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53 yo. Majordomus of Camelot, the right hand of King Arthur, the second most powerful man in the country, famous for his bullying. 

You had seen magic. How could you not believe it? 


“Let me show you how things should have been done!”

Your step-brother – King Arthur – has everything. Power, beauty, the most beautiful woman on Earth.

You have nothing of it. Even though you are older.

True, he has been kind to you. He gave you the title and a position of a Majordomus, so you are the ruler in his absence. But now he never leaves, all the wars are over.

You are first born. You were raised to rule. But until the very old age of yours, you are remaining a mere servant. True, you could go to your lordship… but as a Majordomus, you have more power.

In the first civil war, when you were still young, you and Merlin entered Arthur’s tent and caught him in flagranti with Morgause – Arthur’s half-sister, wife of his ally Lot. Merlin made you all promise you won’t tell a living soul about it. But then, Arthur married Guinevere and you felt madly in love with her. You courted her, but she refused you.

Out of anger, you spilled the beans to Lot. He was furious. When Arthur ordered to kill all noble-born of May (see Civil Wars blueprint), Lot used the opportunity to declare a war.

For a while, you ruled (since Arthur was fighting with Lot), but it didn’t last long. It never lasted long.

Then, Guinevere started to have affairs with everybody. You threatened her to tell Arthur if she doesn’t sleep with you but she always laughed it off.

You wanted to get close to Guinevere in any way possible. You thought it might be worth it to seduce one of her maids, some naive girl that could tell you more about Guinevere and what she likes. Perse came into the line of your sight – a young, quite naive girl, and from what you could tell, she was unhappy in her marriage. What’s more, she was truly beautiful. Her husband, Sir Hector, was not a problem for you – you simply sent him away on a quest. You might be an old dog but you know a trick or two. Seducing Perse wasn’t even hard; she was quite starved for attention. And your plan worked pretty well. There was just this one thing you didn’t anticipate – you also grew fond of Perse. You started confiding in her, you told her of your bitterness towards Arthur, of your ambitions to rule. Perse seemed to like it.

Then Hector came back and the affair ceased for a while, but it didn’t take long and Perse came running back to you. She brought some joy into your days. True, it was Guinevere you wanted but with Perse in your bed, the maddening desire was easier to bear. So when she suddenly changed her mind and broke things off with you… Let’s just say you can’t forgive her for that. And when you found out that it’s Gawain with whom she’s getting off now, the same Gawain who also got into Guinevere’s skirt, you knew you had to get back to that bastard.

You found an ally in Morgana who was also wronged by Guinevere. You were a part of the False-Guinevere ConspiracyAnd you also took part in the Holy Grail Charade – Morgana couldn’t do it without you. Nothing happens in Camelot without you knowing about it. 

Recently, all kings came to court to talk with the king. A young boy came as a page of Lionel, an arrogant punk who interfered when you were rightfully punishing one of the house servants. Lionel scolded him but you decided to give the youngster a lesson. He challenged you to the battle of poles. You thought it will be easy. You are a knight. You were in many wars. But he was too fast. You could never hit him and received too many hits to go on. You had to yield. So humiliating.

It’s time for you to show the world what you’ve got. You won’t take more humiliation. You’ll expose Guinevere’s affairs and make a fool of Arthur. You’ll expose Gawain’s affair and get back on Perse. They’ll both lose respect and the support of the court and… your path to the throne will be much clearer.

Guinevere: there is a burning passion inside of you. And so much hate. She humiliated you so many times by constantly refusing you. One day… one day you will have that little bitch. 

Arthur:  he is your brother. He loves you. He gave you power. But he is incompetent and he has everything! How much you envy him. How much you want to have his throne!

Merlin: so that old geezer is back. You should be careful. His eyes had always seen too much.,

Morgana: terrifying and capable. Your most powerful ally. 

Percival: Lionel’s page, that little punk. You will find a way how to smash him. 

Perse: how dare she leave you for Gawain? Just wait, she will crawl back to your heels when you will be a king.

Gawain:  that phony lady-killer, and king-to-be. You have no reason to love him but many reasons to hate him. You are going to expose that he is cheating on his wife.  

Lancelot: strangely enough, you had never mustered enough hate in you towards Lancelot. If he wouldn’t be sleeping with Guinevere, you might even like him. But he is in your way. 

Glewlwyd: servant, master of ceremony, your right hand who helps you organize everything. He can’t read but he is very capable.

Dagonet: court jester. You love to mock him. 

Ragnelle: beautiful wife of sir Gawain. You would love to seduce her to get revenge for stealing your Perse.

You want the throne (if possible, without hurting Arthur too much). You want Guinevere. You want the respect that you deserve. You are well aware of the Political map


  1. As a King’s counselor, you are to attend all Kings’ meetings. 
  2. You need to get some tools from one of the mages (Nineve, Viviana, Merlin, maybe one of the priests) which could help you to prove that Lancelot and Guinevere, and Perse and Gawain are having affair. You can give the tool to one of your servants to catch them in flagranti, maybe to Glewlwyd, or Dagonet. Maybe you could talk also with Gawain’s wife Ragnelle and use her help. 
  3. Try to seduce Ragnelle to get revenge on Gawain for stealing your Perse. 
  4. Use your servants to prepare a trap for Percival. Make them beat the hell out of him. 
  5. Get proof that Gawain is having an affair with Perse. 
  6. Talk with King Mark and Claudas. Offer them if they will make you a king, you will give them what they want. You might also talk with Lionel (or his brother Bors if you would give Benoic to Bors), and Meliods. Careful with Galehaut because he is Arthur’s friend. If you will be king, you can simply order Guinevere to be your concubine. You could also use Elaine
  7. Talk to Morgana. See if you can use her for your plan.