Golden corridor

Gentle farewell activity, in which participants express gratitude to each other

  • Facilitator ask people to create pairs and form two lines, facing each other. They should stand quite close to their neighbors, almost shoulder to shoulder. 
  • Pairs grab hands and stretch them. Then, let go.  The participants just created a corridor from their bodies. 
  • Facilitator explains:

“I will be sending you in one by one now. 
Whoever is coming will close their eyes and when I give them a nudge, they start to walk forward. 
People in corridor are slowly walking the person through. They have a chance to hug them, pet them, whisper them thank you to their ears, etc.”

  • Facilitator play a nice gentle songs on a background, ie:
  • Facilitator can send 2nd person when the 1st reach approx. 1/3 of the line
  • When the person reach the end of line, facilitator ask them to open their eyes and join the corridor. Thanks to that, everybody can walk through, and everybody can be part of the corridor for all the others


  • You need twice as much space as is the original line of the corridor. If you don’t have enough space, you will need to bend the corridor so it goes to the circle. Start the bending already when the corridor is originally formed. 
  • Let participants to have their own experience. It tells all about them as a group. I have experiences a group that went through it with laughter and jokes, as well as very intimate and gentle atmosphere. 
  • Remember the personal boundaries. Remind it to people. Don’t force people to walk through if they are not comfortable with it.
  • Use this activity only when the group reach a certain level of intimacy or trust, otherwise they are not ready for it.