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35 yo. Eivyn is Camelot’s priest and scribe who is present at all important meetings as the one who records them. He also accepts confessions, gives absolutions, leads ceremonies and prayers. Despite his relative youth, he is one of the most respected people in Camelot.

You have no reason to believe God exists. You are educated about the ancient philosophers, you know the mysteries of math, geometry, astronomy… But you also know there is power in the church and you are a good speaker, ready to fool the ones who want to be fooled. 

“Reason over emotions.”

As a younger son from thane’s family, you had no right to inherit the land, so your father sent you to the Beckery monastery. It turned out to be a great blessing to you. 

Beckery monastery was raising warrior monks but soon it was clear you don’t have a special talent for war. But you had a great mind that could bloom from the moment you were assigned to the scriptorium. In an attempt to preserve as many historical manuscripts as possible, you were presented with the works of the great Greek philosophers, and you learned so much about Mathematics, Geometry, Astronomy, Philosophy, Political arts, rhetorics, and other disciplines. You have never felt the touch of the Spirit but you learned how much you can gain by pretending you do. 

Patrick was a great teacher to you but he soon noticed you are lacking faith, and he made his attempts to prove God’s existence to you. You entered a number of pointless, yet entertaining discussions which helped you to practice your argumentation skills. Slowly, you learned to understand how unwise it was to reveal your lack of faith to him because he could discredit you in the eyes of your superiors. Fortunately, he left for Ireland before he could use the knowledge against you. 

One monk you couldn’t stand at all was Galahad – not a very bright, but a truly fanatic kid persuaded he is destined to find a holy relic and become the best knight in the world. You were mocking him relentlessly, using your wits he couldn’t match, and the support of your peers among whom you established a good position. Whenever he tried to overpower you by sheer strength, your friends came to your defense. You hated that kid and made his life a hell on Earth because you didn’t believe there is any waiting for you after your death. There is nothing after death. And you fear that time greatly. 

Three years ago, you had been sent to Camelot to assist the local priest. You started to assist King’s councils instead of him recording the meetings. After the revelation of the Holy Grail, the old priest proclaimed the Quest for Holy Grail. You were strongly opposing it as you saw how much it could destabilize the strength of the kingdom and its readiness for war. The priest decided to get rid of you, so you used your knowledge of natural elements and poisoned him. As expected, you had been chosen to take his place. You had become an official counselor of the throne. But soon, you had seen that Morgana and Mordred (both sitting in King’s council) are representing a threat to the throne (and to your position) and entered an undeclared war with them. 

You are sure there are secret plans in motion. Somebody intends to either destroy or to take over the kingdom. That would bring war, and since you are an important figure, both your position and life would be threatened. You have to protect the kingdom – and yourself – at any cost. 

So many people are coming to Camelot now. 

Firstly, there is Patrick. He represents a threat to you since he knows you don’t believe in any god. Might be important to undermine his influence. You won’t allow him to take your position in the kingdom. 

There are two Ladies of the Lake (Nineve, and Viviana) – some crazy ladies proclaiming to be witches or gods, or who knows what. They must be crazy. You need to show everybody what fraud they are. Oppose them in all sense you could. Still, keeping the image of you as a servant of God. 

There is the problem of Isolde and Tristan. You need to see what would be the best. Partly, you wish to recommend to Arthur to punish Tristan, and to give Isolda to Mark to prevent a possible war. But you need to know what Mordred and Morgana are advising. Might be wise to go against what they are saying because they have always a secret agenda. Maybe you could do the opposite – marry Isolde and Tristan officially to manifest the power of your position. Definitely, it should be you, not Patrick who is marrying them.  

You are also considering a marriage to secure your comfort and look more respectful in the eyes of the court. There is Isolda’s maid, Roisin, who is beautiful and looks like a very suitable partner. You could propose to her. 

Galahad is back and you had seen how he is watching Aoife, queen’s attendant. You still hate that fanatic prick. Aoife is having more suitors. You should arrange she will choose anyone but Galahad. Could be important to cooperate with Queen Guinevere on that. Aoife cannot disobey the queen. 

You should see what the Merlin deal is. Will he be on your side, or not? Find out if he is an ally or enemy.  You have no need for wanna-be-wizards, but you have a need for strong allies who are good with fooling people. 

There is also the question of Benoic. King Claudas is old and grumpy, but you could talk with his son Claudin who also had been in the Beckery monastery with you. He knows you, and he is not fond of you since he was a friend of Galahad and remembers your bullying. But still, he might be reasonable. Find out what he wants and if you could find peace between him and Lionel, the current king of Benoic.

Claudin: you never were fond of warriors, and you were never friends. He also holds grudge against you for bullying Galahad. But he is quite reasonable and you could appeal to his rational mind. 

Galahad: stupid, fanatic prick, goody-boy, self-proclaimed saint, and master of all knighthood. Even though he defeated Lancelot, you are sure his father simply let him win. You will do anything to humiliate and destroy that guy. But if it would be needed for the safety of the kingdom, and your own position, you will become his ally. Reason over emotion. 

Arthur: however old, he is a good king who is the guarantee of stability.

Morgana: self-proclaimed Witch represents the opposite of your own “servant of the God” appearance. You have to stand against her to look good. But you are also sure she has her own agenda which might be dangerous. In the end – her husband died in the war against Arthur, and she holds grudges against the queen. She is dangerous. 

Mordred: Morgana’s son, advisor to the king, ambitious, mysterious, annoying. You don’t trust him.

Patrick:  you respect him and his kindness, you feel grateful for all he taught you, yet he represents a threat. You won’t let him become a new priest in Camelot, you won’t let him undermine your position nor usurp your followers. He has real faith – therefore he is dangerous because he believe he is doing what is right. What a fool.

Malehaut: Another person truly devoted to the faith. You suspect she saw through your masks and pretense.

Kay: arrogant and power-hungry, yet with important influence in the court and possible ally for you.

The world is a place of physical law. There are no gods, no witches, no ghosts. Anybody who says otherwise is either a fool or charlatan with their own agenda.  You also speak about the supernatural but only to secure your position and to control the others. Mayhem and disorder possess a threat. You will prevent it. And you will secure your position. 


  1. Talk to Roisin. Court her. Offer her a marriage and a great position for life. Marry her. You could even ask Patrick to celebrate the wedding.  
  2. See what Patrick and Malehaut are talking about you.  Deflect any accusation of the lack of faith. Don’t let Patrick to take your position. You are the one who should be celebrating marriages and to whom people should confess. Be ready to undermine his position in people’s eyes. You can spread rumors and lies about him if needed. 
  3. Attend all councils. See what Mordred and Morgana are advising. Be ready to advise the opposite and give arguments why. 
  4. Talk with Tristan and Isolda. See what situation they are in and how it can influence the country.
  5. Talk to Claudin and Lionel to see if you can arrange some negotiations about Benoic and prevent the war. 
  6. Talk to Merlin and find out if you can trust him. 
  7. Find out what Nineve and Vivian want. Be ready to challenge them to the public manifestation of their power to prove they are frauds. But careful – you also cannot do miracles.  Find a way how to get rid of them. 
  8. Talk with Aoife. Persuade her to marry someone else but Galahad. If she won’t be willing, you can also join forces with queen Guinevere and make her.