Searching for a King

Can you hear it? The whispers in the wind? Can you see it? The omens in the sky? Time has come for a new king of Albion to rise.

Knights from all corners of the Old Continent set off to challenge fate and claim the crown for themselves. Twenty-seven noble souls arrived in Wales—the land of green pastures, ruins of once majestic castles and foul dragons, still lurking inside. They were greeted by three wise men, who would guide them on their path to glory. But achieving greatness does not come without sacrifice. The three sages gave the knights a word of warning: “You are all on this journey together, and your actions will determine the future of this land. You either give it your blood, sweat, and tears to help it prosper, or you will watch it burn. “

Our heroes were divided into four great houses: Smilodon Tribe – always eager to show their fangs; Elementary Tent – unbound and unpredictable like the weather; Draig Shire – showing order on the surface, but feeding the fire within; and Children of Hera – as wise as old owls, but chirpy like a nest of chicks. They created their own uniforms to show their unity, coats of arms to raise amidst battle and anthems to celebrate their deeds. All houses attended a great ball, where they feasted together and shared their customs.

Each knight was unique. Some sought honour for their family, while others craved chaos and destruction. They often put aside their differences to face danger together. But their unity did not last for long. The field horns called for war, and the land was once again besieged by conflict. All four houses clashed in a brutal battle. Many fine warriors fell that day. Luck was not on the side of the Children of Hera and this once mighty house crumbled and was buried by history. The surviving members scattered and sought refuge at the mercy of other houses, but all of them still remembered their roots and awaited the day to reclaim their lost glory.

After the war ended, it was time for love. The three remaining houses agreed to sign a peace treaty, and to seal this alliance, four couples entered marriage. It was a magnificent occasion. However, one groom—one of the three wise men—was assassinated right after his first dance with his bride, slain by a madman intent on destroying all gods and kings.

But even this atrocity did not change the knights’ minds, and they chose a new High King the next day. Some were happy with the choice, as the new king was calm and kind, but others were worried that he was nothing more than a smiling puppet with a crown. While there could only be one High King, all the other knights were invited to sit at his Round Table to help him bring peace and prosperity to the realm. Only time will tell whether they succeed or fail.

Samuel Bílek

This project could take place thanks to financial support of Erasmus+.