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Young, but age unknown. One of the ladies at Guinevere’s court.

You are praying to the Christian God to save you from your life even though you are well aware the Old Gods are real.

Your mother was a Saxon slave of Morgana. She never told you who your father was. From childhood, you have been taught that you depend on your lord. Be good and you might live a decent life. Just do everything they told you.

You saw it is true. You saw disobedient servants who had been tortured, skinned, who died in gruesome pain. You grow up in fear and obedience.

When you were 10 years old, Morgana took you from other slaves and started to train you. She offered you not only food but also warmth, comfort, education. You learned how to write and read, how to walk and speak, how to behave like a lady, how to hear everything that is needed to be heard. Then, she gave you to Morgause, her sister, who taught you how to manipulate men with your female weapons. You have been stripped of your virginity by Mordred, and for many months, your education continued in a way how to make men happy in bed. 

Then, finally, thirteen years old, you were sent to the court of King Arthur. You were presented as an orphaned lady whose parents had been killed by vagabonds. Arthur benevolently accepted you and made you a maid of his wife, Queen Guinevere. Exactly as Morgana was expecting. You had become a spy at court who was sending regular reports to the Morgana. But you were pretending you didn’t know either how to write or read. Guinevere ordered you to be taught and it was a painful experience, to pretend you are a slow learner of something you already knew.

Then, a young man calling himself Galahad had come. You were watching him and got completely impressed by his boldness and skills in arms. He defeated Lancelot himself, even though he was only fifteen! It was the first time you felt the butterflies in your stomach, and it almost surprised you how clumsy you got when you tried to seduce him. Usually, you would have him wrapped around your finger immediately, but next to him, you got shy and awkward. 

That night, Morgana called you and gave you strict orders. You were to take a golden wig and white robe and veil and you got a golden bowl to hand, and upon the signal, you entered the dining hall where everybody watched you in a stupor, while there was heavenly choral coming from the sky. You crossed the hall and hid and quickly changed clothes.

The next day, the Quest of Holy Grail started and you understood what happened. You went to see Galahad again, but he was in his Christian ecstasy, keeping a very modest distance from you, afraid you could stain his purity. You wanted to tell him the truth – it is all a trick, don’t go! But you were so afraid of what Morgana would do to you. You saw what she is capable of. 

The quest for the Holy Grail started. 

Your next big task was to bring King Lionel to the court as it was a custom that pure virgins are carrying polite invitations and it was believed at court you are a virgin. You were accompanied by 2 soldiers. On your journey, you had been ambushed by bandits, and your protectors were quickly dispatched, but God was on your side and brought you savior – knight Bors of Benoic, brother of Lionel who saved your life. You asked him to accompany you to the Benoic and he agreed. You grow very much attached to him. Yes, he was old, but also very brave. When sharing wine once, he shared how his brother is making him suffer – he took the whole kingdom and did not give to Bors anything from it. “So why not kill him?” you suggested. 

When you met Claudin, the song of king Claudas, the next day, Bors made his move. He didn’t have resources. Claudin did. So they made an agreement. Claudin will hire bandits, Aoife will bring Lionel to the trap, and Bors, after he has become the king, will give Claudin back half of the kingdom and marry Aoife. 

Such a great opportunity. As a queen of a small kingdom, you might escape the fate of a slave and get away from Morgana’s influence. At least partially. 

But everything went astray. When you reached Lionel’s castle, you had learned he is hunting Saxons bandits who are still occupying parts of Welsh highland. You found him and passed him the message from the king. He decided to finish the hunt in the last group. In a way, you met a young boy called Percival. Such a funny, clumsy kid – he wanted to become a knight, but Lionel laughed at him.

You successfully lured Lionel to the trap but as he was in a war, he managed to defend himself successfully and almost escaped. So you cried for help, Lionel returned for you and it should seal his doom. But it didn’t. Instead of being killed, bandits only captured him and took him away. One of the bandits jumped at you and tried to rape you, but at that moment Bors appeared, saved you, and took you to the Camelot. 

You are very grateful to him, but you have a great dilemma. Bors is a good man but has no power and land. He would be a good man only if you would get rid of Lionel. Whenever you see Galahad, your heart is pounding, but his kingdom Corbenic is small and poor and the boy himself is brainwashed by the church. You still have to obey Guinevere and then, there is also Morgana and Morgause who can give you any orders. You are dancing in between hot coals, desperately hoping not to make any misstep.

Morgana: one thing you know for sure – whatever she wants, she will get. If she will decide, you die, then you die. No running away from it. You fear her, and you will always listen to her because you want to live. 

Morgause: very clever, bitter, and mean woman. She taught you everything you know about men. 

Mordred: handsome, arrogant, scary, merciless. Snake in a human body. 

Lionel: he seems to be a true knight. You almost pity that you attempted to kill him. But he is in your way. Maybe… you could try to marry him instead of Bors? Then you would become the queen anyway, right? 

Bors: he is very brave and strong, and he saved you, twice. He is old and very religious, but he also opens your soul and you see he is tormented by his misfortune. You believe he could be a kind husband… even though he is more than 20 years older than you. 

Claudin: handsome, kind, honest, but also desperate. He didn’t want to set up a trap on Lionel, but he understood that it can be for the best now. 

Galahad: whenever you look at him, your knees are getting soft. It scares you! It would be nice to be with him, but all this holiness around him… Would he even let you kiss him?

Percival: so he became Lionel’s squire. What an amusing kid. 

Guinevere: she is condescending and bossy to you.

Ragnelle: Gawain’s wife, Guinevere’s lady of the court. She is kind and friendly.

Elyzabel: Guinevere’s cousin, lady of the court. She is scared and treats you like a little kid.

Perse: Hector’s wife. She is friendly, but you suspect she is a snake. 

Malehaut: Guineveres’s friend, wife of king Galeholt. She is kind but treats you as a subordinate.

You hope to find safety, happiness, and comfort in your life, out of the influence of Morgana and other plotters.


  1. Try to get married. But to whom? Will you choose Bors, Galahad, or will you try to seduce someone else?  You should talk to all of them and see what is best.
  2. What you truly care about is how to get away from Morgana’s influence. It would be lovely to destroy her, but you don’t believe much it is possible. And you are neither sure there is anybody who can protect you from her. But you hold a few trumps. You know the whole Quest of Holy Grail is a fake, and you would love to tell Galahad… and maybe few others as well.
  3.  You could get in touch with Bors and/or Claudin to see how to get rid of Lionel. Maybe you could try poison. 
  4. You could tell Lionel about the plot if he will agree to marry you. 
  5. You could see who stands against Morgana and try to connect with them. You could even try to tell Guinevere you are a mol, but it would be truly risky. 
  6. Maybe you could go directly to Arthur to get protection.