Outdoor preparation (world café)

An opportunity to share peer-to-peer our knowledge on how to live in outdoor

  1. Walk through the space and find an answers on – 15 minutes
    1. where will I be drying my towel
    2. where will I be drying my socks/shoes
    3. what else do I need for my comfort

  2. I need 2 representatives for following stations – 30 min 
    One representative facilitate discussion, second is preparing a flipchart
    Need 5 flipchart papers + markers

    1. First aid – what I need to know
    2. Wet clothes – how do I dry stuff
    3. Cold in night – how do I keep myself warm in tent
    4. Preparing fire – how to prepare fire and keep it safe
    5. Tips & trick – anything else what can be useful   

  3. Presentation – every representative have 5 minutes to present 

  4. Adjustment of space – participants are creating physical spaces to answer their needs  – 30 min