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35 years old, handsome, one of the strongest Knights of the Round Table

You have been raised as Christian, but Bible considers your little deviation a sin. Maybe, there is redemption waiting for you in the arms of a different god? 

“I live in a world which is forcing me to suppress my desires. All I want is to love freely who I want. And there is so much love in me.”

For your entire life, you’ve had a secret. You have never fancied women. It was the men always catching your eye, making you feel inappropriate things. You never felt it was wrong, but you have always suspected it would be better if nobody knew a thing. Even though man-to-mane-love was quite a common practice among Romans, Bible didn’t look upon it with a kind eye.

And you knew what to do to make everybody think there’s nothing out of order with you. When the chance arose, you proposed to Perse – she was always obviously fond of you. Her father didn’t agree with the marriage, but Gawain helped you persuade him. So you married her. And she was a wonderful wife to you, you really appreciated all she did… you just weren’t able to show the gratitude in the bedroom and that one aspect of your married life remained tragically lacking.

You just hoped she would find a nice affair and stopped bothering you with this. You had no problem with that; after all, your needs were also getting satisfied elsewhere… Glewlwyd, the master of ceremonies, was always a bit too shy when the knights were bathing. You figured out his secret because you were a victim of that shyness yourself. One day, you invited him to take a swim with you. He refused, so you had to use a different strategy. You ordered him to get undressed. His naked body betrayed what you already knew… and that day marked the beginning of your relationship as lovers. This whole time, you dared to tell your secret to one person only – your good friend Galeholt.

When Guinevere had been accused of being an imposter (see False Guinevere blueprint), you join side with Lancelot who you secretly loved but could never have. You have befriended Balin, and Bors, and also Galeholt thanks to this.  

You wish there would be more man you can freely discover. Even though you like Glewlwyd, it is not loved for you, but only a union of necessity,  and you would be happy to accept more lovers to your life. You never dare to tell him though since you think he loves you deeply and he would be hurt. 

At a certain point, your relationship with Perse stabilized. You suspected she finally found a relationship of her own and you were happy for her.

Recently, a young page of Lionel joined the court. Percival, commoner. He had a clash with Kay and humiliated him. Kay is a bully. Percival is… hot. And he might need your protection.   

Perse: you knew her from childhood and she is dear to you as a sister. You love her as a sister but feel no sexual attraction towards her. But you don’t dare to tell her the truth as you fear she wouldn’t accept it. 

Gawain: you admired him but the False Guinevere affair put a wall between the two of you. You feel sorry for that.  

Lancelot: you love and desire him so much. But he can never be yours. 

Dagonet: court jester, but you can help to be attracted by his courageous humor and handsome body. Since he is a mere servant, maybe he could be yours at your will. You should learn what he wants. 

Galeholt: as you learned, he is very kind, understanding, and protective. You are glad to be his friend. 

Malehaut: Galeholt’s wife quite fancy you, but you are afraid that due to her religious zeal, she could damn you if she would discover the truth about you.

Ragnelle: Gawain’s wife. You are quite fond of her. Maybe she could help you to reconcile with Gawain. 

Kay: he is a bully. You always hated bullies. If there would be a way how to step on his neck, you would do it.

Glewlwyd: his body and his love are precious to you. You like him, you care for him, but you don’t love him, and sadly, he himself is not enough for you. 

Hector has a lot of love and a lot of desire in him, and he wants to satisfy both. He also wants his wife to be happy, and to make right what is wrong. Protect the week. Destroy the bullies. 


  1.  Meet with Glewlwyd in secret to satisfy your lust.
  2. Meet with Dagonet. See if he could become your lover. Find out what he wants – you don’t mind buying his love if needed.
  3. Talk with Galeholt about your situation and what should you do. Isn’t there a way how you can live according to your heart’s wishes? 
  4. See if you can somehow step on Kay.  You might need to collect your friends to step against Kay.
  5. You should also join forces with Percival. He will need your protection. And he is hot. Maybe, you could seduce him as well. 
  6. See if you can reconcile with Gawain. You can approach him directly, but maybe you should talk with his wife, Ragnelle, to see what is best to do.