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52 years old, queen of Orkney, mother of Mordred. Whispers go, she is a witch. It is known she was Merlin’s pupil. Arthur’s advisor. 

You didn’t see the new god making any miracles. But you saw the old one. You don’t bow before them though. You are bargaining with them. You need them but you can’t let them be too powerful.

“They treated me as a chess-figure as a kid. But I am playing chess with you. I am the real master, the true power, and my grip is getting tighter.”

Uther Pendragon killed your father and married your mother. You are Arthur’s half-sister. You had never been seen as a human, only as an asset. You were forced to marry the king Uriens of Gore. You hated that prick.

Once, your sister Morgause revealed to you that she slept with Arthur before he married Guinevere and that she will give birth to his baby in May. You understood quickly – Arthur ordered that all noble babies born in May should be put to the boat and sacrificed to old gods. So you went to Viviane – a Lady of the Lake, an old god nobody was praying to anymore and asked for help. Viviana saved the boy and gave him to Claudas, king of Benoic, to raise him. His name was Mordred.

The second rebellion started (see the Civil Wars blueprint) and your husband rebelled against Arthur. Since you hated your husband, you revealed to the Arthur enemies’ battle plan and Arthur won the war. Your husband was killed; you remained the ruler of his kingdom and had been accepted in the court.

There, you started to sleep with Merlin and learned from him there are only two ways to do magic: either to make a deal with the old gods or to use the magic of mind – enchant people by language, manipulation, by your being. But the best is to combine them both. Since you insisted, he introduced you to Nineve – an old goddess, another Lady of the Lake, similar, but different from Viviane. Nineve was hungry for worshipers and followers and it was easy to make many deals with her. 

You were often visiting Claudas who thought you are Mordred’s mother. You didn’t deny it and you slept with him to be able to manipulate him better. But then, Claudas’ son was killed and he sent Mordred away. Viviana brought him to you because she thought he was your son. She also demanded to know who ordered this kid to be killed. You knew it was Arthur, but you suspected it had to be Merlin’s idea because you couldn’t believe Arthur would do something so cruel. So you told her about Merlin. You took Mordred to the king of Corbenic and continued with his education.

You also be-friended Guinevere and taught her a lot about how to manipulate a man. But in the end, she became worse than you. You tried to enchant Gawain, the son of your sister, but Guinevere didn’t like it. First, she tried to poison you, and when it failed, she sent a knight to kill you. You fled in the night, trying to take a refugee in the court of King Mark, but the knight caught you anyway. It was Dinadan. So you seduced him and made him fall in love with you. He had become your most faithful lover. He took you to the Marks court, and Mark offered you support if you will get rid of his brother-in-law – Meliodas. So you made a ritual and with the help of Nineve, you enchanted the Meliodas and gave him to the Nineve as a servant in her underwater kingdom.

Dinadan became your man at the court. It was he who learned about the affair between Lancelot and Guinevere. At the same time, you were approached by the king of Corbenic who was seeking a worthy ally and had chosen Lancelot. Together, you plotted how to get him. From Dinadan, you know that Lancelot is equipped with a number of amulets for protection. You asked Dinadan to accompany Lancelot on his rides for adventures and lead him to Corbenic. Before their arrival, with the Nineve’s help, you cast a spell on his daughter Elaine – you put her to sleep and locked her naked in the boiling water. But even though Lancelot woke Elaine from the magic sleep with a kiss, he didn’t sleep with her. Elaine was furious. Fortunately, Dinadane got an idea – let’s just make him drunk. Then they dressed Elaine as a Guinevere and she slept with Lancelot, pretending she is a queen, hoping that he will hold to his honor and marry a girl he slept with. 

Even though Galahad had been conceived thanks to this, Lancelot didn’t marry Elaine. But King Mark initiated the “False Guinevere Conspiracy” soon after. Since then, you did everything to make Mordred a king of Albion. When Galahad came to court, you orchestrated the Charade of Holy Grail because you knew it will weaken the strength of Arthur’s court. 

Now, you believe Arthur is already weak enough.

Check the Political map to understand the situation.  

  • King Mark will want to have his betrothal back and Tristan’s head.  
  • King Claudas will want to have Benoic back for his son Claudin.
  • Lionel will want to keep Benoic. 
  • Galeholt will want to protect Lancelot. 

You cannot let Arthur give them what they want, so Mordred can offer it to them in secret and get them on his side. Than, he will be proclaimed a king. 

But there are more players in the game. Your beautiful Dinadan will want to protect Arthur for sure. Gawain, who is a successor to the throne, will want to protect Arthur. Morgause, your sister, wants to punish Gawain (who killed her lover) and she will want to have power over Mordred. But Mordred is now more your son than hers. Everybody thinks you conceive him anyway. You have no clue what Meliodas wants. Nineve will support you if Mordred will forbid Christianity when he became a king.  You are not sure why Viviana is here.  

Arthur: your half-brother, father of Mordred. You feel no love nor hate for him. He is both kind and strong. But he is also in the way and therefore needs to be destroyed. 

Morgause: you admire if not love your sister. She taught you everything about woman charm and how to survive in the world of men. She just never guesses you will also start with the politics. 

Guinevere: evil bitch! Trying to kill you. After everything, you had done for her! You are going to destroy her. 

Viviana: your mother Igraine introduced you to Viviana when you were a kid. You prayed to her ever since. Before you met with Nineve. Now you see Viviana as what she is – spirit depending on humans and their prayers. Her power is almost gone. 

Claudas: he took care of your Mordred. You are grateful for it. 

Merlin: awful lecherous swine, but he knows his way around. He learned you a lot but you had to pay for it. With your body. 

Nineve: there is something very scary about her. She is pathetic in her dependence on humans but she has crazy eyes and is obviously determined to survive no matter what. If she would be human, she would probably be a lunatic and murderer. You have her support for now anyway because you gave her a promise: “If you will help us to make a Mordred a king, he will banish Christianity and bring back faith in old gods.”

Gawain: there is something about your nephew that makes you want to fuck his brain out.  You always did. 

Mark: wretched creature, he is, but he helped you when you needed it. He is a fox. Can’t be trusted, but there is one thing you can count on: that he is a coward. 

Dinadan: your little love. He could kill you. He protected you instead. He madly loves you, and you somehow love him back. He is clever. 

Lancelot: he is quite the opposite of Dinadan – sooo stupid and dumb. 

Elaine: little spoiled princess grew up. If she was annoying as a kid, now she is rather respectful. She knows what she wants and goes for it. 

Galahad: poor little idiot brainwashed by Christianity. But he served his purpose. 

Mordred: your adoptive son. Your happiness. He is smart, strong, and beautiful. And through him, you will finally rule!

Kay: rather pathetic with his desire to rule, yet missing the balls to kill the king and take over.

Meliodas: you are surprised to see him, he should be in Nineve’s underwater kingdom. Could he be dangerous to you? 

Aoife: your slave. Morgause taught her how to seduce men, Mordred took her virginity, you used her to carry the Fake Holy Grail. Now, she is a mol between Guinevere’s ladies. 

You are not a man. You have never loved your husband. You had never had a kid. But you are a queen, you are a witch, you have a man you love, and you have an adopted son you adore. You will bring him the kingdom he deserves.

  1. If Mordred is to create a coalition with Mark and Claudas, you should play it in a way Arthur keeps protecting Tristan and Isolde, and refuse to give up Benoic. Yet, you should not go against them openly, otherwise, both kings might not like your actions. Dinadan is your best way to manipulate Arthur
  2. With Mordred, you should arrange a secret meeting with Claudas and Mark.
  3. It would be very useful to get proof that Lancelot and Guinevere are having an affair. Maybe you could send Aoife to spy on them. Elyzabel might be also weak enough to be used. If you will reveal them, you could get your revenge on Guinevere and at the same time, Galeholts might join your coalition, because he will want to protect Lancelot
  4. It would be wise to check with Nineve what happened that Meliodas is here.

What is more powerful? Your love to the man, or your love to the son?