Knights: Searching for a King


9 – 21/5/2022, Wales

Youth Exchange about social inclusion, using the method of outdoor and LARP

Creation of names

After a long journey we have arrived to a magical place between the green hills of Wales full of sheep and cows. The only thing missing here is a haunted castle in a distance with a dragon inside.
We woke up the next day to the gentle sound of raindrops falling on our tents. Time has come for seven knights from all corners of the old continent to come together and form a new house – Children of Hera, as wise as the animal companion of the goddess of Wisdom. Searching for a King is no easy task, so their first endeavor was to get enough ingredients and cooking utensils to survive the coming days.
The long awaited day has finally arrived, with the four main kingdoms of England coming together to each claim their land and clarify their ownership of crop fields and farm animals.
Some were afraid of a horrible bloodshed while others didn’t even manage to present, scared of what they would be confronted with.
The division however ended up happening with unprecedented calmness.
So, Dragonshire, the Elementary Kingdom, the Smilodon Tribe and the Children of Hera each, have now enough crops, supplies and land to survive.
Will this result in a peaceful, cooperative community or will it resort in a full-fledged war?
It’s still early to say my dears, but a simple observation by a simple bard would be that some kings seem less eager to share than others.
Let me tell you a story about today’s our glory. I came to a new town, where a queen was crown.
Because no food was left, our queen went on a quest. Other kingdoms we fought, so a feast we enjoyed. A fire we made, and the gods we served. We pursue food and glory, just follow our story…
Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits.
In the land of Cymru, where the dragons fly, there were four villages living peacefully. That all changed when the Mother of Dragons came. Her unborn child was stolen by someone. Or something. The villages squabbled and blamed the theft on others.
They could not put aside their differences but in the end were all made equal in the fire of the Mother’s wrath.
Meanwhile, in the land of Albion, seven Children of Hera set off to repeat the pilgrimage of sir Gawain. Their destination was the Green Chapel where they would meet their fate at the hands of the Green Knight. They expected the worst but together they conquered their fears and bravely accepted the killing blow. They did not even flinch and all they received was but a bloody scratch proving their courage. After all, all knights must bleed, for blood is the seal of their devotion.

Sometimes we have warm mornings, others cold. But today, we had a specially hot and dramatic beginning of the day. We had the opportunity to learn about hobbit, elfs, humans, and dwarfs. We saw them perish out of selfishness, stubbornness and ambitious, unable to unite their aims. The dragon burned them and so their story ended. But ours’ is just beginning. Today we dinner to the king’s Arthur table, when the Green knight came. Honorable knights as we are, we pursued its challenge and meet our destiny. After many quests, we bravely faced our fears and so, our lives were pardoned. Stay tuned for more, our days as knights of queen Ashliayas the Ashtonishing in wonderland have just begun!