Simulation game: Profiteers

Simulation of a labor market. 

Prep. time: 2 hours
Playing time: whole day
Number of players: at least 20

The concept of business finance development

At least 24 hours before the beginning of the game, players are introduced to the story.
Players are trying to earn money in the simulated condition of labour market.


How to earn money

1) Private business

Everyone can start a business if the business is

  • Possible to do in the camp or around
  • beneficial for the society

Everybody can buy a concession from the STATE to start a business.

Everyone with an idea can put advertisement with a job offer on the JOB BOARD.

The offer consists of:

  • qualification
  • working conditions

2) State contract

Socially beneficial labour state is interested in (cooking, cleaning, building, etc.).

Labour is presented on JOB BOARD, consisting of:

  • type of work
  • time it takes
  • of people
  • money (given to the boss of the team)

(The jobs cannot be done by a single person.)

All interested are selecting a leader. Leader is dividing the money in the end.

3) Private activities

The initiative comes from the businessmen.

The activity is bringing such a great good and little profit that the organizer need a donation from the government.

4) Bank loan

Bank lends on interest.

Needs to be agreed on the deadline to pay the interest.



3 orgs represents the state:

  • Premier (and jury, if needed)
  • Minister of finances. Controls the bank.
  • Minister of security (policeman).

Life goals

Each player needs to choose a life goal in any point of the game. For reaching a goal at the end of the full hour, they are receiving a 1 point of happiness. For not reaching it, they are getting 1 point of depression. 

If you have 4 points of depression, you cannot work until you reduce one. 

  1. Traveling 2100 e/year
  2. 1 kid 2 000 e/year
  3. 2 kids 3 000 e/year
  4. 3 kids 3 500 e/year
  5. dog/cat 500 e/year
  6. Special schools for kids 1 000 e/year per kid
  7. House – have to take a mortage
  8. Car 4 000 e + 1 000 e/year
  9. Charity 1 000 e/year
  10. Personal development 1 000 e/year
  11. Insurance 1000 e/year
  12. Lottery. 100 e/year. Full filed, only if you win in the lottery (Fortune).   

Evening 24.10. Explanation of rules

25. 10.

9:30 – Morning circle

10:00 – Official start

11:00 – evaluation of taxes, life-goals, and fortune

12:00 – evaluation of taxes, life-goals, and fortune

13:00 – evaluation of taxes, life-goals, and fortune + lunch (who cannot pay 5000 euro is not eating)

15:00 – continuation of the game

16:00 – evaluation of taxes, life-goals, and fortune

17:00 – evaluation of taxes, life-goals, and fortune

18:00 – evaluation of taxes, life-goals, and fortune

19:00 – evaluation of taxes, life-goals, and fortune, end of the game

21:00 – reflection groups

Starting money

Every player roll 2D6 (2 dices) and multiply by 1000. The result is the starting money (euros).



2. Lottery. You had one 60 000 euros but only if you had bet.
3. Death. Your friend had died. You get 2 points of depression.
4. Pandemic. You are in an isolation. You get 1 point of depression and you cannot travel.
5. Mistake. You did a horible mistake in job. You loose 1 000 euro as a fine.
6. Break-up. You have experienced a horrible break-up. You get 1 point of depression.
7. Illness. You have found out you have a serious sickness. You cannot work for 30 minutes plus you get 1 point of depression.
8. Flood. Unless you are insured, you are loosing 20 000 euros. Anyway, you gain 1 point of depression.
9. Soulmate. You had found a soulmate. You get 1 point of happiness.
10. Traffic accident. You have cause a traffic accident which led to serious injury. You pay 1000 euro fine and get 1 point of depression.
11. Drugs. If you have kids, you find out one of them is taking drugs. You get 1 point of depression.
12. Opportunity. You got a great opportunity which had brought you 20 000 euro and 1 point of hapiness.


  • interest 1-5 %
  • mortgage:
    • house starts at 400 e per m2
    • need to have 20 % of the whole apartment  in savings
    • mortgage 3 %