Hear (me ou)t
develop your intuition

Hear (me Ou)t

Training Course on development of intuition through following methods: Systemic work, Nature, Meditation, Mindfulness

When: 25th of June – 3rd of July 2024 (including travel days)

Where: Statek Habrí, Moravecké Pavlovice, Czech Republic

For whom: 24 youth workers from Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Estonia, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic


“I believe in intuitions and inspirations. I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am.”
– Albert Einstein

Main info

Take a moment to stop.

So you can listen.

To your heart.

And to mine.

Hear. Me. Out. 

Hear. Yourself. Out. 


Our society is mostly ratio-oriented. From early childhood, we are expected to make rational decisions. In school, we are being trained for a career path long before we are even able to see what we would like to do in our life. Activities like meditation, listening to one intuition, understanding our emotions, etc. are not part of a regular school curriculum.

If youth workers support youngsters in understanding themselves and creating a healthy approach towards regular emotional hygiene, we are raising a young generation that is living in less stress, more aligned with themselves, making more educated choices, following their path calmly and with a bigger persistence. 

That’s what we will focus on in Hear(meou)t.


VISION: heart

GOAL: Equip youth workers with specific methods that will allow them to support youngsters in self-discovery journeys and listen to their hearts. 


  1. To bring 24 youth workers to an activity. 
  2. To educate youth workers in the usage of following methods: systemic work, nature, mindfulness, meditation.
  3. Record at least 5+ mediation we are going to use during the activity, and make them available online so they can be reused. 
  4. Implement 8 local activities promoting personal self-discovery journey.

You will come home equipped with:

  • 4 different methods you can apply with your youngsters: systemic work, nature, mindfulness, and meditation
  • 5+ recorded mediation
  • better connection with your intuition
  • perception what is important in life not only through Material lenses, but also through Lens of Relationship, Mental state, and Spirit.

Systemic work can be used for management, coaching, as well as therapy. It is mostly working slowly, but effectively, and brings a real transition to life. 

  • 18+ years old, residents of Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Estonia, Romania

  • youth worker working regularly with youth, especially with youth with fewer opportunities

  • dedicated to carry the project till the end (including follow-up, and post-follow-up phase)

  • interested in the topic (intuition) and main method (systemic work)

  • with a clear idea about the challenges their target group is facing

We have space for 24 participants who are committed to participating in the programme.

  • full participation in the whole programme (including the preparation before, the mobility, and the follow-up).

Dissemination activities (follow-up)

  • you will implement local activity for minimum of 5 participants, using any of the methods we will introduce you during the course, document it and report to us on it
  • you will help us spread meditation recordings created during the training course
  • you will organise a training for your sending organisation, delivering activities: Business mission, Inclusion, Connecting with the organism of your company, that will be taught during the training course
  • you will fill the EC evaluation form, and our evaluation form

Participation fee

  • there is participation fee of €50 as a proof of your dedication to your programme. It is given to sending organisation to compensate their administration hours, and support dissemination activities. 
  • if you are paying any sending fee to your organisation, we are not asking you for any extra money (thus, you don’t pay the fee to us)
  • if you cannot afford the participation fee, it is ok. Simply contact us on info@czechinspire.eu, and we will make agreement on an alternative contribution (i.e. you can help us with photos, do extra dissemination, etc.)
  • start with filling the application form.
  • every partner organization (see below) will select 3 youth workers to take part in the programme.
  • if you are selected, you will receive a Confirmation Letter with more information regarding your participation. ONLY then you can start managing your travel arrangements and booking your tickets!
  • if you have any questions, please contact us on an email info@czechinspire.eu

Learning Process & Programme

* This is a plan but it will most probably change according the current needs of the group. Thus, you have an idea what is coming, but nothing is written in stone. 

  • Program is fully vegetarian
  • Program follows alcohol free policy
  • You are expected to attend all sessions. If you don’t feel well, it is ok, but let organizers know timely you won’t join. 
  • You will be helping with keeping the venue clean for each other. 

We will give up our phones and lock them in a box. And let them be. So we can truly be with ourselves and others. Don’t worry, if there will be great need to make a phone-call, it will still be possible. But we highly recommend you come with a mindset of cutting yourself off from work, emails, family, etc. Fully. For your own benefit.

DISCONNECTION is a method that is being developed by INspire in cooperation with Roes (Greece), and New Wellness (Italy). If people disconnect from ICT (information and communication technologies like phones, computers, internet, etc.), participants are losing one of the most accessible run-away strategies. Whenever facing unpleasant feelings, fear, boredom, etc., people tend to hide in their phones or computers to run away from anything that is threatening. By giving up on their ICTs, participants will have an unique opportunity – which might be unpleasant from the beginning but starts to be very pleasant and beneficial soon – to face anything that is happening inside of them. They will see it and be with it. As there will be no barrier of  phones, also creating interpersonal relationships will become easier as talking with others and creating meaningful things together will be the main strategy for not to be bored. 

SYSTEMIC WORK is a method that supports bringing the human subconscious into awareness, therefore giving face and shape to the unheard voice of intuition inside of people. 

MEDITATION. Striped by its religious extras, it is scientifically proven that meditation techniques reduce stress and anxiety, support emotional health, enhance self-awareness, lengthen attention span, generate kindness and generosity, help to fight addiction, help to control pain, and help the body. It supports people with getting to know themselves and becoming more independent of outside influences including manipulation. 

In NATURE, we are getting back to our biological core, stripped out of the influence of society which is the main source of pain between our participants. It is proven that being in nature brings us energy, strengthens our immune system, enhances creativity, restores focus, makes us feel better, and generally helps us to reconnect with ourselves. 

MINDFULNESS is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.

Accommodation – Statek Habří

The venue is a pension in the Vysočina region. Forest is nearby, there is a pool, stand-alone studio.
Rooms will be from 4 to 8 people. The rooms are equipped with bedsheets.

Website (in Czech).

  • There will be 3 meals a day + 2 coffee breaks.  The food provided during the program will be an environmentally-conscious vegetarian diet cooked by our amazing vegan chef who will be happy to provide you with information on sustainable and healthy cooking.
  • Before the project, we will ask you about your special diet or allergies to arrange your needs in time.
  • There are no shops nearby, please bring all the necessary stuff with you.
  • In case of need, we can do shopping from time to time, based on availability of our shopping crew.


Good tip: 
It can be difficult to pronounce names of Czech cities. Put the names on a paper and show it to people! They will try to help. 

Travel Reimbursement

The project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme.

The costs of the programme, including meals, accommodation, and travel costs (according to the maximum amount of money allowed per country) will be covered by the Erasmus+ programme. Please contact your sending organisation to learn more about the financial details, and how to arrange the booking of your travel tickets.

Very important! The travel expenses will be reimbursed on the basis of tickets, bookings and invoices, so remember to keep them all with you!

Erasmus+ calculated maximum amount of travel reimbursement you can receive based on the distance band.

€320         Lithuania (Green Travel)
      Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Poland, Romania
€210          Slovakia (Green Travel),
€23            Czech Republic 

Green travel means you cannot travel by plane, but find a different form of connection. Given amount of reimbursement is valid only if this condition is kept. 

There is a €50 participation fee, to be paid in cash upon arrival to TC. We perceive this fee as proof of your motivation and commitment to take part in the programme. This will be used for financing the local dissemination activities after the training. 

Contact your partner organisation! Some of our partners are covering the fee for you, so speak with them on your national condition!

If the fee is an obstacle for you, please contact your partner organization or Project Supervisor, and they will support you by discussing alternatives. We want to make participation open for everybody. All we care about is to have involved and motivated people. 

Partner organisations

Project's Team

Katka Řmotová


I am a facilitator and guide on a journey called life, cultivating the embodiment of a Heart-Centered approach in every moment.

 This approach involves creating a space for profound connections and authentic learning experiences. It extends beyond the simple passing on information and it involves the nurturing of individuals’ well-being throughout the learning journey.

The main methods I bring to my work include embodiment, systemic work, mindfulness, meditation, and nature-based activities.

In addition to my role as an non-formal educator, I serve as an Emotional Release Facilitator, offering 1:1 sessions with a healing-oriented approach. It’s profound method providing a safe space for individuals to explore and release emotions, contributing to their overall well-being and stepping into full potential of individual.

Michal Filípek

Kitchen and sustainability facilitator

Plant-based chef, low-waste lifestyle geek and sustainability lover. 

From studying French language and literature to Erasmus+ cooking. Long story short, I like cooking more 🙂

Despite being self-taught, I can share with you my experiences in the kitchen, including several years working in a restaurant. My method is simple – everyone can cook 🙂

I believe that a sustainable lifestyle is not a matter of being perfect in every sense but implementing small steps into your everyday life. During this project, you will have a chance to experience many of these little steps and see which one is working for you. I will be there to support you!

vojta zak

Vojtěch Žák

Project supervisor

I am a trainer, facilitator, coach, storyteller, and writer.

I hold a Master degree from Media studies and journalism at Masaryk University, and years of experiences as a journalist in daily press, radio, and different magazines, but also as a marketing specialist, copywriter, blogger, content maker, scriptwriter, graphic designer, and writer. For two years, I had cooperated with the Career Service of Masaryk University. 

I have worked for 6 years as a scout leader, after that he took a break from being a youth worker for a few years and returned to it after participating in EVS program in Olde Vechte Foundation in the Netherlands. I had become a coach, facilitator, and trainer with a focus on personal development, storytelling, and usage of games for education.

The main topics I am focused on are labor market, social inclusion (mainly of the LGBT+ spectrum), and personal development. The main methods I am using are storytelling, coaching, systemic work, body movement, art, gamification, and LARP. 

00420 775 636 658