the Round Table – Lamorak. What a great kid. Once, he told you he is porking Morgause, Gawain’s mother. You consider it as a great joke. But then, Lamorak disappeared. You are sure Gawain has something to do with it but you need proof. Morgause won’t tell you anything but now you’re certain that Lamorak wasn’t joking about his relationship with her. You wonder what actually happened and you wonder why Morgause demands so much secrecy about all of this. She is clearly hiding something – is she trying to protect Gawain or is there something else behind it?

Then there is also Mordred, Gawain’s brother, and Morgana, his mother. He is close to both of them, maybe they know something…  

It’s true that as you are getting older, you are regretting many things from the past. You don’t regret abandoning the kingdom, because you had never been much of a ruler, but you regret abandoning your baby, your little Elaine, who is now having a baby with Lancelot. That makes Galahad your grandson. Ach, how would you love to tell him. And you hate that Lancelot is trying to run away from the marriage with your daughter. You will go to him and give him an ultimatum – either he is going to marry Elaine, or you will tell the king about his affair with the Queen.

Elaine: she doesn’t even know you are her father – you left her when she was too little. What a fine, beautiful woman is she now. If you would be only brave enough to tell her the truth and apologize for what you did to her. 

Dinadan: when you met him for the first time, he was arrogant and rude, but you taught him matters. Since then, he had become much more humble. He even asked you to train him. He never had been a great fighter, but his head is something amazing. 

Arthur: what a great man and king. Defeating you when he was so young. You followed him ever since and never regretted it. 

Gawain: you killed his father in the battle, but it was a fair fight. Gawain challenged you to duel many times but Arthur forbade that.  He is scared you would kill Gawain and he likes his nephew. You mocked Gawain many times – his behavior and attitude… you just can’t stand that arrogant prick. 

Morgause: so beautiful, but so sad. She had lost her husband, two kids… and her lover, your son Lamorak, also disappeared. You would like to know what happened to him, but Morgause didn’t say a word. She looked scared though. 

Mordred: he is very ambitious. And he is the younger brother of Gawain. If Gawain did something to Lamorak, he would know. 

Morgana: she is a great combination of Morgause and Mordred. Beautiful, even at her age, ambitious, clever, close to Gawain. She might know something. 

Lancelot: you admire his skill as a warrior and you understand his passion which makes him want to sleep with the queen. But it is not right. He has a son now! You won’t let him repeat your mistakes. He has to marry your daughter… or you will tell Arthur about his affair. 

Galahad: your grandson. What a great young man. Too religious though. You should tell him you are relatives. 

Elyzabel: she was bad, but a grateful lover. You are inclined to help her. 

Claudas: you are angry for what he did to Elyzabel (tortured her). You definitely won’t support any of his claims for Benoic.

You are growing old. Dying. You feel the need to reconnect with your descendants and arrange their prosperity and continuations of the clan. And you want revenge. You want to find out what happened to your son Lamorak.


  1. Speak with Elaine. Try to connect with her. Find a moment to tell her you are her father. 
  2. Speak with Lancelot. Push him to marry Elaine. Warn him with your life-story. Threaten you will tell the king about his affair unless he does what is right.  
  3. Speak with Galahad. Try to connect with him. Find a moment to tell her you are his grandfather. 
  4. Talk to Morgana and Mordred to see if they know something about Lamorak and learn to happen to him
  5. Talk to Morgause. You might tell her Lamorak told you they are lovers. Find out what happened. 
  6. If needed, you can provoke Gawain. Maybe, if you will provoke him enough, he will lose his temper. And you can always challenge him to the duel. 
  7. Dinadane might know something as well. He always knows a lot. Or you can get some info from Ragnelle, Gawain’s wife.