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42 yo, cousin and servant of Guinevere.

Every night you pray to God to free you. But the truth is, you would sell your soul to the devil if he could grant you any freedom from Guinevere. 


“I wish to kill her… but I don’t dare.” 

You were growing up with Guinevere from childhood but you were the unlucky one. While she became the queen, you were destined to be a mere lady at court who is keeping her company, entertaining her, and doing her dirty business. 

How you envy Arthur to her because you had always thought he is a great husband, but Guinevere never loved him. She laughed at him at best. She had many other maidens as well but among them, only Moragana endured longer. Morgana was quite a devil – it was her who taught Guinevere a lot of tricks on how to manipulate men even though Guinevere never gave her any credit. So Guinevere slept with Balin and she slept with Dinadane and she slept with Gawain and you had to always stand on guard to be sure no one will find out.  She never gave you any of them and even chased out Morgana because she tried to sleep with Gawain. 

Many times you had been tempted to tell Arthur or somebody but if you would, you would lose your patron, and who knows what would happen to you. So you waited and hoped because Guinevere promised to marry you one day to the rich knight. But it wasn’t happening. 

And then, Lancelot had joined the court. You immediately fell in love with him, but so did Guinevere. It was so painful for you to arrange their meetings in secret. Guinevere also made you poison several low-blood girls who fell in love with Lancelot. 

You settled for the second-best – Bors, Lancelot’s older brother. You were flirting with him as you had been taught by Morgana and he started to court you, but then something incredible happened: Gawain came to you and he started to court you as well. You told to Guinevere just to be sure she wouldn’t mind (because if she would, she would kill you), but she had eyes only for Lancelot. So you slept with Gawain and for a few weeks you had been happy, but then he left you and got married to another woman, Ragnelle, and also Bors lost interest in you. 

Then, Arthur brought Gwynefhware, Guinevere’s twin, to the court. You knew it was trouble. Guinevere had been sentenced to death, but Lancelot saved her. For two years, you had been free. There was no Guinevere to serve, and Arthur didn’t chase you out of the court because he barely knew you existed. So you became the mistress of Pellinore because Pellinore always needed some pussy to fuck. But then Guinevere was pardoned and taken back and she immediately called for you. She was angry that you didn’t speak up in her defense but didn’t kill you. She preferred to slowly torture you. 

Her affair with Lancelot continued. But Lancelot kept leaving for longer and longer journeys. When he wasn’t at court for more than one year, Guinevere sent you to his mother, Viviana, to ask her for help. How scared you have been of her. You knew nothing of her except that she is a witch who lives underwater. You passed her the message but refused her offer of hospitality and rather accepted the invitation of Claudas to come to his castle. What a dreadful mistake. Claudas imprisoned you and kept asking you about things. He had you stripped and burned, cut, raped… You told him everything you could, including names of all the people Guinevere slept with. 

But Guinevere demanded your release. The war started because of your imprisonment.  Finally, you had been released. It was Balin Ill-fated who came to pick you up. How grateful you had been to him. You had been even grateful to Guinevere that she fought for your freedom. But when she asked you what did you tell to Claudas,  you denied everything. You told her that all her secrets were safe. 

Balin was courting you ever since. You learned about his past. You know his parents were killed by pagans – and you know they were led by Nineve. You also know he killed her lover.  Then, the Quest for the Holy Grail had started… Balin Ill-fated recently came back and offered you a marriage. You accepted even though you were still in love with Lancelot.

Guinevere: from childhood, you had been in her shadow. And what is the worst, she never let you free. You hate her, yet you are too terrified. 

Arthur:  you admire him. How much you wish to be his wife. 

Morgana: she is back at court and advisor to the King. She is not as scary as Guinevere but she could be a match for her. 

Balin: he was the man who took you from Claudas prison. He courts you ever since. He is old, and not that handsome, yet he is loving and caring and he could be you a good husband. 

Dinadane: one of the knights who resist Guinevere. He is randy but witty.

Lancelot: so beautiful and courteous. You dream about him in the night… and you know you can never have him. 

Bors: time wasn’t gentle to him. He grew to be quite religious, and rough. But you used to love him, you think. 

Pellinore:  rude and selfish, but as he is growing older, you are noticing he is kinder and kinder to you. 

Viviana: she scares you till the last inch of your bones.

Ragnelle: the wife of Gawain and a court lady. You envied her at first but then you learned from Gawain she is a fairy and started to fear her. You hate her and you are hostile to her.

Gawain: you wish to get revenge for what he did to you.

Malehaut: wife of king Galeholt, Guinevere’s friend, very religious. You envy her and don’t trust her because you are afraid of what she could tell to Guinevere if you would confine to her.

Perse: Gawain’s wife. She is very close to Guinevere and you hate her. 

Aoife: little kid, orphaned, given to Guinevere as a lady of the court. You pity her. Guinevere will torture her so much. At the same time, you envy her beauty. 

Your whole life you had been tortured by Guinevere. You wish to be free from her. You wish her to be dead. You want to have a husband, home, kids. To have peace. You don’t want to be killing people anymore. You don’t want to live in fear. 


  1. How could you get away from Guinevere‘s influence without endangering Lancelot? Maybe you could ask Morgana for help. Nineve could help as well, especially if you will tell her it was Balin who killed her lover. 
  2. Maybe, it would be worthy to poison Guinevere. But do you dare to do it alone? Maybe you should ask somebody to do it for you?
  3. See who are Guinevere’s enemies. You could start with Morgana and Dinadane
  4. Talk with Ragnelle about her marriage. Tell her you to suspect he is sleeping with another woman. You can make up who it is. See if you can use her for your revenge.
  5. Get married, with Balin, or anyone else. Should you be wed by Patrick or Eivyn
  6. Your sins lie heavy on you. You feel the need for confession. Go to confess to Patrick or Eivyn
  7. You wish to get revenge on Claudas for the time he tortured you. Maybe you can try to poison him, or ask Balin, or Pellinore to challenge his son to duel and kill him.  
  8. You know Pellinore would be willing to do something for you since you were a good lover to him. Maybe he could also help you with your revenge against Gawain