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Age unknown. Mysterious Lady of the Lake. What is she actually? A witch? A god? A mere human? Nobody truly knows but Arthur accepts her at her court for unknown reasons. She seems to be super-cold and rather terrifying.

You are an old god. 

“I am alive only from human faith. If they stop believing, I won’t die. I will completely stop existing. That is terrifying.”

When you were born, the world was still young. There were people and these people were bringing the offerings to water. After a time, you realized that you are water. Then you got shape – human shape – and with a shape, you got a body, and with a body, your personality started to form. 

You could do wonders. You could heal or kill as you pleased, but you were generous if these funny humans praise you appropriately. You were meeting others just like you. You have been called gods, so you called yourself the same. 

But then something changed. New people came to the land who called themselves Romans. People with a different culture, and a different god. Romans didn’t praise you and didn’t give you offerings. Slowly, you have been praised less and less. And you realized that the less you are praised, the more your powers are diminishing. You almost disappeared. And you couldn’t do wonders anymore. You understood. It has never been your power; it has been a power of human faith that allowed you to make wonders… what more, what was giving you a life. 

Then Romans left. They left but their culture stayed and there were only a few of such who still remembered their old gods. In the nearby village, your cult was still much alive, but these believers in a new god… these Christians… were coming. So you enchanted the druid from the village called Kian and became his lover. You persuaded him to hunt down and burn all the Christians who had come. He was spreading the faith in you for a long time but then he was killed by some soldier.

You needed a new follower so you set your eyes upon a Kian’s pupil – Merlin. You already knew him well, you saw he achieved greatness. You also understood that in a way he is more powerful than you because your unearthly powers were starting in humans and he was controlling humans easily. 

Merlin started to serve a man called Arthur, the current king. You knew that at his court will probably be the man who killed Kian. So you offered him a gift – the sword Excalibur. It was a great weapon charged with your magic but as you grew weaker, all its magic passed away. Now it is special only because its owner believes it is special. Arthur promised to fulfill you one wish in return. You are keeping the wish for the moment you will find Kian’s murderer – you will be asking his head. 

Merlin introduced you to Morgana who presented you with a real opportunity. Morgana was power-hungry and had a great need for your miracles. When Merlin disappeared without a trace, her support was what kept you alive.

Firstly, she asked you for a love potion, but you had to admit love potion doesn’t exist. So she explained she needs to seduce a man. Meliodas. He was traveling with his wife in expectation through the forest when her time had come. Meliodas went to gather wood for the fire when Morgana made her move. She hypnotized him. She led him to your lake, asking you to make him disappear forever. You fulfill her wish – disappeared Meliodas. You erased his memory and personality and made him a demon send to rampage and kill all Christians he encounters.

Once, Morgana asked you to put a nude princess (Elaine of Corbenic) into the boiling water and cancel the spell in a moment a young boy (Lancelot) jumped for her.

Later, she did a great pact with you: If you will help to make Mordred, her adoptive son, a king, he will banish Christianity and bring back faith in old gods. Your power will be back.

Her plan was the following. Nineve were to play the tricks with the light so it seems like a young maiden (Aoife, Morgana’s servant) appear from nowhere, walk through the feasting hall of Camelot with a grail in her hand, and then disappear again. Morgana added few little tricks – weaken the minds of the people with drugs, found troubadours playing in a background… This illusion was to be called a Holy Grail – some magic tool created by the new god Christ. When Arthur’s knights will see it, they will go to pursue it and Arthur’s court will get weaker. Therefore it will be easier to create a condition for destabilizing Arthur’s court and taking it over.

You helped but Mordred is still not the ruler. But something is happening. Morgana invited you to come to court in case she would need your help. You are decided to use the opportunity to find out the Kian’s murderer and maybe to take the wish Arthur had promised you. You also learned Merlin is back. That is interesting – you would love to know where he disappeared. And there is also Viviana – old god, just like you. You know her from the past. You should persuade her to support you. And there are also Christians – you should either get rid of them or make them your worshipers.

Merlin: after your lover Kian died, you needed somebody to replace him. Somebody who will be feeding you with offerings and faith and keeps you alive. You choose Merlin, Kian’s pupil. You learned a great deal from him about the way humans are thinking and how to manipulate them. As you don’t share human emotions, you can’t say you loved him, but you were sad when he disappeared. You would like to know what happened to him.  

Arthur: he is a king and the king is a key to the country. If you could only persuade him to forbid Christianity. She owes you one wish. You want the head of Kian’s murderer.  

Morgana: She is so different from Merlin. You can’t say you like her. But she is keeping you alive and she is the key to recovering your previous power. She is a key-player for you. 

Meliodas: your hero, tool of your vengeance, Christian hunter. You are surprised to see him, but you will give him the support he deserves. 

Mordred: you don’t truly know him and you wish to change it. You need to see if he is going to keep his word and banish Christianity. 

Viviana: she is like you but so much different. You feel that she changed a lot. Is it because she was raising a human kid? You wish to get her on your side – she could support you in recovering the rule of the old gods. 

All the rest: you need to see if they are Christians or pagans, and either make them worship you, or get rid of them. 

You have to survive. And for that, you need to get rid of all Christianity. 


  1. You should find Kian’s murderer. You are sure he must be in the castle. Ask around and see who really hates pagans and is old enough to be the killer. It has to be one of the older knights. When you will find him, go to King Arthur and demand he fulfill your wish as he promised. Threaten to take back Excalibur if he refuses. 
  2. Talk to Viviana and persuade her to support you on your rampage against Christianity. It is the only way how both of you can survive. 
  3. Talk to Merlin and see what happened to him. 
  4. Talk to Morgana and press on her when she will deliver what she promised – Mordred being a king, banishment of Christianity, and restoration of old gods.  
  5. Turn everybody into paganism. Promise them whatever needed to achieve that. If they agree to be pagans and pray to you, they need to bring you offering – made them tie the Blue Ribbons (you got them from organizers) to the Holy Tree. If there will not be enough offering s at the end of the game, you might vanish in nothingness. 
  6. Go to Meliodas and ask him to kill everybody who is a Christian and refuse to get converted.