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Servant of Lady of the Lake, around 30.

Being a witch, depending on your power on your lady, you would choose Christianity only if it could free you from being influenced by others.

“I live thanks to my Lady, yet she is dying. What shall be with me after she is gone?”

You were a gift – human sacrifice to the goddess of the lake, the last one which ever happened. You were supposed to drown but the Lady of Lake, Viviane, left you alive and returned you to the ground. You had become her priest. But your village had been burnt during the war and you were seeking refuge in her kingdom. Viviane decided to accept you because she was running her own little experiment and needed help – she accepted a human child, Lancelot, to raise him as her own. 

You proved yourself to be useful because Viviana was completely strange to being a human and she was hungrily accepting all your advice and tips. You could see how she is changing like her heart is growing and she is developing human emotions and feelings.

She sent you to the court of King Claudas to see how Lancelot’s brothers are doing. While being there, you had become a king Claudas’ lover to strengthen your position. You had met Morgana (who might barely remember you as you were a servant), Claudas’ son who was an arrogant prick, Claudin, his second son, so small and adorable, Mordred, a poor tortured kid full of growing hatred, and both Lionel and Bors, Lancelot brothers.

As was Lionel growing up, he discovered there is something weird about your behavior. He pressed you to tell him the truth, so you revealed you are a servant of the lady of the lake send to watch over them. He forced you to sleep with him or he will tell Claudas about your mission. You agreed. Partly you felt a strong desire for this young beautiful lad. Partly you were disgusted he is forcing himself on you. You taught him a lot. 

One day, Mordred provoked the fight between Doris, Bors, and Lionel. While Bors was pressing Doris down, Lionel smashed his head with a bust before you could prevent it. You quickly took them to the Viviane. Mordred was brought to the lake soon after, but Viviane didn’t feel comfortable next to him and send him to Morgana. 

Lionel kept hitting on you. Yet he also adored you, and there was something similar to love growing among you. Yet he never could outshine Lancelot, the man your heart was truly beating for.

When boys grow older, you persuaded Viviane she should take them to the court of King Arthur. You had become a messenger between two of them, being time in the Camelot, and time in the Lake. Everybody grew older – only your youth had been preserve through the power of your Lady.  Lancelot is still in love with Guinevere. Bors became a Christian. Lionel had become the king of Benoic.  He still loves you and never married anybody. 

You know about Balin – a man whose parents had been killed by Nineve, the other lady of the lake. 

Yes, you are older than all of them, around fifty by now (you forgot to count), but the magic of your lady keeps you young. Now, you are traveling with your lady to the court. 

Viviane: she gave you everything: life, youth, power, home. You learn her to be more human – as much as she could ever be. But in the end, you are still a servant. Is it enough for you? 

Lancelot: you know him from his children’s age. How weird to love someone who is almost like your son. But you do. When around him, you just act crazy. 

Lionel: a love-hate relationship. He raped you. He loves you. Could he be your husband? Could he be a ticket to the new life? 

Bors: unhappy kid. He loves you. He is so alone. You pity him, but you cannot love him back. 


You served your lady and her “sons” with love throughout your life. But Viviana is dying. You are afraid. What will be with you when she is gone? You don’t feel ready to depart. 


  1. You are old. Will your youth disappear when Viviana is gone? Maybe you should ask her.
  2. You might talk to Merlin and ask him how to sustain your youth. You might tell him it was Viviana who locked him in the underworld.
  3. Maybe you can talk to Nineve and ask her to sustain your youth. She might ask for something in return though. Maybe you can tell her who killed her lover? You know it was Balin Ill-fated.
  4. You have always wanted Lancelot, and since you keep a young body, it still burst with the passion of youth. You are decided to get him this time. Threaten him that if he will refuse you, you will reveal his secret. Persuade him to marry you. Other possible subjects to marry are Lionel and Bors. Both uncertain, and not that desirable. 
  5. You can also ask your own kingdom from Morgana.  If she will give it to you, you might give her Guinevere. But not Lancelot. You love him too much to lose him.