King Mark of Cornwall


Don't read further unless you had chosen the character!

60 years old king. He buried all his kids and wives. It is said he is as sly as a fox.

You don’t care for gods much. They have never helped you with anything. The old one or new… who cares. You will do whatever is more efficient at the moment. 

“I deserve only what is mine. That is justice. I paid for her so she is mine. And he betrayed me so his head belongs to me.”

Even though your father originally fought against Arthur, when he died in the battle and you took the crown, you swore fealty to Arthur and have been supporting him ever since. 

You accepted an astrologer Gariole who can read the future from the stars. She had become your advisor very soon, and occasionally she was satisfying your manly needs. 

Your sister married Meliodas, a mighty man who – as Gariole warned you – might have been a threat to your power. However, at the same time, Morgana, accompanied by the knight Dinadane, was seeking refuge in your kingdom. So you offered to protect her – under the condition, she would rid you of Meliodas. She agreed and made him disappear.

You had several wives, but all of them died. You had several kids but they died as well – some were born crippled, others died due to sickness, some were killed on the hunt by wild boars. Only one son reached adulthood – Elvin.

You wanted to have more influence on Arthur, so you initiated the False Guinevere Conspiracy

Your closest relative is Tristan – the son of your sister who died while giving birth. You raised him as your own but felt little love for him, only duty. You treated him fairly though and made him a man. You also sent him to serve at the court of Arthur. There is only one thing you couldn’t forgive him: your son Elvin died during Arthur’s war against Claudas in Benoic. Tristan didn’t protect him even though they fought side by side! If only you could know who killed your son! 

You have been also entrusted with the care for Morgause’s baby girl, Clarissant, who gave her to you to hide her from Gawain. (See the blueprint Lamorak’s Death.)  Morgause asked you to raise Clarissant as a part of your court. You raised her as a servant girl and did not care much for her, even though it was clear she had the brains and the beauty of someone above the ranks of a servant.

Knowing you need an heir, you took Gariole‘s advice and made an agreement with the Irish king to marry his daughter, Isolde, and paid good money for that deal. You sent Tristan to bring your fiancé. What a nasty surprise it was when the escort came back without Tristan or Isolda. There was only the priest Patrick and Isolda’s maid Roisin who told you Isolda fled to King Arthur. You almost killed the maid on the spot, but Patrick’s presence prevented you from acting on that urge. After all, his religion has been more and more influential lately.

Enraged, you immediately set off to get your fiancé and Tristan’s head. If your demands are not answered, you will declare war on Arthur. You know the Irish king will back you up. That might not be enough by itself, but there are more players who could be swayed to your side. (Check the Political Map. You can calculate the power of different armies. Your Kingdom Cornwall can count on the support of Ireland in case you won’t get Isolde’s back.)

You know that Morgana, queen of Gore, wants to overthrow Arthur and put Mordred in his seat. You could join forces with them. But you prefer not to start a war because wars are messy and anything can happen.

Arthur is still backed up by Lionel from Benoic. But maybe you could get support from Claudas who is backed up by Rome. But it is a hard thought to join forces with him because your son Elvin died while fighting against Claudas. 

The question is what Lancelot is going to do because he will be backed up by Galeholt. You heard fromm Morgana that Lancelot and Guinevere are having an affair. Could you use it somehow to your advantage? 

And then, there is Meliodas and his army of Vagabonds. How come he is alive? 


Arthur: you respect him, he is your overlord, and his kingdom is five times stronger than yours. But you have also the support of the Irish kingdom and maybe even more! Your son died for Arthur! You deserve to get what is yours! That is justice.  

Morgana: she helped you to get rid of an uncomfortable brother-in-law. She conspired with you in a False Guinevere conspiracy. She is dangerous, but a great ally. 

Morgause: you are sorry she has never become your wife because she is beautiful. Not so clever as her sister, but her female charm is unbelievable. 

Guinevere: you think she is spoiled and annoying, but you don’t truly know her. She is simply in a way, so you want to get rid of her. 

Tristan: yes, you had his father killed, but you raised him as your own and this is how he repays you? He stabbed a knife in your back! He let your son die! He stole your fiance! He deserves to die!

Isolde: you have never met her. You only know from the painting she is beautiful. You paid in gold for her. She is yours!

Mordred: he is clever, strong, and fearless. He is the son of Morgause and nephew of Morgana, your biggest allies. Will he be a good king? Hard to say. Would be nice to get to know him better. 

Lionel: he had become a king recently. You know nothing of him but if he will be on your side, Arthur can hardly stand against you. 

Claudas: he is a Saxon so he cannot be trusted. But you are willing to join forces with him if Arthur will betray you. 

Meliodas: when you see him for the first time at a court of King Arthur, you are in shock! Your brother-in-law! You thought he was dead! Does he know that you ordered to get rid of him? [check carefully who is playing him before the game starts!]

Clarissant: Morgause asked you to raise her as a servant, but with care. So you did. Recently, she started to get a full woman shape. She is soft to touch and sweet to kiss. Maybe, she could be a good wife to you as well. She is a princess in the end.  

Gariole: astrologer who can read the future from the constellation, and your most trusted advisor. Also a good mattress in the time of her youth, but she is old now. 

There is so much anger in you. As if the whole world would be against you. You want only what you deserve. Your throne. Your wife. Your kids. You repay injustice. Tristan betrayed you. And if Arthur will betray you as well, you will destroy him!

  1. Meliodas is here! How come? You need to find Morgana and discover what happened and if you have a reason to be worried. If you could only destroy him.
  2. Persuade Arthur to sentence Tristan to death. Remind him of the law! You paid for Isolda! You could find support in King Galeholt who cares a lot for what is right. 
  3. Get your fianceé from Arthur! You demand a wife! You need a son!
  4. Meet secretly with Mordred, Morgana, and Morgause and see what their plan is and if it is better to support them over Arthur. 
  5. Discover, who killed your son Elvin. Tristan might know something if he will talk with you. Roisin (Isolda’s maid) and priest Patrick can serve as messengers. King Claudas might also know something. 
  6. Talk with King Lionel and see if you can find support in him. 
  7. Decide if you are willing to join forces with King Claudas. Your son died while battling with him in the end. 

If you could find proof that Lancelot and Guinevere had an affair, you could use it. Either to blackmail Guinevere so she pushes on her husband, or to throw it to Arthur’s face, discredit him, and weaken his position.