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42 yo, the oldest brother of Lancelot and Bors, the newly appointed king of Benoic, knight of the Round Table.

Your foster mother was a Lady of Lake. You saw magic. But the Holy Grail is also magic, right? You don’t know the difference between the old and new gods, but you are ready to bow before the more powerful one.

“I am the oldest, and Benoic is my heritage.”

When you were 6 years old, you lost your father, and your home was conquered by Saxon King Claudas. Your mother married the man who killed your father, and who adopted you. Your little brother Lancelot disappeared. You had to protect at least the middle brother, Bors

There was also Claudas’ son Doris who was your age. It never was easy with him. He tends to remind you that he is more important than you and Bors. You swore that you would kill him one day. 

There was also this baby, Mordred, Claudas’ adoptive son. He was visited from time to time by Morgana.

Your mother died while giving birth to Claudas’ second son – Claudin. You hated that kid because he killed your mother, but you also hate your mother because she married Claudas. 

As Mordred was getting older, he got very annoying. He kept repeating that king Arthur is his true father. You beat him for it – no one should be lying and he should know their place.

Doris was getting worse and worse. Fortunately, there was Seraide, the maid, who always jumped in when Doris was getting too annoying and somehow saved the situation. But you also knew she was sleeping with Claudas. Once you pressed her to tell you the truth. Who is she spying for? So she told you about Viviana – Lady of the Lake, and Lancelot. You used the situation and told her to sleep with you or you would tell about it to Claudas. She agreed. 

Soon after that, Doris and Bors were throwing rotten fruits at Mordred, Mordred threw back an insult: “How can you be siding with the son of a man who killed your father?” It started an argument and then a fight. You knew this is your moment. When Bors was holding Doris down, you took a bust and smashed his head. Then you grabbed your brother and called Seraide. When she saw what happened, she quickly took you to the lake. 

Soon, Mordred joined you as well but you didn’t like that little brat and Viviana sent him away soon. You kept forcing yourself on Seraide and you were demanding that she pushes on Viviana to take you to the court of King Arthur. After a few years, it finally happened and he knighted you all. Claudas demanded your heads but Arthur refused. 

Lancelot soon became a great hero. You kept thinking about how to get your kingdom back. When Guinevere was accused of betrayal and your brothers’ ride to save her, you took the side of King Arthur to win his trust.

When Lancelot kept being gone and Elyzabel (cousin of Queen Guinevere) was sent with the message to Viviana, you sent Claudas an anonymous message stating that there is a spy coming to his kingdom. As you planned, he captured Elyzabel and Guinevere forced Arthur to start the war in order to save her cousin.

But it was Lancelot who was named the general, not you. When the war was won, you demanded to be the new king. Arthur supported you, and Lancelot gave upon any heritage. Not so Bors – he demanded to have half of the kingdom. You refused. Kingdom had never been established by splitting it in half between all siblings. Moreover, you fought for your heritage, you avenged your father by killing Doris, you had all rights. 

You didn’t join the Quest of Holy Grail, you had your duties – a kingdom to take care of, slowly rising up from the ashes of the war. There were still vagabonds and bandits hiding in the hills of Benoic. While hunting down one of their parties, you had been found by Aoife, a messenger from the court of King Arthur, who told you to join the court. You decided to finish the hunting party first, and on the way, you met a young boy who introduced himself as a Percival. He was rather dumb. You asked him if he saw a party of 5 bandits with three damsels (all of them Saxons killers) but he was just asking “What is this thing? And that thing?” Showing remarkable patience, you answered all his queries – “My lance. My shield.” – and so on, explaining how they were used, and eventually revealing that King Arthur had made you a knight. Finally, Parcival told you he didn’t see any bandits but described the country well so you got an idea where to continue. He begged you to let you go with them so he can become a knight as well but you laughed at him and left. 

You found bandits but walked straight into the trap. What could be a massacre turned into a great fight because you proved your tactical genius and you almost escaped but Aoife called for help and you wouldn’t leave without her. Soon, all your men had been dead and you prisoner. On the hill, you so your brother Bors and called for help, and he made a move down but your prisoners took you away, tied on a horse, and even though you waited for him, Borse had never come.

But in the night, Gawain and Percival had appeared and slew both of your captors. You felt grateful to both of them, even though Gawain had mocked you afterward he saved your life. Out of gratitude, you made Percival your page. 

Then you continued to Camelot. Real troubles will start here. You know King Claudas is coming and for sure he will try to get Benoic back. You can’t allow that. You also wish to get revenge on Bors who let you in trouble. You would like to repay Gawain because you hate the idea of being in his debt. You need to support your king. And you would like to know who set up the trap for you – sadly, no bandit survived to ask.

Claudas: you harnessed hatred towards him through your whole childhood. It was sweet to kill his son and it was sweet to take his kingdom. You won’t allow him to get it back. 

Lancelot: he is your brother. You will support him if needed but only if it won’t be against the law or your interests. 

Bors: you have been watching over him for your whole life and he didn’t even help you when you needed him. You are going to punish him for that. Maybe you could give him to Claudas if you say that he is the one who killed Doris. 

Mordred: that little prick is clever and you don’t like how close he is to Arthur. Who knows what he is plotting. 

Morgana: you know little about her, but you don’t like how close she is to the king. Women are wretched, betraying creatures and she is up to no good for sure. 

Gawain: arrogant asshole. You hate to have been saved by him. But you owe him one now and you will try to repay it as soon as possible. 

Claudin: he is the son of your enemy, but also your half-brother. You pity him as he doesn’t bear guilt for anything that happened. If you could only make an alliance with him. Maybe to give him a small castle in your land or something. 

Seraide: sometimes you were forcing yourself upon her, sometimes she was welcoming you in her arms. There is somehow a love-hate relationship between you. You might even marry her if needed. 

Elyzabel: she was captured because of the memo you send to Claudas. You know they tortured her. Somehow, you find it funny. 

Aoife: a messenger from King Arthur. But how did she survive the attack of bandits? 

Percival: his youth is annoying, he has so many questions. But he saved your life, he is strong and he is really trying his best. 

You were born to be king, even though subordinate to Supreme King Arthur. You will protect your place and your family heritage, get revenge on everybody who wronged you and reward everybody who did you good. 

Check the Political map to understand the negotiation position. 


  1. You need to find out who set up the trap on you. Maybe you should talk to Meliodas, the self-proclaimed King of Bandits. He knows a lot about vagabonds. 
  2. Bors betrayed you. You should find a way how to punish him for it. Maybe you could use this Aoife because it seems they are having a fling together or something. You can court her, or offer her money or service if she will turn against Bors. 
  3. Arthur is under tremendous pressure, but you need to be sure he won’t take away your kingdom. Oppose any similar idea. Push on him to give up on Tristan and Isolde. She belongs to Mark and he should be punished. 
  4. See if you can come to any arrangement with Claudin, and through him with Claudas. You can sacrifice Bors to Claudas by saying Bors is the one who killed Dorin, Claudas’ son.