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35 years old, wife of King Galeholt

Your faith in Christ is strong as a stone. 

As a daughter of a noble, you had to obey your father and marry a man you did not love. And though the marriage was loveless and turbulent, it was fruitful and you gave birth to two sons. Still, motherhood has not brought you fulfillment and your heart yearned for more. And so you fell in love with Guiron, a knight with a pure heart. The two of you almost had an affair; however, you hesitated because infidelity went against the religious beliefs you were taught by your parents. And then… Danain found you and killed Guiron in a fit of jealousy.

You grieved him, but not for too long – soon that grief shrunk under the weight of a new one. One of your sons died at the hands of Lancelot. You sought justice and imprisoned Lancelot in your castle. And days were passing one after another, yet you were unable to find satisfaction from the fact that your son’s killer is imprisoned. No matter how much he rotted down in the cellar, it couldn’t ease your sorrow. So you did something quite unheard of. You let him go.

Coincidentally, you let him go right in time for a big tournament at King Arthur‘s court, a tournament attended by your husband as well. You thought that this would be the last time you saw Lancelot but you were wrong. He came back. He carried your mortally wounded husband all the way from King Arthur’s court, just so he could die in his home, in the arms of his wife. You tended to your husband, you spent his last moments by his side and you were shaken and sorrowful, yet also kind of relieved. You commanded the servants to prepare the funeral and then you sought out Lancelot. To your surprise, you found him back in his cellar where he went willingly, despite being freed and despite also being injured in the tournament.

The sorrow and anguish you once felt upon looking into his eyes were now accompanied by confusion. A fascination with this paradoxical man grew within you, as well as seeds of gratitude. Yes, he did kill your son. But clearly, there was more to him than that. Now you had a reason to believe he was a man of honor who doesn’t take matters of life and death lightly and who is no stranger to regret. You made sure his wounds were tended to and you began to talk to him. With that, forgiveness found a way into your heart. And love too, however silly that might have been.

In your conversations, you noticed that his conduct to you was decent, polite, and honest, but the shows of affection were not reciprocated. You had a suspicion his heart already belongs to someone else and that suspicion was soon to be confirmed when Queen Guinevere came to stay at your castle for a night. Accidentally, you saw her go down to the cellar late in the evening and you couldn’t help but follow her. What you witnessed was an embrace full of genuine affection, longing, and desire and you understood they belonged to each other. You had a hard time coming to terms with their infidelity, but ultimately, you recalled your own old feelings to Guiron and you had to sympathize with them. So you were keen on helping them out.

Thanks to that, both Guinevere and Lancelot became your trusted friends. And once your months of grieving your late husband passed, Lancelot showed you his gratitude and camaraderie by introducing you to his good friend, King Galeholt, who has also lost a wife. The chemistry between Galeholt and you was there and so the two of you married. You formed a strong union that was able to withstand even your differences, such as the opposing religious beliefs you held. You loved each other dearly, with respect and trust. However, despite the fact you already had a surviving child from your previous marriage, you hoped for another pregnancy, for a child born from true love. And this proved difficult.

Right now it seems that there is no other remedy than turning to God and His holy servants with prayer. Your husband knows you want him to talk to the priest Patrick, yet he hesitates. And you don’t like that.

Plus, you suspect that God turned his face away from you because there are so many wretched things going on in the Camelot. You are highly suspicious of Perse that she is unfaithful to her husband, Hector, but you had also seen Hecto talking in a very friendly matter to the servants, Glewlwyd and Dagonet, which you find even more suspicious. There is also something very strange about Ragnelle, wife of Gawain. You also dislike that there is a with Morgana sitting in the court council, you struggle with the presence of Merlin and Nineve who bot seems to be spoils of a devil, and you are willing to suffer Viviana only because she is Lancelot’s foster mother. You don’t believe Camelot’s priest Eivyn is truly Christian. And you would be also happy if your husband would get finally baptized. 

Galeholt: your beloved husband. You want to conceive a child with him but it’s not going well.

Guinevere: your good friend. You don’t agree with a lot of her decisions but you admire her strong bond to Lancelot. You will do anything to protect that.

Lancelot: you used to love him, now you admire him as a friend. You want to protect him and his relationship with Guinevere

Patrick: a holy man whom you admire greatly and who can surely show you and your husband the way to conceiving a child.

Elyzabel: Guinevere’s cousin and servant. She claims that when she was imprisoned by Claudas, she kept her mouth shut about Guinevere’s affairs. But she doesn’t seem strong enough to undertake torture and remains loyal. Can you trust her?

Kay: Arthur’s older brother, a dishonorable bully. You don’t like him, you don’t trust him.

Dinadan: he’s clever, maybe even too clever. He is a good friend with Lancelot and that could make him your ally – but you cannot be sure what his true intentions are.

Dagonet: the court fool – you’re pretty sure he doesn’t know anything but his jokes often hit the nail on its head. The other day he made jokes about Guinevere and Lancelot and you cannot let it slide. Such jokes are too dangerous.

Claudas: you suspect he has access to Guinevere’s secrets.

Perse: she is sly but pleasant. Yet you suspect she has a lover which is not a very good thing. 

Hector:  he should pay more attention to his wife than to servants. You need to take a look into it. 

Eivyn: Camelot’s priest yet from his ceremonies, you got a strong feeling he is not as Christian as he pretends.  

Ragnelle: you have a strange feeling about her. You are sure she has a secret and you will find out what it is. 

Aoife: young girl who needs your guidance and teaching in the ways of Christ. 

Good Christina needs to be compassionate but the devil needs to be taken out from the roots, and you are afraid the devil already took over the bigger part of Camelot. 


  1.  Protect Lancelot and Guinevere. There are other people (Elyzabel, Kay, Dinadan) who know about their secret, check whether you can trust them.
  2. Remind Guinevere of how you forgave Lancelot for killing your son and try to convince her to go easy on Elaine and her son Galahad, Especially Galahad. What’s in the past is in the past and an innocent boy should not suffer for the deeds of his mother.
  3. Make sure that Dagonet doesn’t spread any rumors. You can threaten him… or you can find out what his heart desires and trade it for his silence.
  4. Talk to your husband Galeholt and encourage him to talk to Patrick. Hopefully, God will finally give you a kid then. Persuade your husband to get baptized.  
  5. Seek guidance and wisdom of Partick. Go to confession. Tell him you worry if Eivyn is as religious as he pretends to be.
  6. Find out if Perse is having an affair. Find out what is the deal with Hector and the servants. Your husband might know something.
  7. See if you can persuade Arthur to get rid of Morgana