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43 years old king and the son of a giantess

Your kingdom is paganistic.  

“Men should do what is right. Follow the law, protects his family and friends… but is there something bigger than love? I don’t think so.”

Your father fell in love with a giantess. The fruit of their love was a young man of great strength and abilities. Your way with the sword was impressive and you were a charming young man, so acquiring a beautiful wife was no issue for you. You married Lunete and your love was passionate, yet soured by the fact that for many years, Lunete could not give you a child. After a long time, she conceived and you could not be happier – but then you learned she was unfaithful to you with another man and then she died in childbirth, the infant also being dead.

This tragedy of your life did not affect your aptness on the battlefield. Mere duke, you managed to conquer many small kingdoms and pose a threat to King Arthur himself. Finally, in a battle against his armies, you found your match, the Red Knight, whose elegance and fierceness allured you. It was Lancelot and he defeated you. Yet, you wanted to meet him. The two of you met, talked, and quickly found a friend in each other. 

So you swore loyalty to Arthur, but your true loyalty has always been with Lancelot. And whenever he was in trouble, you were there to support him. When Guinevere was accused of being an imposter and was to be burned at stake, Lancelot rescued her and took refugee in the castle of Balin Ill-fated. You immediately started a war in his support which is the only reason why they last for 2 years until False Guinevere died and revealed she was the imposter. Arthur was so ashamed he pardon all rebels. 

Guinevere and Lancelot knew they had a great friend in you and wanted you to be fulfilled in the field of love as well. Therefore, Lancelot arranged a meeting between you and Lady Malehaut, Guinevere’s friend and confidant. She did not believe in old gods, but she was an elegant, gentlewoman, and you took a liking of each other, so you married.

The marriage proved to be beautiful and strong. Yet, the old struggle from your previous marriage found its way to this one as well. Your wife Malehaut wanted to conceive with you, but your efforts were futile. She, however, lacked the deviousness of your late wife and did not seek the solution in the bed of another. She pressed you to talk to those who have a profound contact with the higher power, priests celebrating the new god – Patrick.

You knew that seeking out the help of higher powers might be a good idea – but looking for it with the priests of the new religion? Are they truly worthy of your trust? And would your wife understand if you sought help with the priestesses of the Old Gods, Viviana, Merlin, or Nineve?

These are not the only questions occupying your mind. You are also the sole confidant of your friend Hector, whom you’ve known your whole life. You know that he does not desire women but men and that he is unfaithful to his wife Perse with a young man, a servant. You understand his struggle and wish to help him and offer him the protection of your castle if need be. But should you share this secret with your wife? Should you talk to his wife and explain what the source of the struggle in their marriage is?

Lancelot: your good friend whom you want to protect whatever the cost.

Guinevere: your relationship is more lukewarm than the one with Lancelot but she is under your protection as well.

Malehaut: your wife, whom you admire and love dearly.

King Arthur: you swore loyalty to him once, but you are not afraid to break this oath as soon as it would demand you to go against your friend Lancelot

Patrick: you’ve heard of him, he is a respected priest of the new religion, yet you don’t know whether you should trust him.

Nineve and Viviana: the powerful Ladies of the Lake. Viviana is even the foster mother and a great protector of Lancelot. They have ties to the Old Gods in which you believe.

Hector: your good friend whom you also want to protect.

Perse: Hector’s wife, a young and ambitious girl who once loved Hector dearly but now their marriage is soured.


You have a good heart. You want to do what is right, help your friend, and satisfy your wife by conceiving a baby (or getting a successor in another way). Check the Political map to understand your negotiation power. 

  1. Decide whether you will seek help with pagan priests (Nineve/Viviana/Merlin/Morgana), or with Patrick.
  2. Protect Lancelot and Guinevere. It seems there is a lot of people who wants to reveal their secret. Learn who are their enemies, what are their secrets and weaknesses and use ti against them. 
  3. Encourage Hector to talk to his wife Perse, or talk to her yourself. Also, learn who is Hector’s lover and have a chat with him.  
  4. Meet Merlin and Dinadan as you know they always know what is cooking in the Kingdom and could help you to get an overview. It might be also useful to check with servants what they know. Servants always know a lot. 

Keep in mind: You deeply love your wife and want her to make you happy. You also truly love Lancelot and Hector and do anything you can to protect them. You need to be active to discover what is cooking around, so you can prevent a catastrophe before it happens. You have also a strong kingdom.