Life Boat - Aaaaargh
LARP for 10 players

This LARP is inspired by a game created by Prázdninová škola Lipnice
Its characters had been created by participants of Youth Exchanged “Knights 2 – Searching for a Grail” which was funded by Erasmus+.


Time of game: 1.5 hour players prep + 1.5 hour  game + 0.5 h reflection
Time of preparation: 0.5 hour  
No. of players: 10 + at least 2 organizers

Music recommendations

Party 1:
Party 2:
Crash sound:


  • 3 matches per person
  • nametags
  • costumes (improvised)
  • printed characters
  • speaker and music (party music + big crash sound)
  • make-up to make a face birth-mark to Jimmy and Edward



  • Organizers explains participants they are going to go on a journey on a boat. Each one of them will get a character they are  going to play.
  • Organizers will explain game rules
  • Organizers gives players their characters description.


  • Players are having 30 min to prepare costumes.


  • Caption (NPC) is welcoming everybody on a boat. 
  • Players are having 0.5-1 hour to act their characters.


  • Organizers plays a huge crash. Lights goes down. Captain is coming, explaining boat just crashed into an iceberg, and it is sinking. But there is not enough Life Boats for everybody. Only 3 characters can be saved.
  • Each player have 1 minute for speech on who should be saved and why. 
  • Each players gets 3 matches. They are going around the circle, one by one, and giving matches to the ones who should be saved (including themselves). As much matches as they want to.  They have to look into eyes of each character. 
  • In the end, 3 characters with the most matches can be rescued. (If there is a  draw, voting is repeated but only for those who got into the final.)
  • Every survivor have 1 minute for a “thank you” speech. 
  • End of the game (narrated). 


  • RED stop = if player screams this, game immediately stops
  • No physical violence allowed
  • Players states before what are their physical boundaries (i.e. no touches, no hugs, etc.)
  • Kiss = air kiss on one cheek
  • Sex =  3 times air kiss on both cheeks 
  • Homosexuality

Setting of a game

You’re sailors from the 18th century, coming back from finding a treasure.
One organizer is taking a role of a new captain of the ship: ginger, without an eye, with beard, 63 years old.


Read details only if you selected the character

  • real name Carmila
  • manipulating, smart, brave, naive, stylish
  • Want to get revenge on a person who killed your father, previous captain of this ship. 

Goal: Find out who killed your father and get revenge.

  • Cook of the boat. 
  • Cheerful, bubbly, chatting with people, extroverted, everyone loves him, secretive, no one knows his past. 
  • A wanted criminal and that’s why he’s on the boat. (If they give you to authorities, they can get 50 000 doubloons for you.)
  • The previous captain found out he’s wanted so Andres killed him. 
  • Jimmy saw the murder, the cleaner is his partner. 
  • He doesn’t know that the captain’s daughter is on board. 

Goal: Hide the murder

  • He has a birthmark on his face.
  • Cold, depressed, obedient, scared.
  • He runs away from battles
  • Edward loves him as his own son
  • He has a cat named Muffin. One day, Muffin ran away so Jimmy went to get her and saw how Andres murdered the old captain by accident. 
  • He knows John is actually Carmille, a daughter of old captain. He wonder if he should tell her who murdered her father
  • He feel Barbados protects him . That’s why he told him about Carmille. 
  • Urlic bullies him. 


  • Get alliance with Purlic to kill Urlic.
  • Decide to whom – if anybody – you should tell that Andres killed old captain. 
  • Quiet, introverted, no tongue (the ex-captain cut it because he saw him with his lover) 
  • one of the only characters that can write. 
  • In love with the cook. 
  • Urlic is annoying. 
  • Ludor has a journal full of secrets.

Goal: marry the cook.

  • He’s arrogant, narcissist, strong, misogynistic, small pp (small pp energy is when someone tends to act mighty and courageous when they’re actually a scaredy cat and a douchebag), lazy. 
  • He bullies the child because he got beaten when he was young and his mother left him. 
  • He cries when he’s alone and he’s an alcoholic. 
  • He’s the brother of Purlic and loves him. 

Goal: he wants to take the captain’s place.

  • secret lover of the ex captain
  • wise, chill, calm, 
  • He keeps the order on the boat. 
  • He hates John because he found out from Jimmy it is actually Carmille – old-captain’s daughter
  • He protects Jimmy for his own reasons, like getting information. 
  • He hates the new captain, has a secret with Edward about the treasure they found. 

Goal: revenge on his lover’s murderer.

  • mysterious, lone wolf 
  • childhood friend of the medic Carlos, the real father of the child Jimmy
  • he finds out he’s the father because the child has the same birthmark on the face
  • has a secret with the Barbados about some treasure they found 

Goal: find peace

  • He’s a prodigy in medicine.
  • He is extroverted, open, really smart, and impulsive. 
  • He knows how to read.
  • Loud, can’t keep secrets, 
  • Son of Jose
  • Childhood friend of Edward

Goal: find Ludor‘s diary and find out secrets. 

  • dumb but handsome
  • Kinda crazy, acts like psychopath
  • One of his legs was amputated so he walks weirdly. 
  • Brother of Urlic, 
  • Friend of Jose.
  • He spies on Andres because he suspects something 


Goal: kill Urlic because he was always better than you. 

  • father of Carlos but it will be revealed later
  • he was also a medic, he’s romantic, empathetic
  • he owes money to the captain and that’s why he’s a prisoner, 
  • friend of the Purlic

Goal: be free and meet his son.


  1. “How do you feel?” (give space to express emotions)
  2. “How was it for you to play LARP?” (personal experiences, focus on “I” sentences)
  3. “How did you feel when you were/weren’t selected for a boat?” 
  4. Takeaways – what can you take from this experience for your life?