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18 yo. Irish princess, run away from home, she is to be wed to King Mark. 

You were raised in the faith in Christ and you put your soul to him.

“I don’t need position. I don’t need money. I will be happy to live a humble life in the mere cottage… but with my love. With Tristan.” 

From childhood, they taught you that you have to marry, have kids, be a good wife. They taught you to be polite to everybody. From a certain age, you understood you might marry a man who might be much older, disgusting, repulsive, and you still have to lie with him and make kids. 

So you got extremely happy when a young prince Claudin of Benoic came to ask for your hand. Sure, you understood the circumstances – his father was in the war and needed the support of the Irish king. But Claudin was handsome and charming. While the courting was going on, he opened his heart to you and you understand he loves you. You also understand how desperate he is – if he is not going to get support from your father soon, his father will lose the war. So you agreed to sleep with each other and to use it as a final push to your father to marry you as soon as possible. 

It had quite the opposite effect. Probably for the first time in your life, your father got really angry at you. He locked you in the tower for the whole year and chased Claudin out. He was probably lucky not to be killed straight away. You had only two friends left – your maid Roisin, and the priest Patrick who came with Claudin but stayed to evangelize the country.  

When you were pardoned, you behaved as well as you could. But your lucky star ran out. You understand you are supposed to marry a king Mark of Cornwall – an old geezer who already had many wives and many kids but all of them died and he is in great need of a successor. Right after you will marry, you will be in bed until your belly will swallow, and then again, until you will give him a son. How you prayed to God for giving him a son straight away. King Mark was even so old and ill that the cruise over the sea could be threatening to his health – god knows if he wouldn’t die while making love to you – so he sent his nephew. 


Since the moment you saw him, everything inside of you went crazy, and you understood that it wasn’t a love that you felt for Claudin, but what you feel for Tristan is. How hard it was to walk next to him in the garden with the idea you have to marry his uncle. Lovestruck and desperate, you persuaded Roisin to bring you some wine, and as you got drunk with Tristan, you both expressed mutual love which was sealed by the connection of bodies. 

First, you thought it was the first and last pleasure you will ever give to each other, but such a thought was unbearable. And Tristan came with an idea. King Arthur drank in the past a love potion which made him go completely crazy about one woman. Let’s pretend Roisin prepared such a potion for Isolde to fall in love with Mark, but Tristan drank it by accident. With this story, Arthur will give you protection for sure. 

And you agreed. Since you know Patrick has a weakness for Roisin, you used her influence to persuade Patrick to marry you in secret. First, he needed to baptize Tristan as he was a pagan, and then you changed the course of the ship and traveled together to the king’s Arthur court. As Tristan thought, Arthur agreed to protect you. 

Faithful Roisie with Patrick continued to the court of King Mark in a meantime to tell him about the love potion and escape of lovebirds. As expected, King Mark was coming straight to Arthur. 

Now, it is important to get support from as many knights and kings, and queens in the court as possible. But unexpectedly, Claudin is here too and you never told Tristan about him. 

Claudin: he was a very sweet, young, and beautiful boy and you would be happy to marry him. But now you know it would not be love, only a very good friendship. Yet, it is still better than many other options…

Roisin: she was taking care of you for as long as you can remember. She substitutes your mother, friend, guardian. You count on her with everything. 

Patrick: he is very kind… thanks to which it is possible to manipulate him. You like him, but you like Tristan more. 

Tristan: from the moment he stepped into your life, the sun got brighter, air freshener, colors fuller, life better, as if you would be standing at the edge of an abyss, just waiting for the moment to slip to its hungry month, desperately holding on every remaining second of life. You love him so much and you are scared he will repel you if he will find out about you and Claudin. 

You wish to marry a man you love and live peacefully with him. 


  1. Speak to as many kings, queens, and knights as possible. Get their support for your cause. Could be useful to address the first court-ladies – Elyzabel, Aoife, Perse, Ragnelle, lady Malehaut – so they are lobbying for your cause at Guinevere who can then influence Arthur. 
  2. See how many friends Tristan has at the court. Appel on them to protect him at any cost. Even if it would mean you have to be given to Mark.
  3. Make a decision: will you tell Tristan about Claudin, or not? If not, probably you should find Claudin and ask him to remain silent about what happened between the two of you. On the other hand, Claudin is still so much better option than King Mark. 
  4. People are coming to confess to Patrick. Maybe you could get out of him anything that might help you. Something that you can use against others and extort them. 
  5. Roisin is your connection with King Mark. She is your lever for Patrick. And she is also very talented. Together, you will find a way out of this. Maybe you could find a different wife for Mark? 
  6. Seek council with Merlin. He is wise and can tell you what to do.
  7. Discover who is supporting your cause and who stands against you.