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30 years old, wife of Sir Hector

You are Christian because you were told to be. You are open to discovering new things. 

“It would be nice to be a queen…”

As a young girl, you fell in love with Hector, a powerful knight, but your father didn’t want you to marry him. You shared your pain to your friend, Ragnelle, wife of Sir Gawain, and it was sir Gawain who persuaded your father to wed the two of you.  He brought you both to the court and you became Guinevere‘s maid. 

Your wedded life wasn’t as happy as you expected. Hector, even though he was good to you, did not seem interested in you as a woman. So when Kay sent him for a quest, it was a relief and also a gateway to your first satisfactory sexual encounter. Kay‘s sending away of your husband wasn’t accidental at all. You were a beautiful woman after all and Kay, unlike Hector, saw it and wanted you for himself.

In the end, Hector came back. You did greet him with enthusiasm and tried to be a good wife to him again. You used all the tricks you knew worked on Kay, but it seemed nothing worked on Hector. He just wasn’t interested in you. You knew you couldn’t be happy in such a marriage… and by that time, Guinevere also taught you a lesson or two. You realized that Hector is only a meaningless knight without land or power who couldn’t even take care of your most basic needs. And if he wasn’t into you – perhaps he had a mistress? Perhaps he loved somebody else? Either way, you knew it wasn’t wrong of you to pursue a different life.

For a time, Kay was the answer.  The affair with him also taught you a lot. Kay allowed you to look into his mind and into his heart. You learned of his great hunger for power and his little plots to get rid of Arthur and take his place as the king. You learned about the False Guinevere Conspiracy, piece by piece, from the things Kay had told you over time. 

The idea of being the king’s mistress, or perhaps even the king’s wife – yes, you liked that. But after some time you noticed that Kay’s plans lead nowhere and that his energy is mainly focused on his troubling obsession with Guinevere. He tried to hide it but after so much time, you were able to put two and two together. Finally, you got sick of it all. He was old, obsessed, and too weak to truly take what he wants. And so you left him, knowing that your cleverness and your beauty are the keys that open many doors for you…

Gawain. He was younger than Kay, full of life, a great knight, and a successor to the throne. And he was also married, married to Ragnelle, your friend. She told you the story of how they got together. So you betrayed her trust, got Gawain to bed, and kept it a secret. At first, you felt sorry for betraying her, but then the burden of the secret made you resent her, and now you can’t wait for Gawain to get rid of her, finally. Then you two only need to take care of your husband Hector and you’re free to be together as the next royal couple. 

Hector: you fell in love with a young courageous knight, ready to give him your full devotion but it got quite clear very soon he is not interested in you as a woman. Why was he even marrying you? The frustration from unfulfilling marriage slowly turns to resentment and hate. Now you wish he would be gone forever. Even dead, you don’t care.

Kay: it was exciting to be bedding a man who showed you passion and love, and who was the second most powerful man in the country. You learn a lot of secrets from him. But slowly, you understood that despite his great ambition, he is too dull to reach any of them. So you decided to let him go.

Gawain: he is handsome, charming, brave… he is everything that Hector was for your maiden’s eyes but he shows you passion as well. You think you love him. And he is giving you the opportunity to gain power and status. To be the queen. 

Galeholt: the king and the friend of your husband. 

Malehaut: wife of Galeholt and friend of the queen Guinevere. 

Guinevere: you are a court lady of the queen. She taught you a lot about men. You are impressed by her cunning and manipulation skills. But she is old. You will be the new queen. 

Court ladies

Elyzabel: a pathetic thing, cousin of Guinevere, in love with Lancelot, but supposed to marry Balin the Ill-fated. What an ill fate. She has always been Guinevere’s play-thing.

Aoife: young, beautiful, sheepish, naive. You can command her all around. 

Ragnelle: Gawain’s wife and your friend. You betrayed her and now you need to get rid of her. She is in the way. Luckily, when you were true friends, she told you all about her origin – so you know that she is a fairy and that she used to be under a curse which Gawain broke. And now that Gawain is unfaithful, her curse is back. Surely, there are people who would not appreciate a cursed fairy sitting on the throne.

The power excites you. It is the best aphrodisiac. You learned a lot about manipulation. You can flatter the queen, spread rumors and gossips, wrap man around your fingers, and as you are getting closer and closer to your desires, you are getting more and more excited. 


  1.  It still bothers you that Hector never liked you as a woman. Maybe you should confront him and find out why. Then you can finally get rid of him with a peace of mind.
  2. Find out who is Hector’s lover. You will crash that bitch. You know that Dinadane knows a lot. Maybe also Dagonet or  Glewlwyd might know something.  
  3. Meet with Gawain in secret and plot on how to get rid of Hector and Rangelle
  4. How to kill Hector? Maybe you could get poison from one of the mages. Or Gawain or another knight could challenge him to the duel, no? You are sure you would persuade one to ddo it. 
  5. Get rid of Ragnelle. Poison might be the way but maybe you can just spread the rumor she is a fairy and therefore she cannot be a queen. There is even a chance to annul her marriage with Gawain. If you would tell it to one of the priests, Eivyn, or Patrick. You could also tell it to Malehaut since you are sure she would do something with it. 
  6. You know a lot of secrets from Kay. Could you use it somehow to your advantage? Gawain could gain something from the knowledge, no? 
  7. If you would reveal Guinevere and Lancelot have an affair, that could speed Arthur’s demise and make a space for you and Gawain. 
  8. Whenever Ragnelle and Hector will be out of the way, you and Gawain should get married.