Supreme King Arthur


Don't read further unless you had chosen the character!

50 years old, Supreme King, a hero who united the kingdom and created the most powerful empire in England.

Christianity was the easiest way to unite the kingdom. So you have become a Christian. Merlin was advising the same.
But Merlin is a druid, you get a sword from a Lady of the Lake named Nineve, and old traditions are still very much alive in Albion.

“I might be a King of Kings… I carried the responsibility for the kingdom. But I am still a man. Don’t I have a right to be one?”  

You were raised by sir Ector and druid Merlin. Ector’s son Kay was like your older brother: he was big, strong, even though choleric and aggressive.

Civil wars

When you were 16, you had become king. But 13 lords proclaimed independence. The civil war had started. You made Kay your majordomos (person responsible for the household + holds the power of the king in his absence) and left for war.

You had met Guinevere, 12 years old daughter of your ally, lord Leondegrance, and immediately fell in love with her. You got engaged. 

When visiting your ally, King Lot, you had been visited by a young woman who told you how much she admires you. She taught you many arts of love. You have been found with her the next morning by Merlin and Kay who got terrified as they recognized the girl: Morgause, your half-sister, wife of King Lot. Everybody swore no one ever can learn about this and you send Morgause home. 

Next year, you defeated the rebellion, married a Guinevere, and became a best friend with a Dinadane, a stable-boy who you knighted (because you promised so while drunk). You received a magical sword Excalibur from a Lady of the Lake called Nineve in return for the promise you will grant her one wish when she asks.

At that time, Merlin foretold you that a high-born baby born in May will cause the doom of your kingdom. You order that all high-born babies born in May have to be put on the ship which will sink.

This started a new rebellion. King Lot joined it as well. At the same time, your ally king Ban of Banoic was attacked by Saxon King Claudas. Claudas killed Ban, took control of Benoic, but immediately pled fealty to you as an overlord and offered you help in your wars. You accepted. 

It was your half-sister Morgana, wife of one of the rebelling lords, who revealed to you the battle plans of your enemies. King Lot was killed in the battle by Pellinore (one of your knights).

Lancelot and his brothers Bors and Lionel – kids of your dead friend, Bors of Benoic – came to court. At the same time, Merlin disappeared without a trace.

Then, the Fairy Business had happened, and so you accepted Gawain, your nephew, son of Morgause, as a successor. 

False Guinevere

A young girl delivered you a message that Guinevere is an imposter, replaced for her half-sister and twin Gwenhwyfach. You travel to meet her accompanied only by Dinadan. You were welcomed by a girl who looks just like Guinevere with the feast and wine. She explained she is the legitimate daughter of Leodegrase, while the other girl is called Gwenhwyfach who was born from Leodegrase and a slave girl. But as Leodegras always loved Gwenhwyfach the most, he swapped her to your bed on a wedding night. Since Leodegras died, Guinevere can finally reveal the truth.

You brought her to a court and make a public test from which new Guinevere came out as the real one.  False Guinevere, your ex-wife, was to be burned at stake, but Lancelot charged the execution, saved Guinevere, and killed some Knights of the Round Table in the process. He took refuge in the castle of Balin Ill-fated, supported by Hector, and Bors, receiving support from his friend, king Galeholts.

Morgana returned to court, bringing Mordred, her son, with her. Both become your advisors.

Two years later, your wife fell sick and on the death bed she confessed: she is Gwenhwyfach, the false Guinevere. She was power-hungry and her allies wanted to strengthen their position in the kingdom so they plotted how to get rid of Guinevere. Gwenhwyfach tricked Arthur by giving him a love potion. 

You pardoned all rebels and accept Guinevere back.

War for Benoic

Almost a decade went peacefully, but then king Claudas imprisoned Elyzabel, cousin of Guinevere. Lancelot won the war for you, but you gave the Benoic to Lionel, the oldest of the brothers. 

Quest of Holy Grail

One year later, Galahad came to court. He claimed to be the son of Lancelot and Elaine of Corbenic. Lancelot admitted Galahad is his illegitimate son. And the Quest of Holy Grail started. Most of the knights is searching for the holy relict, and the kingdom is in a very weak position.  


In 530 AD, all hell broke loose.

  • Elaine of Corbenic is coming to court, not saying what she wants.
  • Lancelot had returned with Merlin who is very old and weak. 
  • King Galeholt, a friend of Lancelot, had come to the court, you don’t know why yet. 
  • King Claudas is coming to negotiate about the Boenic. 
  • There are two fairies, Lady of Lakes – Nineve, the lady who gave you Excalibur and can ask you for 1 boon, and Viviana, the foster-mother of Lancelot. 
  • Also, Meliodas, self-proclaimed King of brigands, is demanding to be accepted at your court. His army of vagabonds is camping before Camelot, and however funny they might be, they pose a real threat. 
  • And mainly, Tristan, a Knight of the Round Table, nephew of the king Mark of Cornwall, had come to seek shelter. He brought with himself his wife, Isolda, princess of Ireland. She was engaged to king Mark and Tristan was sent to bring her. As Tristan explained to you, on their voyage to Cornwall, they accidentally drink a love potion prepared by Isolde’s maid (so Isolda could easily fall in love with Mark) and desperately fell in love with each other. Tristan and Isolda escaped seeking your protection.
    You remember what a love potion can do to a man and took pity on them. At the same time, you know you cannot enrage your precious ally, king Mark of Cornwall, who is coming to your court now to demand his fiancée. 

Merlin: he had been your teacher, mentor, and most precious advisor. But he disappeared and you had to learn to rule without his help. You were happy when he came back but you also see that he is not what he used to be, and you don’t know if you can still trust his service. Also, you still don’t know what happened to him. 

Kay: Kay was all different things when you were kids. He was a protective older step-brother, but also an aggressive punk who was beating you when you didn’t do as he wanted. He thought he must be the first in everything and you saw how hard it is for him to kneel before someone he sees as a younger brother and therefore subordinate to him. But he was happy to take the role of majordomos, he is very responsible and always supported you. You know you can count on him. 

Guinevere: your wife. You desperately love her, you appreciate her advice, even though she had never given you a child, she had been mean, quarrelsome and is not letting you in her bad for many years already. You suspect that she cheated on you with Lancelot but you have no proof and she denied it. You feel guilty about how you treated her in the past (sentenced her to death). You have decided to win her love back. 

Dinadan: the same age as you. You made him a knight. Since he is lowborn, he was always very straightforward when talking to you. That made him probably the only friend you ever had. One who never betrayed you.

Nineve: the fairy who gave you Excalibur. You promised to fulfill her wish when asked. 

King Claudas: he is a great ally and fearsome enemy. 

Gawain: brave knight, womanizer, always very loyal. Your nephew and successor. 

Lancelot: you used to love him. Now you hate him. He stole your wife! Yet he has powerful allies. Maybe you could make him marry Elaine. 

Mordred: what a clever young man and your counselor. 

King Mark: a loyal ally and his kingdom is not that big, but if he would be supported by the Irish king and proclaim war to you, it could get nasty. 

Tristan: strong but very gentle knight. You feel so much for him. You also drank a love potion. You know what it is like. That poor boy has no choice. 

Morgana: your half-sister. She betrayed her husband to you and helped you to win the second civil war. She learned from Merlin and after his disappearance, she was a great counselor to you. Shortly, she was keeping company with Guinevere, but then she ran away from court and you know these two are not especially fond of each other. But you trust her because she was always giving you great advice. 

King Galeholts: Lancelot’s friend with a strong army. But he cherishes rightfulness over everything else. 

King Lionel: you made him king of Benoic instead of Lancelot. 

Meliodas, king of thieves: he leads an army of scoundrels. King without a land, but could be really dangerous.

Your main task is to keep the kingdom safe. You can calculate the strength of your kingdom, possible allies, and enemies based on a political map (Logres is your kingdom) 

As a politician, Arthur wants to keep the kingdom together, strong and safe, to avoid war. As a man, Arthur wants to get back the love of his wife, protect Tristan, and punish Lancelot. He always struggled between these two aspects, but he had to make hard choices. And he doesn’t lose hope everything will end well. 

There are GUARDS played by organizers who can anytime take in a prison anyone in your castle (but there can be consequences if you imprison someone powerful). At the end of the game, you can declare war, or decapitate any of your knights or servants (but not other kings and their wives). Think carefully if you want to do it.   


  1. You would love to persuade Mark of Cornwall to give up on Isolde and still remain your ally. You cannot afford to turn him to your enemy. You should offer him a different wife instead. Ask your counselors (Kay, Mordred, Morgana, Dinadane, Guinevere, Merlin, Eivyn) who would be fitting. 
  2. You would love to arrange that Lancelot will marry Elaine. You should talk to Lancelot and remind him of what is honorable. 
  3. You need to persuade Guinevere to fall in love with you again. Maybe the love potion from Isolda’s maid Roisin could help you? Talk to her. 
  4. You would love to protect Tristan. In the worst case, you would pass Isolda to Mark, but you won’t give up on Tristan. 
  5. You want to find out what happened to Merlin. You should talk to him. 
  6. You would like to persuade all your knights to give up upon the Holy Grail Quest because you need them here when the kingdom is not that stable. You should talk to all the ones who are present.
  7. You need to see what can be done with Benoic. Should you keep it with Lionel? Should you give it back to Claudas