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35 yo, the jester at Arthur’s court (his position allows him to mock others)

It is expected of you to believe in God, so you do, but deep inside you are a pagan. 

“I am sick of being laughed at. This time, it is my time to laugh.”

Dagonet the jester. Dagonet the funny guy…

When it comes to fighting, you’ve always been more skilled with the word than with the sword. Your wit and ability to observe life and ridicule it have earned you a spot at the court, among all the lords and ladies. For a time it was the best thing that could have happened to you, you had a roof over your head, warm food every day, and the attention of the nobles – as long as you could entertain them. There was a great deal of freedom in being the fool, you could wear women’s clothes and nobody thought twice about it, you could court the knights to embarrass them, you could cross the boundaries of strict court etiquette and face no consequences.

But as the time was passing, you had more and more chances to look behind the veil of gold, to truly observe the manners of lords and ladies. You slowly became sick of them, the taste of bitterness slid into your mouth and you were no longer happy about your position there. Your jokes became stronger, at times more vicious. You realized that despite your respectable position at the court you have no respect – people seemed to like you only as long as they were allowed to mock you, to laugh at you. You had no real friends.

Kay made you fight honorable knights to mock them, but it was your ass that got kicked. But once, he put Lancelot’s armor on you and the enemy fled in fear. That felt good.  Only one knight showed you respect. Hector. You asked him to train you in sword fighting and horse riding (“just to make better jokes,” you told him). You grew fond of him… and eventually started to stalk him even after the training was done. This way you learned about his love affair with Glewlwyd, the master of ceremonies. You were jealous and you decided to take his position as Hector’s lover. 

You started delivering messages. Almost nobody realized you can read. So you got access to some secrets. You know a lot about the relationships and the infidelity going on in Camelot. You knew when Perse, Hector’s wife, was with Kay. You knew when she ditched him for Gawain. Recently you overheard them talking when they thought they were alone. You are sure that Gawain was suggesting getting rid of both Ragnelle (his wife) and Hector.

Ragnelle is one of the few nobles who is actually treating you nice and is friendly with you. You also know that Dinadan, the dung knight, used to be a commoner, much lower in status than you. His way with the sword is truly laughable, maybe even worse than yours – yet he made it to a knight and now he is Arthur’s best friend. How did this happen? What is his secret? If you would know, maybe you could become a knight as well. 

Hector: he was kind to you and he desires men. Maybe he could be your way to rise in rank.

Glewlwyd: he is kind and have never laughed about you. But he is also soft. If you are to rise, you might need to step on some of your friends.

Ragnelle:  Gawain’s wife. She is friendly. Maybe if you would tell her Gawain is sleeping with Perse, you might gain something through it.

Perse: you know that she is cheating on Hector with Gawain, you saw them. and you heard Gawain suggest that they should get rid of Hector. 

Gawain and Kay: when you are being mocked, they are laughing the loudest. How much you wish to humiliate them.

Aoife: she is pretty and she never laughed at you. 

You are expected to be present in official meetings and made other people laugh. Your jokes can “bite”, and offensive if somebody is laughing. You are constantly dancing on a tin line – beware to overdo it and fall because it could cost you your head.

You may also deliver messages from others. Use it to your advantage to learn more secrets. 


  1. Ask Dinadan how he became a knight. See if you can become one as well. 
  2. Offer your love to Hector. Consider telling Hector that Gawain is trying to get rid of him.
  3. Use your position and challenge any knight to the duel. That way you can earn the respect of others and if you lose, your reputation won’t sink – you are the fool after all. Preferably, fight and kill Gawain. He will be difficult to fight, though.
  4. See if there is a way to humiliate Kay. Maybe you could learn about his secrets from Glewlwyd.
  5. Feel free to use any information you get for a public joke to humiliate others. Maybe even create an affair, start a fire. You laugh at the chaos.  But careful so it won’t turn against you.