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33 yo, son of Morgana, cousin of Gawain, Knight of the Round Table, advisor of the king. 

Your aunt is a witch, your ally is a goddess… but if Christianity would be more convenient for you, you will switch your god in a blink of an eye.

“They took me everything when I was only an innocent kid. I am taking only what is rightfully mine. And all the ones who wronged me will suffer.

“Where is my father?” you were asking as a kid, and he answered: “Dead.”

“Who are you?” you asked and he told you: “I am your uncle Claudas.”

He raised you in Benoic together with Bors and Lionel, and his sons, Claudin, and Doris. 

Doris, Bors, and Lionels were older and horrible bullies. How you hated them! Claudin, who was even younger than you, was your only ally and friend. 

You have been visited often by auntie Morgana who gave you true love. From Morgana, you also heard the true story: You are the son of King Arthur and Morgause but Arthur ordered you to die. (see the Civil wars blueprint) Morgana saved you, and Claudas is raising you because his kingdom is out of Arthur’s imminent power.

When your older “brothers” were torturing you, you screamed at them that you are a son of the king and they cannot be doing this to you, but they only laughed and were even meaner to you. Your only refugee was stories so you were running a lot to the maiden Seraide who knew a lot of stories. She told you the “Story of Benoic”. 

Next time when your step-brothers gang up against you, you throw it to their face – that they are befriending a son of a man who murdered their father and took their heritage. It escalated into a fight. When Bors was holding Doris down, Lionel took a bust, smashed Doris’ head, and killed him. Both you and Claudin watched it but Claudin couldn’t recognize Bors from Lionel. Seraide took Bors and Lionel and ran away with them. 

That’s when you understood – if you want to defeat a stronger enemy, you need to bring chaos and discrepancy to his ranks. 

Claudas was devastated. His servants took you to the lake. You were afraid they will drown you but instead, a lady came out of the Lake. She called herself Viviana and she took you to her underwater city where she was already with Seraide, Bors, Lionel, and also somebody they called their brother – Lancelot. 

But you didn’t stay long. Viviana gave you to Morgana who took you to the Corbenic. There you had been raised next to Elaine, a girl only one year older than you. Your first sexual experience was with her.

Lancelot came one day and you had been ordered to serve him wine. He got drunk. Later on, he slept with Elaine and he was calling her Guinevere and you watched it secretly. You were happy he left again but Elaine’s belly got round and she gave birth to Galahad

How much you hated both Lancelot and Galahad because they stole Elaine from you. You tried to suffocate the baby but Elaine caught you and you had to leave the castle. Morgana took you to her and she was taking great care of you. She introduced you to your brother Gawain who was coming to teach you how to fight, but soon he also took you on a “revenge quest”. “Son of the killer of our father impregnated our mother. We will kill him,” he told you. You ambushed the knight whose name was Lamorak, killed him, and hid the body. You said everything to Morgana and she came up with the idea of how to get you to the throne. 

First, you visited your mother Morgause, and told her that you were trying to stop your older brother from killing Lamorak, but failed. She believed you. You needed that she supports you over Gawain. During the False Guinevere Conspiracy, you had been taken to the Arthur court, become Gawain’s page and soon you had been knighted. Soon, you became Arthur’s advisor. You took part in a Holy Grail Charade but didn’t leave for the quest.

Morgana promised you the throne and you are decided to take it. Therefore, you play a political charade and diplomatic chess. A political map is a foundation stone for you. If you gather a strong enough army, you can take the throne by force. 

You need to persuade Arthur to protect Tristan and Isolde and to keep Benoic. That will enrage Mark who will be easily persuaded then to side with you and start the war with Arthur. And Claudas will be on your side because you will promise to give him Benoic back. Then, there are several wild cards. King Galeholt will be always on Lancelot’s side, so maybe you could tell him that when Arthur will be dead, Lancelot can be free with Guinevere (you are going to kill both, but Galeholt doesn’t need to know that. Meliodas, king of Vagabonds, is a wild card, but maybe you can offer him a land of his own which he will get when Arthur is down. When you will win the war, you will sit on the throne with Elaine as your queen. 



The only question is what to do with Gawain, and Lancelot and his brothers. The best would be to find proof that Lancelot and Guinevere are having an affair. And also Elaine is back – you wish to win her love. 

Claudas: he took you in but he never protected you from your “brothers”. And he accepted Christianity. After he helps you to take over the country, you are going to destroy him. 

Bors, Lionel, Lancelot: first two bullied you as a kid, and the third one stole your love. If you could only find a way to bring them against each other. But Lionel is now a king and very powerful. You have to be careful. 

Gawain: he is older and should be king after Arthur. He is also loyal to the kingdom. You might have to destroy him. But you don’t mind that – he was always very arrogant and exalted above you. 

Morgana: she loves you. You love her as a mother. Thanks to her, you are alive, thanks to her you might take over the kingdom. 

Morgause: your real mother but you barely feel anything to her. You are simply using her for your purposes. 

Seraide: she was kind to you. You won’t forget. If possible, you will try to repay it. 

Elaine: you love her and you are full of anger she chose someone else. But you will try to get her anyway. 

Arthur: since the moment you saw him for the first time, you hated him. How are you looking forward to the day you will step on his neck and break it. 

Claudin: the only friend you had. But it was a long time ago. You need him on your side now, but you will have to get rid of him later. 

Aoife: Morgana’s slave. You took her Virginity (Morgana wanted it). She is a mol between Guinevere’s ladies. She carried the fake Holy Grail. 

Viviana: you always wondered why she didn’t let you in the Lake with her. You would like to know. You feel very little to her at the moment. 

Nineve:  she was Morgana’s ally in most of her mischiefs. She will help you to get the throne if you will forbid Christianity and install paganism afterwards.


From childhood, everybody was your enemy. They tried to kill, they bullied you, they give you everything but love. You survived because of Morgana and because you were clever. It is payback time.  


  1. Talk to Elaine and persuade her to become your wife. You can brag a little bit that you will be a king soon to impress her. 
  2. Advice to Arthur to protect Tristan and Isolde. Appel to his moral code. It might be useful to talk with Tristan, Isolda, Roisin, or Patrick to get as much information as possible. 
  3. Arrange a secret meeting with King Mark and King Claudas. This is your offer: King Mark will get Isolde, King Claudas will get Benoic, they both will accept paganism, you will overthrow Arthur with their support.  Also, Morgause should be at the meeting as she is also part of the plan, and probably Morgana
  4. It could be useful to have a chat with Claudin – partly to reconnect with an old friend, partly to gain leverage on his father.  
  5. See where King Galeholt and that outlaw Meliodas are standing and find a way how to get them on your side.  
  6. Find any proof that Lancelot and Guinevere are having an affair. Maybe Seraide could help, or some of Guinevere’s servants, mainly Aoife. It is not sure if you will use it, but it is handy to have it. 
  7. You can tell Claudas that Lionel killed his son. Or you can say it was Bors if it would be more useful for you. You can also tell Claudas that it was Viviane and Seraide who were shielding the murderers of his son. 
  8. You had noticed there is something going on between Aoife and Bors. Maybe you could use her to humiliate him. 
  9. Talk to Seraide or Viviane to learn why they didn’t keep you in the lake with them.