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17 years old. Knight of the Round Table, son of Elaine of Corbenic. Even though he is so young, he must be a great warrior because he defeated Lancelot in a duel. He is also very religious. 

You had been growing up in the monastery. Your mother was reciting you a Christian legends. You believe you are the knight chosen by God to find a Holy Grail. Jesus Christ is your savior.

“I have been chosen one by God to be the greatest. I paid dearly for it whole my life. Yet it is my destiny.”

You grew up without a father.

Since childhood, you had been asking about him. Your mother Elaine of Corbenic was talking about him with great admiration. She was telling you, you are the son of the greatest knight of your age, but didn’t reveal his name. She also told you other things. About God, and Jesus Christ. About Christ dead on the cross. About his blood which was stored in a chalice called Holy Grail. How it was taken to the Albion by Joseph of Arimathea.  And how it will be found by the purest, strongest knight of all time. You. It had to be you, since you had such a magnificent father.  

When you were 10, you were given to Beckery monastery, to be raised by monks who were skilled in the art of war as well. You weren’t very popular among other kids. Especially scriber Eivyn was mocking you a lot when you were telling them about the Holy Grail and how you are going to find it.  

Your greatest teacher was Claudin, son of Claudas of Benoic. He was your mentor who taught you everything about how to be a knight, and how to love your god.

Your second greatest teacher was the priest Patrick. Both of them were very kind to you. But after two years, they had to leave. There was a war in Benoic and both traveled to Ireland to seek help. But as you learned, Lancelot overtook the Benoic. You hated him for that. 

At the age of 15, you returned to the Corbenic and demanded to know who your father is. The mother admitted it is Lancelot. You immediately started your journey to Camelot and demanded to be knighted (see the Quest of Holy Grail). How great it was to defeat Lancelot! But whenever you wanted to talk with him in private, he ran before you as a coward. He started the journey to find the Holy Grail even sooner than you. 

At the Round Table, you also met Aoife. She was a mere maid of the queen but when you saw her for the first time, your heart skipped a beat. Yet way too many things were happening that week. You have been knighted. You had started the quest of the Holy Grail. And you had to keep your chastity. You understood that you are being tempted by the devil, so you left the court as quickly as possible.

There was one knight who became close to your heart: Bors. You traveled together for a long time and experienced great adventures, but after a while, you separated. 

Now, you are back in Camelot to take a rest, and you are terrified. There are Claudin and Patrik who you didn’t see since they left the monastery, there are Lancelot and your mother, there is also Aoife but she seems to have eyes only for Bors (which hurts you for some reason), there are several kings, and there are also two ladies calling themselves Lady of Lake who must be demons for sure, and also Merlin and Morgana who are famous wizards and God hates wizards. Also, Eivyn is the new main priest in Camelot. But it is not right. You are almost sure he doesn’t even believe in God. 

Elaine: You love your mother but you cannot understand how she could stain her chastity by sharing a bed with a man without being married to him. 

Claudin: he is a mentor to you. You wish to be like him and help him in anything he asks. 

Patrik: he is a great man worthy to be followed. He will bring Christianity to the whole of Albion (England) and Ireland. 

Lancelot: how much you hate him! He left your mother! He left you! You already punished him by the sword. But you still want to talk with him. You want to understand why! Why did he never come to see you? 

Aoife: anytime you look at her, everything inside of you is getting crazy. Is this love? And is this right? You are the knight of God, the chosen one, destined to find the Holy Grail! You have to keep your chastity! But it is so hard when she is near… And what is even worse, she is constantly with Bors. It is driving you mad!

Bors: he was a great friend to you, but you would love to know what is between him and Aoife. You really don’t like to see them together. 

Merlin, Morgana, Nineve, Viviana, Gariole: witches. Wizards. Demons. Pagans. They should be purified of their sins by accepting Christianisation… or by fire. 

Eivyn: his mockery made your time in monastery much more painful that it had to be. You don’t even believe he is a real Christian. He is just pretending. He is a fraud!

Religious zeal is driving you forward. From childhood, you heard about Holy Grail and that you are the chosen one and now you believe you were chosen to find the Holy Grail as Christ’s knight. But at the same time, there are so many unholy fires burning deep inside of you: a desire for Aoife, jealousy towards Bors, hatred towards the father who left you… are you worthy of Holy Grail if you are experiencing these emotions? 


  1. Talk to Lancelot and find out why he left you as a kid and never came back. 
  2. Talk to Bors and Aoife. Find out what is between them. 
  3. Talk with Patrick about your worries if you are worthy. Ask him for advice. 
  4. Talk with Claudin. Find out what is his situation and how can you support him. 
  5. Talk with all wizards and witches. Speak to them about Christ and try to get them to the righteous path. If they fail to accept Christ, you will need to find a way how to kill them. 
  6. Talk with Patrick about Eivyn. What should be done about him? You should also talk with Eivyn himself, maybe publicly. Maybe you should accuse him of being a non-believer, or at least warn Arthur from his danger.