Game: media literacy terms

  • divide participants to teams (25 pax, 5 x 5 teams)
  • “You have 30 minutes to find answer to following questions”
  1. What is Media Literacy?
  2. What is agenda setting?
  3. What is priming? 
  4. What is public media?
  5. What is social media? 
  6. What is framing? 
  7. What is inclusion/equity/equality?
  8. What is fact/opinion/stereotype/prejudice? 
  9. What is confirmation bias? 
  10. What is selective perception? 
  11. What is narrative/toxic narrative/counter-narrative?
  12. What is discourse?
After 30 min, team 1 gives definition for the 1st question. The others teams, one by one, are adding what are they missing. 
Then, team 2 goes for question 2, etc.