Don't read further unless you had chosen the character!

34 yo. Queen of Corbenic since your father recently deceased. Mother of Galahad. It is said that Lancelot is the father, even though it is neither confirmed nor denied.

You are raised as a Christian but you also accepted help from witches. You know the magic exists. 

“Without Lancelot, there is no life for me. He should love me. And he will love me. I will not give him any other choice.”

Your father was nicknamed Fisher King because he was constantly fishing at the lake before the castle. You never had a mother. You asked him about her. He always said: “She was a beautiful woman,” but nothing more. You always wondered why he didn’t get married again. It wasn’t until you were thirteen when you learned from your maid he is impotent.

Some highly born girls might be forced to wed, but not you. You wanted Lancelot. You always wanted Lancelot, even before you saw him. You heard so much about him – about his beauty, his chivalry, his strength, about his heroic deeds. And you decided you will be his wife. 

Your father was very understanding. He even invited famous witch Morgana to help you with it. As a reward, he was supporting her to raise her son – Mordred. He was your age. Together, you were discovering the beauty of the other gender and you even slept together, even though no one should ever know. 

Morgana made a deal with the fairy Nineve. You were to strip naked, put to sleep to the lake of boiling water. According to the plan, Lancelot should save you, wake you up by the kiss, sleep with you, and marry you. But he took you to the castle without sleeping with you. 

 You were so enraged. You rushed to Morgana’s chamber and caught her naked with Dinadan, this other knight who came with Lancelot. It was Dinadane who proposed that you should make Lancelot drunk and you should pretend to be the queen, Guinevere

At night, you took Lancelot to your room. Your heart was bleeding every time he called you Guinevere, but you were sure that the next day he would surrender to you. But when he woke up, he was only angry and felt deceived. He left quickly and Dinadan followed him. 

Mordred was furious. He wanted you just for himself. And soon, you found out you are pregnant. You send a letter to Lancelot that his son, Galahad, was born, but he was stuck in a war, protecting Guinevere (see the False Guinevere blueprint). In a meantime, Mordred tried to suffocate the baby but you caught him and stopped him. He was forced to leave the castle afterward. 

Lancelot couldn’t come until Galahad was 2 years old. And he didn’t stay afterward anyway. It was a hard time for you. You think you were half crazy. Your head was full of stories you were hearing as a kid. About your family being descendants of the Joseph of Arimathea. About your lineage being guardians of the Holy Grail which will be discovered by the finest knight who ever lived. And your son will be the finest knight who ever lived. Even better than his father!

When Galahad was 10, you sent him to the temple to be raised by battle monks and decided to visit Lancelot. But your father stopped you. That’s when you understand why he never minded you sleeping with Lancelot and giving life to a bastard. He wanted Lancelot because he was of high blood and richness. Before Lancelot left you for good, he promised to pay a generous rent for the son under condition this will never hunt him down. Your father didn’t let you go to him. He needed the money. Corbenic was a small kingdom with no power or gold and it was destined to certain doom. Lancelot, or at least his money, was the only remaining hope. 

When you understood your father wanted power and gold, you came up with the plan of how to get a bigger influence in Arthur’s land. How to take over. First, you destabilize the country with the chase after the Holy Grail. Then you get rid of King Arthur and Gawain. Lancelot would be a logical successor… and if you would persuade him to marry you, you would be a queen and Galahad would become the king of Albion later on. 

So you got in touch with Morgana and you plotted the Holy Grail Charade. Your father recently died and you are traveling to the court. You need to get rid of Gawain, you need to get rid of Guinevere and Arthur, and persuade Lancelot to marry you.

Lancelot: you love him, you want him, you’re gonna have him. You are destined to be together. You know it and he is gonna understand it sooner or later. 

Morgana: she is a clever bitch, yes, she is. And powerful. But even though she was very useful, her schemes always failed in the end. You hope she won’t mess up this one as well. 

Mordred: he was your friend but he got clingy and annoying. You are happy to see him as a friend but if he will try to put his hands on you…

Nineve: she is an old god if you can believe Morgana. Nineve is scary for sure. And she knows everything. What is she doing at court? 

Dinadane: clever filthy beast. But he is very close to both Morgana and Arthur. Maybe you could use that somehow? 

Galahad: you love your son almost as much as you love Lancelot. He is very religious and not very practical though. You need to get him under control and your influence again. 

Guinevere: you hate that bitch who stole the heart of your Lancelot. If you could only poison her. 

You want to get what is yours: Lancelot. The Kingdom, money, heritage, this all is a bonus. The reward for your pain. You will destroy anybody who will get into your way. Anybody!

You are a queen now and you will be attending King’s council. Check the Political map to understand your negotiation position.  


  1. Go to Lancelot and ask him again to marry you. Promise him he will be a king.  
  2. You should talk to King Galeholt because he is Lancelot’s friend. Maybe he could persuade him to marry you. Apel on him that Lancelot should be a father to your son. Might be useful also talk with lady Malehaut, Galeholt’s wife, but you know she is close to Guinevere as well. Maybe you could fool her and use her naivete. 
  3. Find a way how to kill Guinevere. Maybe you could use Morgana, Nineve, or Dinadan
  4. Speak with Kings. See what are their preferences. Who should be a successor? Who supports Gawain, who Lancelot, who has different preferences.
  5. Find a way how to get rid of Gawain (because he is an official successor of Arthur’s throne). Find his enemies and use them against him. Maybe you can get some info about Gawain from Mordred. They are relatives after all.  
  6. Find a way how to get rid of Arthur. Find his enemies and use them against him.