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16 yo. Squire of sir Lionel, low blood. Recently defeated and humiliated Majordomus Kay in the battle with rods. 

Your mother raised you as a Christian. You also believe in witches, fairies, etc., but you know they are all servants of the devil.

“I don’t understand what is happening around. But I can tell right from wrong. I will stand against wrong, protect right, and I will become a knight, just like my father who I intend to find.”

Your mother had taught you that devils were the vilest things in existence, and God with his angels the most beautiful. You lived with her in the woods. She died recently.

While out, hunting in the woods, you heard the crashing and clanking of a party of five knights and one maiden, and at first, you thought that such a din meant devils: you were determined to use your javelins against them. On seeing them in their shining armor, however, you changed your mind, deciding that the most handsome one must be God and the others are angels. You promptly prostrated yourself before them.

Trying to calm your supposed fears, their leader questioned you about another party of five bandits with three damsels, which they were pursuing. But you were so full of questions you barely answered, constantly asking: “What is this thing? That thing?” Showing remarkable patience, the knight answered all your queries – “My lance. My shield.” – and so on, explaining how they were used, and eventually revealing that he is a king of Benoic Lionel who was appointed by the Supreme King Arthur himself. 

Finally, you could honestly say you didn’t see any bandits but you described the country well so they knew where to continue. You begged to let you join them so you can become a knight but they laughed and left. So you followed them and saw how they felt in a trap. Four of them were massacred, and only the leader of the party survived. There was another knight approaching who saw what happened and could save the king, but he rode to rescue the damsels who had been almost raped by the bandits. 

You followed the bandits who were taking Lionel and decided to save him. Fortunately, you spotted another knight and ran to him for help. It was sir Gawain who rode and killed both bandits. Lionel accepted you as his squire to show his gratitude. He also told you he was called to the court of King Arthur, and after a short retreat to his castle, he equipped you with better clothes. 

Upon arriving at the Camelot – castle of king Arthur -, you had seen a big man hitting a young lady. You immediately stepped front to defend her but had been stopped by Lionel. He explained to you the big man is majordomus Kay and the lady is a bad servant who deserved to be punished. But Kay started to throw around his cockiness and challenged you to do something if you can. You invited him to grab a weapon but Lionel proposed the battle of rods. Kay was big and strong, but you had been a hunter since you learned to walk and with your reflexes, speed, agility, he was no opponent to you. It was a tough fight anyway, but you humiliated him in front of the eyes of the whole court. Immediately, you stood in the center of attention of all ladies at court. 

Your master asked you to follow him everywhere and be to his service. But you are also having your own agenda. Your mother was always telling you your father was a knight. Maybe you could learn something about him here. 

Lionel: When you saw him for the first time, you thought he was an angel. Turns out he was a king. He is strict and demanding but he is also patient and gives you the opportunity of your life. 

Bors: when you will see him for the first time, you will recognize in him the knight who was raiding to save a maiden instead of your master. 

Gawain: he was praising you highly for the support you gave to Lionel. You think you like him. 

Aoife: when you will see her for the first time, you will recognize in her the maiden who traveled with Lionel when you met him for the first time and who had been saved by Bors. 

Kay: arrogant brute. You are happy you could punish him for beating the lady, but you also fear a little bit of what he can unleash upon your head now. As you learned, he is the third most important person in the house, right after king and queen. 

Ragnelle: wife of sir Gawain. In contrast to others, she treats you friendly, not as a servant. She is beautiful and you like her a lot.  

You have been raised to strength and kindness. You will oppose the bullies and protect the weak. You want to become a knight. And you want to find out who was your father. 


  1. You have your necklace after the mother. She got it from your father. Use it to find him. Check about it with all knights at the court.
  2. You serve Lionel and you will do anything he will ask you. Be ready to do as he wishes.
  3. You understand Kay will want your head now. You should join forces with other servants in the castle to protect from him. Talk with Aoife, Clarissant, Glewlwyd, and Dagonet
  4.  You have been completely enchanted by Clarissant beauty. You would like to court her. 
  5. You are terrified to learn there are mages, witches, and fairies present at the court. The spoils of the devil. You should talk with priests – Patrick and/or Eivyn – about them and learn what is the best to do. Your education tells you they are evil and must be destroyed, but you don’t wanna be to hasty until you see they are truly doing wrong things. You want to watch Nineve, Viviana, Morgana, and Merlin. You might learn something from Seraide, the servant of Viviana. 
  6. There is an astrologer Gariole. Maybe she can tell you something about your father. 
  7. It is said the Lancelot was the strongest knight, but he was defeated by Galahad. He is about the same age, and Christian as well. You might politely ask him to teach you how to fight with a sword. 
  8. It would be useful to talk with Aoife and Bors. What happened to them? How Aoife got away from bandits? Why Bors didn’t come to help to Lionel?   

You will need to receive at least 10 minutes of training in the sword from one of the knights to be able to participate in final duels.