Searching For Freedom

Youth Exchange

24. 8. – 4. 9. 2020 (excluding travel days), Great Britain, Bushmills (Northern Ireland)

Knights is a project about social inclusion using the methods of LARP, role-playing, and outdoor education.
In Searching for Freedom, you will experience a lot of mini-LARPs on different topics and one big LARP focused on the topic of forgiveness.
For residents of Greece, Latvia, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Lithuania, Romania, and Spain.
The project is financed by Erasmus+.


Live-Action Role Playing is a combination of a game and theater.
Game, because it has rules (e.g. number of lives and ways how to “kill” somebody).
Theater, because each player is taking and acting the role of a fictional character.

We are using this method for learning purposes:

  • it allows us to safely experiment with our behaviors,
  • to discover what we agree and disagree with,
  • and to figure out more about ourselves.

In Searching for Freedom, we will be using the style of Nordic LARP

It is mainly about theater and full-immerse experience. Game elements are of little importance.

We are going to be working mainly in smaller groups and with several short-term (approx. 5 hours) LARP sessions.

This activity will focus a lot on creating your own mini-LARP which you can bring back home, but there will be more to discover:

  • How do I forgive, forget, and go on with my life?
  • How to design, test and implement a LARP?
  • How to organize and lead a project?

We will meet with 48 people from 8 different countries in a venue in the Northern Ireland, Bushmills.

Per country, we have space for 5 youngsters (from 18 to 30 years old) and 1 group leader (20+ years old, a youth worker or a youth leader who took part in some of the previous projects).

The program spans across 10 days

  • In the 1st part, you will be experiencing several short LARPs (up to 5 hours each).
  • In the 2nd part, you will experience a full day of LARP based on Arthurian legends. 
  • In the 3rd part, you will design and test your own LARP.
  • A lot about role-playing and LARP method.
  • How to work in the international team.
  • How to design and implement an educational LARP activity.

We search for 6 participants per country. 
This activity is for you if

  • You are a resident of Greece, Latvia, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Lithuania, Romania, or Spain;
  • You are between 18 and 30 years old;
  • You are interested in project management, design, and implementing of activities;
  • You want to discover hard topics in society (like bullying, death, etc.) through fun and interactive way;
  • You are working with youngsters and you want to offer them a new approach to learning;
  • You are enjoying more the theatrical than the game part of LARPing.

If you are older than 30 years, you still can come as the Group Leader.

  • There is space for 1 Group Leader per country.
  • If you are coming as the Group Leader, it is expected of you that you will support the National team with preparation and the organizers with the implementation of the activity. Contact Vojtěch Žák for more info. 
  • €20 (£18.5) fee to be paid by each participant. This fee goes as a contribution to the administrative costs of the Youth Exchange.
  • Full participation in the whole program.
  • 1 report (e.g. article) per country (will be published by the partner organization).
  • Creation of 1 LARP during the Youth Exchange and its description for book collecting educational LARPs.
  • Implementation of 1 short LARP after coming back to your country. 

Start with filling the application form

Partner organization (see below) will select 5 participants to send on the trip. We will inform you if you had been selected by the beginning of August.

If you are selected, you will receive a Confirmation Letter with more information regarding your participation. ONLY then you can start booking your tickets!

If you have any questions, contact the Project Supervisor


Program & Methods

Getting to know each other through methods of impro-theater.
Creation of Reflection groups.
Meeting chamber LARP for the first time. 

Learning about one’s values through the game called Gamebook. 
Chamber LARP “Who is playing” – LARP about bullying and children imagination. 

Two Chamber LARPS. 
“Fuss on Olympus” – comedy LARP from the life of Greek gods. 
“Whose dreams are you dreaming” – LARP experiment fully based on expression through body-movement. 

Learning how to create LARP.
Creation of international teams.
Start with designing your own LARP.

Whole day dedicated to designing of the LARP.

Full day dedicated to playing and testing the LARPs you created.  

Evaluation of the LARPs. Anchoring of your learnings. 
Preparation for the LARP “Camlann”

Whole day LARP on motives of Arthurian legends.  

Reflection of the LARP experience. 

Evaluating and closing of the  whole experience with the focus on anchoring the new learnings. 

There are a lot of different learnings in games if the proper debriefing is done, plus our general behavioral patterns manifest in them as well.

Including setting up learning goals and tracking of their learning progress to bring awareness to participants learning.

Including the positive (empowering) feedback as a tool focused on one’s successes, not failures.

Participants will immediately put into practice everything they learn and give/receive feedback from others.


We will spend 11 nights in the Bushmills Youth Hostel, North Coast of Northern Ireland, nearby the Giants Causeway World Heritage Site and Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

Website & Gallery

  • There will be 3 meals a day + 2 coffee breaks.
  • If you are on a special diet, LET US KNOW in the application form, so we can arrange for your needs in time.

Travel Reimbursement

100% accommodation, food and program materials are covered by the grant from Erasmus+

Traveling cost
80% traveling costs (only preapproved and the most economical – no first class, no taxi, no special seats, insurances, etc) are covered. Maximum traveling costs:

  • €20/participant for UK;
  • €275/participant for Lithuania, Spain, Latvia, Czech Republic
  • €360/participant for Greece, Romania,

For traveling reimbursement, it is mandatory:

  • online tickets: forward emails with e-tickets, boarding passes and invoices, it has to contain price and date.
  • offline tickets: bring original receipts (originals), copies will not be accepted.

Reimbursements will be sent as soon as possible, latest 1 December 2020, once (and if) participants take part in full duration of the programme fill the evaluation forms present all the traveling documents

Participation fee
€20 (£18.5) fee to be paid by each participant. This fee goes as a contribution to the administrative costs of the Youth Exchange.



Involved organizations

Country Organization CONTACT website
Great Britain
Lithuania Inovatyvi Karta
Greece Solidarity Mission
Spain LaVibria Intercultural
Latvia Biedriba Piedzivojuma Gars
Czech Republic INspire
Romania Asociatia Synergy

Abroadship is a centre of learning through mobility. Abroadship focuses on youth and particularly British youth to enhance their opportunities abroad and travel lean. Abroadship is a non-profit initiative from London, UK. 


vojta zak

Vojtěch Žák


I have learned the methods of body movement, coaching, systemic work (constellation), storytelling, LARP, theater, and games. Thanks to that, I came to understand that our life is a story we tell to ourselves. It is 100% in our power to rewrite the story according to our needs. When we stop being victims to whom life is happening and become accountable, we can choose our own lives. We can tell stories through our voice, but also through our minds (NLP), through our bodies (body movement) or through the world around us (constellation). My strongest point are my observation skills, reframing, thinking outside the box, creativity, and metaphors. Let me be the pen which helps you write your new story.

Panagiotis Mamouzakis


A digital native and a devoted change-maker who likes media and being focused on the integration of the new media (online video, blogging, social media, crowd-funding) with non-formal learning and modern educational approaches (Coaching, NLP, Systemic work, embodied training, DISC profiles etc). Practiced several fields in life; come up with these core competencies: Training-Facilitation, Coaching, Youth Work, Event Management, Social Media Consultancy & Filmmaking. Believes that the new technologies are not evil but a tool for progression. Always looking for new challenges to go through. Works with the vision to support others to make their lives easier.

Justinas Brikys

Project Supervisor

A social entrepreneur, investor and founder of, a center of learning through mobility. Justinas has developed 80+ educational, financial and science based projects and now started the most magnificent project of all time – being a husband and a father. He is now on paternity leave to handle the project with dedication. What is left from the main project, it goes to initiatives, and KNIGHTS of the round table is one of the extending the limits.