Life Boat - Party
LARP for 10 players

This LARP is inspired by a game created by Prázdninová škola Lipnice
Its characters had been created by participants of Youth Exchanged “Knights 2 – Searching for a Grail” which was funded by Erasmus+.


Time of game: 1.5 hour players prep + 1.5 hour  game + 0.5 h reflection
Time of preparation: 0.5 hour  
No. of players: 10 + at least 2 organizers

Music recommendations

Party 1:
Party 2:
Crash sound:


  • 3 matches per person
  • nametags
  • in-game alcohol (soft drinks like Fanta)
  • chips and some small snacks for “party”
  • costumes (improvised)
  • printed characters
  • speaker and music (party music + big crash sound)



  • Organizers explains participants they are going to go on a journey on a boat. Each one of them will get a character they are  going to play.
  • Organizers will explain game rules
  • Organizers gives players their characters description.


  • Players are having 30 min to prepare costumes.


  • Caption (NPC) is welcoming everybody on a boat. 
  • Players are having 0.5-1 hour to act their characters.


  • Organizers plays a huge crash. Lights goes down. Captain is coming, explaining boat just crashed into an iceberg, and it is sinking. But there is not enough Life Boats for everybody. Only 3 characters can be saved.
  • Each player have 1 minute for speech on who should be saved and why. 
  • Each players gets 3 matches. They are going around the circle, one by one, and giving matches to the ones who should be saved (including themselves). As much matches as they want to.  They have to look into eyes of each character. 
  • In the end, 3 characters with the most matches can be rescued. (If there is a  draw, voting is repeated but only for those who got into the final.)
  • Every survivor have 1 minute for a “thank you” speech. 
  • End of the game (narrated). 


  • RED stop = if player screams this, game immediately stops
  • No physical violence allowed
  • Players states before what are their physical boundaries (i.e. no touches, no hugs, etc.)
  • Kiss = air kiss on one cheek
  • Sex =  3 times air kiss on both cheeks 
  • homosexuality

Setting of a game

The guests are on a cruise from Sicily to Corfu to celebrate the 20th birthday of Caspar, Tony and Olga’s son. On board are the couple Tony and Olga, their son Caspar, his friend Luigi, another friend Lisa, her parents Priscilla and Patrick, and finally Sara, Caspar’s old Nanny who is now a part of the family. Also on board is Robert, the boat’s Bartender.


Read details only if you selected the character

  • Olga is married to Tony the Mafia bossShe loves the status of being the mafia boss’ wife but she doesn’t care about the business or her husband very much.
  • She’s very protective protective of her son Casper.
  • She tolerates Sara the nanny, but doesn’t like her much. 
  • She really enjoys drinking, and while spending a lot of time at the bar on the cruise she falls for Robert, the bartender.


  • To spend time with Robert and convince him to have sex with you but you don’t want to lose your relationship with Tony because you enjoys the status.
  • Tony is the mafia boss
  • He’s married to Olga but he is secretly in love with his right-hand man the consiglieri SteffanoTony has an internal conflict: does he want to be respected in the business world and seen as a macho man or does he want to follow his love and his true identity as a gay man?
  • Tony doesn’t really care about his son Casper but he’s thrown him a birthday party as a ruse to carry out a business deal with some buyers in Corfu.


  • Olga – you often behave coldly towards her, but needs to meet to keep up appearances.
  • Steffano – you secret and most desirable lover, who is also your most trusted business partner and right hand man.


Your Goal is to secretly meet with Steffano as much as you can. You want to keep your empire afloat but also to convince Stefano to spend as much time with you as possible.

  • Caspar is Olga’s and Tony’s only son.
  • He’s on board the cruise ship to celebrate his 20th birthday with his family and friends.
  • He is quite childish, spoiled and weak.
  • He really craves the love and respect from his dad Tony but doesn’t receive it so he’s always trying to impress him by any means.


  • Sara, your childhood Nanny who is now mostly considered as part of the family. She cares for you deeply and you trust her completely. 
  • Luigi, a childhood friend, someone you also trust
  • Lisa, she is your friend, good fun and you invited her to celebrate with you as her bubbly energy is contagious.
  • Tony, your father.
  • Olga, your mother, who is little bit too overprotective for you. 


  • To find ways to prove yours worthy to Tony. You have recently overheard some whispered conversations onboard about a spy trying to take down your father’s empire, so you need to find out who is the spy on board the boat, and report this to your father.

Robert is curious and likes to sneak into his customers’ private conversations. He enjoys serving drinks to beautiful women while flirting with them. He ends up falling in love with Olga, the mafia boss’s wife.


  • Olga, you fell in love with her after the first drink you served her. She is powerful and flirtatious.
  • Priscilla, another woman who spills her secrets to you.


  • Your primary goal is to be with Olga and convince her to run away with you. 
  • Collect secrets from the loose lips of your customers, this might help you with your primary goal.
  • Steffano is the right hand man of Tony the mafia boss
  • He’s in charge of finding suppliers and buyers of drugs, and solving any problem Tony has. He considers himself better than Tony at business. 
  • He is in a secret relationship with Tony, however he is not gay but is sleeping with him for power. He doesn’t yet have the respect or confidence of others in the drug business, but wants the business for his own. 
  • He is secretly in love with Lisa and tries to seduce her, maybe she is receptive to your charms?


  • Tony, he is your boss, you have sex with him but are only doing so for power.
  • Lisa, you are completely and secretly in love with her. You want to spend time with her, and express your desires but you often find yourself busy with work.
  • Patrick, he is your business partner, and the main supplier of the drugs to Tony’s mafia operation. It is important to keep him happy.


  • Your goal is to become the new boss.

  • Sara used to be a nanny to Tony’s and Olga’s son Caspar. She now helps with the housework. And has been invited on this cruise to the birthday party as a reward for her commitment to the family. 
  • She is always there to  give advice to Casper and she really cares about his feelings. 
  • She is completely in love with Tony, and his power. She wants to seduce him but she also doesn’t want to ruin their  marriage and hurt Caspar. 
  • She does not get along with Olga, Tony’s wife but they tolerate each other. 
  • She knows that Tony has an illegal business but she doesn’t know the extent of it.


  • Caspar, her most trusted friend on the boat. She deeply loves him like a mother. 
  • Tony, your love. 
  • Olga, your natural enemy.


  • To seduce Tony with the inner conflict without disappointing Casper and ruining his family.
  • Lisa is a naive, innocent girl. She is full of contagious, bubbly energy and is just very happy to be on the cruise. 
  • She can easily talk with anyone, although Tony can be very intimidating. 
  • Her crush Luigi is also onboard, so this could be a perfect opportunity for a summer romance.


  • She has recently discovered she is in love with Luigi, whom she’s been friends with for a long time.
  • She also enjoys Steffano’s attention and sees him like an uncle. 
  • Caspar, he is a good friend, maybe he can help her in her efforts with Luigi.
  • Patrick is your father. 
  • Priscilla is your mother. 


  • To have as much fun as possible, and try to see if anything can happen with Luigi. 
  • Luigi is 20 years old and has been a friend of Casper from childhood. 
  • Luigi is really a spy recruited by Tony’s rival mafia gang and his goal is to find the supplier of the drugs to Tony’s Mafia empire and to report back to his rival mafia gang.
  • He knows that there is someone on board who is the supplier but it is his job to figure out who.


  • Casper, he is your childhood friend but he is not the real reason you are here. 
  • Lisa is also a friend from school,you sense she might have an annoying crush on you but you are not sure and aren’t interested in her.
  • You need to befriend Robert the bartender, perhaps find out some secrets on the boat. 


  • To find out who is supplying the drugs to Tony’s operation and to make sure no one knows you are the spy.
  • He is the main supplier of drugs to Tony’s Mafia gang. 
  • He is very busy with Steffano and trying to make sure he is the only supplier. 
  • He has also heard that there is perhaps a spy from another mafia gang onboard and is trying to find out who is the supplier. He can trust no one, except perhaps Steffano
  • His wife Priscilla is also constantly annoying him with her problems, he has bigger issues to worry about. 


  • Steffano, his contact in Tony’s gang
  • Priscilla, his wife who always wants attention
  • Lisa, his daughter 


  • To ensure you continue successful business with Steffano and Tony, and to figure out who the spy is.
  • Priscilla is Patrick’s wife and is the mother of Lisa
  • She is a photographer, so she likes to take lots of pictures of people. Who knows, maybe she’ll find people in compromising situations? 
  • She’s on the cruise on holiday to enjoy herself but also trying to save her marriage because her husband works too much (even while on holiday) and doesn’t pay her enough attention. 
  • She knows her husband’s business is a bit dodgy but doesn’t know the details.
  • She enjoys a good drink, so will probably spend a lot of time at the bar, alcohol often loosens her lips. She loves her daughter Lisa deeply and will do anything to support and help. 


  • Patrick, her husband. He works too much, doesn’t pay you enough attention and you want to make your relationship work.
  • Lisa, daughter, you want to support her listen to her and protect her from any bad decisions 
  • Robert the bartender, he is sexy he listens to your problems and makes good cocktails.


  • Her goal is to save her marriage to Patrick, whatever the cost.


  1. “How do you feel?” (give space to express emotions)
  2. “How was it for you to play LARP?” (personal experiences, focus on “I” sentences)
  3. “How did you feel when you were/weren’t selected for a boat?” 
  4. Takeaways – what can you take from this experience for your life?