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unknown age, self-proclaimed King of Thieves, with an army of vagabonds camping nearby of the Camelot

Magic is all around. You don’t understand it… you simply know it. 

“I know little of my past, and nothing of my future. I don’t care. I follow my intuition wherever it should lead me.”

You know little of your past. 

First thing you remember you are stumbling through the woods in Cornwall. You are something between twenty and thirty, god only knows. Your memory is a deep black pit. 

You joined a group of forest thugs. They gave you a living. You stayed with them. You were looting and killing. You were a skillful warrior – not knowing who taught you to fight. You were so skillful you soon become a leader and slowly turn thugs into a great unit accepting more and more people. You move to Wales and Benoic kingdom, to the deep forest, away from the law. Arthur was haunting you but never got you. You are known as Meliodas and on many occasions, you cross the path with the Knights of Round Table. Killed many of them. In the end, you were controlling a small army. 

There are dreams that are haunting you. Dream of a beautiful fairy with whom you are making love. Dream of a crooked man who is laughing and who you hate. Dream of a little baby who you know is your son. 

Dream of a woman. That woman is dead. 

You were approached by a knight Bors to kill a new king of Benoic, his brother Lionel. You had decided otherwise. You send your man to capture him so you can sell him to the higher bid. Yet, your man failed, Lionel walks free. 

So you made truly bold moves. You visited a Camelot as a self-proclaimed king, knowing that if you would be killed, your man would start a partizan in the middle of Arthur’s territory. You have a wish to be proclaimed a king, and little you care if a king of Benoic, or Cornwall, or anything else, any new small kingdom. 

But in Camelot, you are meeting people who shake your life. 

When you see Morgana, you know she is a fairy from your dreams, and you love her. 

When you see Mark, you know he is the crooked man and that you hate him.

You feel strong, unexplainable affection for Tristan

And you hold the power to turn everything upside down. 

Arthur: you respect him as a ruler and fighter, but you have no reason to bow.

Claudas: you laugh at him. He lost his kingdom.

Lionel: he managed to get away from your trap. Could he be dangerous?

Bors: you despise him. If he wanted his brother death, why he didn’t kill him himself?

Morgana: you love her. No clue why.

Nineve: you obey her. No clue why. She is like a mother to you.

Mark: you hate him. You want to kill him. 

Tristan: you love him. No clue why. 

All the rest: until they gave you a reason to respect them, you see no reason why you should be doing that. That includes priests, but you are prone to show some respect to Viviana, and Merlin.

You want to be the king of your own kingdom. Stop being a thief and provide protection to other vagabonds. You know you can hardly challenge Albion, but you can make it bleed from the inside (which will happen for sure if they would kill you). A wise ruler would never allow that. 


  1. Go to see Tristan and learn about his past. You feel the urge to protect him at any cost. 
  2. Go to Morgana and find out who she is, and how come you love her so much. Ask her to be yours. 
  3. Challenge Mark to duel. Learn all about his past. Find out who are his allies or servants and beat out of them anything you might need to know.  
  4. Attend all King’s meetings and negotiate your own kingdom.
  5. See Nineve and ask her about yourself. Be ready to fulfill her wishes and commands.