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40 yo, Isolde’s maiden. Whispers go around she can make a love potion.  

If you wanted to serve at the king’s court, you had to be a Christian. Pretending faith for many years had its impact – now you could almost swear you believe in Christ.

You know what pain is. You know what it means to lose somebody. You lost man in war and daughter due to pox. Luckily for you, the queen was searching for a maid who would breastfeed her daughter and your breasts were full of milk. You only had to accept Christianity and be baptized – a small price for having a roof above your head and food to eat. 

The name of the little one was Isolde and you gave her all the love you had. There was no space for another man in your life.

The time had come when the little girl grew into a woman and should be wed to a foreign prince. His name was Claudin and he was a charming young knight. His father was at war with the king Arthur and needed an ally. Isolde liked Claudin and she was happy to marry somebody who is rather young and sweet. But the Irish king saw it differently – a kingdom which is losing a war is not a good match. Isolde asked you to guard her room one night. You knew well what was going to happen – Claudin came to see her in the room and to share a bed with her. But what you didn’t expect is that Isolde will tell about the incident to her father openly, hoping that he will wed them.

Claudin was chased out and Isolde had been locked in the tower. You had been locked with her and also badly whipped as a punishment for not preventing it from happening. 

There was another man who came with Claudin – priest Patrick, a man whose sight reminded you that you are a woman. Such a weird feeling to get your blood boiling at such an advanced age. Of course, you had your share of men after your husband deceived – castle soldiers were passionate and had a coin to spare. But you stop with such a festivity already decades ago. But now, you wouldn’t mind bringing back memories just one more time. Patrick was pleasant but reserved and he never allowed them to cross the line. But still, all their walks in the palace garden, under the sky full of stars… 

During their time in the prison, Patrick was one of the few people allowed to keep visiting them. He stayed in Ireland to spread Christianity. 

Isolde had been pardoned two years after and as you learned, she was supposed to marry King Mark, an old leecher who already had several wives and many kids but all of them died. He was a bad match for your little girl and you knew she couldn’t be happy with him. 

But another man had come to deliver Isolde to king Mark – young Tristan, a beautiful knight with a gentle soul, and as Isolde told you they immediately fell in love. Once, they got drunk and slept together and agreed they will run away to the court of King Arthur. They plotted a plan – they will say they drink a love potion you created for her and Mark so they fall in love with each other. As a matter of fact, you really prepared such a potion which should awake Isolde’s desire in bed (aphrodisiac), but you doubted it would be enough for her to get wet with such an old and wrinkly man. 

Isolde and Tristan got secretly married on the boat. It was Patrick who wed them and you urged him to do so. Then they landed in England and fled. You continued to King Mark accompanied by Patrick and told him what happened. As you expected, the king was old and ugly. And he also got furious, but Patrick’s presence prevented him from hurting you. 

Altogether, you traveled to the court of King Arthur. 

Isolde: your adoptive daughter. Your everything. 

Patrick: what a wise and respectful man. You feel your heart is burning for him and you wish to marry him yet you are also old and experienced and you won’t force him into anything he wouldn’t wish. 

Claudin: pleasant man. You are aware he slept with Isolde. It probably wouldn’t be good if Tristan had found out. Still, if something would go bad, he is a better choice for Isolde than kind Mark. You should keep him as an ace in your sleeve. 

Tristan: beautiful, gentle, strong, full of love. But also real trouble. Having no land, no real power… he might bring death to your Isolde. 

Mark: ok, to your surprise, you really hate him. What an awful man, and you had become a middle-man in negotiation between him and Tristan with Isolde.

You want to protect her “daughter” and to find your happiness with Patrick (whatever it might be). Also, you realize you cannot come back to Ireland. 

It is hard to say what would be the best for Isolde. If possible, you want her to be ready with Tristan, but you are ready to sacrifice Tristan’s life (or yours, if needed) for her sake. 


  1. You are a middle-woman between Isolde, and Tristan and Mark. Whenever one side wants to say something to the other, you should be ready.
  2. You should get in touch with Claudin and prevent him from telling Tristan about what happened. Also, see if he can be a “back-up” plan for Isolde. Maybe you should see how you could support Claudin’s claim for Benoic.
  3. Patrick is a confidant to everyone so you should be a confidant to him… and see if you can use it somehow for Isolde’s sake. At the same time, you feel something that could be called love towards Patrick. Very mature, adult love. You should speak to him about it. If he won’t propose to you, you might propose to him. 
  4. Talk with maidens of Queen Guinevere – Aoife, Elyzabel, Perse, and Malehaut – if they can persuade Guinevere to influence her husband to protect Isolde. You heard the queen has an immense influence on the king.
  5.  See what friends Tristan has among knights. Maybe they could influence Arthur to protect him?