Youth Exchange

31st August - 7th September 2021 Bergolo, Italy

In Boccaccio’s Decameron, 7 ladies and 3 gentlemen were running away from plague to nature, and they were sharing stories of love, romance, tragic, morale, etc. among each other. Lets do as they did and run away to nature for a while. Let’s share stories from our life and let’s reflect on how Covid had changed the world, our country, our community and us. 
Decameron will be about sharing, about friendship, about stories. Main working methods will be storytelling and writing as a strong tool for reflection and growth, to build a memory, to consolidate positive aspects and also to let go and get rid of unwanted and negative ones. It is also a link to our inner and creative world, by writing we open the portal of our imagination and we let it flow into stories. This international youth exchange offers the opportunity to deepen the possibilities offered by writing and expand them, providing participants with new means and perspectives to approach it and use it.
But you doesn’t have to be a writer to join it. If you have a desire to meet people and share with them, if you are willing to listen to them as well, you are welcome. And if you feel close to any form of art –⁠ dancing, singing, drawing, graphic design, etc. –⁠ we will put your’s skills to use.

We are looking for 5 young people aged 18-30.

We are aiming to have a balanced gender participation from all countries and lots of motivated people.

Travel expenses will be reimbursed within the limit of 200 euro (you will get more info upon selection).

If you have more questions, contact us at