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50 years old, an astrologer and an advisor og King Mark

You don’t care about the gods much. 

“I am a daughter of the king. If I cannot be Mark’s queen, at least, I will be the most important woman of his life.”

You don’t consider yourself particularly lucky. You are bastard – the eldest offspring of the Irish king but never acknowledged as such because your mother was a commoner. Plus, your father was overthrown and killed by his brother. You run away, dragging through life just like any other commoner. Fortunately, you got your hands on books that granted you the understanding of the stars and therefore an ability that allowed you to outsmart luck and get respect and awe. Hours under the starry sky and over the books doing countless calculations gave you the ability to make estimations of the future. Estimations that proved to be correct a lot of the time. From that point onwards, your life slowly started turning for the better.

You asked for an audition with King Mark and got the position of the court astrologer, diviner, and later also the advisor of the king. It was you who foretold that Meliodas (lord and husband of Mark’s sister) will pose a threat so Mark asked Morgana to get rid of him. She lured him to the forest while his wife was giving birth. She didn’t survive it. The servants brought to the castle only her son. Tristan, Marks’ nepfew.

You were growing old with Mark. You watch him with admiration, loved him, yet never could marry him because – despite your royal blood – you have no status. All you could was warm his bed at night, especially when he was without a wife. So you were choosing him wives who were destined to die soon in the marriage, and you also removed all the offsprings of these connections. The only child who lived to adult age was your son Elvin, who secretly switched for the son of the queen of that time.

Mark was raising Tristan to be a servant of his kids. You knew the Tristan might be dangerous. You tried to poison and kill him several times but his lucky start protected him until he became a friend of Elvin. Seeing how much he cares for your son, you seized your attempts for his life. But the war against King Claudas of Benoic started and Tristan with Elvin went to battle. Elvin died. Tristan didn’t protect him. 

Since Mark was without a successor again, he started to search for a new wife. You consulted stars and started to plot a scheme. You had chosen princess Isolda of Ireland for Mark – he paid a fine price for her to the Irish King. And you persuaded Mark should send Tristan for Isolda.  You knew it will lead to catastrophe. It was your way of punishing him for what he did to your son. 

Instead of Tristan and Isolde, two messengers had arrived: priest Patrick and maid Roisin. They announced that the young couple run away together to the court of Supreme King Arthur. Mark was furious and immediately set up for a journey to Camelot. You are accompanying him. If you could only arrange for Tristan to be executed. Then Isolde – the daughter of the usurper of the Irish throne – would become Mark’s wife and you could torture her as you tortured so many wives before. You have to persuade Arthur to execute Tristan and hand over Isolde. But you know if Arthur won’t listen and go to war with Mark, it will only lead to a catastrophe which will tear the land apart. Stars revealed that to you. You know Morgana and Mordred want to take over the country, and Mark considers supporting them. You advise against it, fearing the war and death it is bringing with itself. You know about their plan as well – to incite the important lords against Arthur and then offering them to fulfill their wishes if they put Mordred on the throne. 

Another person is accompanying you on a journey: a servant maid Clarissant. You are well aware she is a daughter of queen Morgause, a princess hidden here for protection from the wrath of her older brother Gawain. You know she is the daughter of death knight Lamorak and the granddaughter of Pellinor (compare with Lamorak’s death blueprint). You sympathize with her fate – she, too, was forced to live the life of a commoner. But once she started growing into a beautiful maiden, you couldn’t stand the thought of her enticing Mark’s eyes so you did everything in your power to keep her out of the way. You need to make her marry someone as soon as possible. 

And as you are to learn, the Meliodas is not only alive but also present at the Camelot. He is a self-proclaimed King of Vagabonds. Does he know about you, Mark, and Morgana? He could destroy you all. 

King Mark: your king, your secret love, your way to power and riches and comfort. You want to protect him and you want him for yourself.

Isolde: You’ve never met her, yet you can’t stand her. When you think of her, you can’t help but see the more fortunate version of yourself that never came to be. She is a princess at a court that could have been yours. She is promised to the man that you love. And she is young and rich and beautiful.

Clarissant: you like her as a daughter, but fear too much she could steal Mark away from you. Better to marry her as soon as possible to get her out of the way. 

Tristan: since the beginning, stars told you he poses a threat. So you tried to kill him but never succeeded. He was protected by higher powers. You seize your attempts when he became friend with your son – but then, Tristan let him die. Your hatred towards him flames. You send him for Isolda to orchestrate the catastrophe… and you will use any means possible to be his death.

Meliados: you fear him. You don’t know what’s with him… but he could destroy everything. 

Morgause: partly soul mate – a woman full of pain and fear -, partly rival, as you are sure Mark thinks about her body. 

Morgana:  she is dangerous and powerful. You are not afraid she would take you away from Mark or vice versa, but you fear that her ambition can bring war, death, and the fall of Albion (England). 

Mordred: even though it is said he is Morgana’s son, the stars show you a weird connection between him, Morgause, and Arthur. Could it be that…

So many things drive you forward. You want revenge on Tristan. You want Mark for yourself. But at the same time, you want to prevent the war. 


  1. Talk to Roisin, Isolda’s maid. Appel on her so she persuades Isolda to give up on Tristan and give herself to Mark.
  2.  Find out what Meliodas is all about. See if you can get rid of him, or use him. If it would be to your advantage, you can tell him it was Morgana who caused his suffering. 
  3. Consider if you should tell Arthur about Moragana‘s and Mordred‘s plan. You could demand Tristan‘s head in return, and Morgana’s kingdom. Then, you would have a status and you would become a suitable suitor for a Mark
  4. Advice Mark against the war with Arthur. Warn him it could bring the destruction of the whole Albion. Seek alternative ways which would satisfy him, but try to satisfy his wishes overall. 
  5. Talk with Clarrisant. Find her a fitting suitor and wed her before Mark will seize her for himself. You can use the help of Guinevere and her ladies for this. There is plenty of knights without a wife at the court. 
  6. You can tell Pellinore that Clarrisant is his daughter and that Gawain killed Lamorak if it would be to any advantage to you.